Clear, confident but also simple and a bit ‘dreamer: this is how the young Roman actor is. With a past that saw him as a stuntman as well as starring in television dramas and short films, is now on everyone’s lips. The audience in fact knew him through “Do not be bad” by Claudio Caligari and “Suburra” by Stefano Sollima, both belong to 2015 but maybe not everyone remember him in the second series of Romanzo Criminale or in the new second season of Squadra Narcotici. Alessandro gets by films for over ten years and his passion is felt in everything he says, is very attached to Rome and has certainly not afraid to show how he really is.

A spectacular 2015 behind us and a very promising sign in 2016, starting with the Oscar where “Do not be bad” is nominated for best foreign film. How do you see the Italian spirit of this movie brought to the Academy?

I admit that I thought about it a lot, especially while we were shooting. It ‘s true, this film has a strong Italian character, is a cross-section of the ‘90 in Ostia; we think that it is Italian because we know what it is about. During the promotion made in December, in Los Angeles or Seattle, the reactions that we have gathered, however, went further, were strong and it was just what we wanted. I think that this film will assert universally, because it’s it talks about friendship, about love, so it could be set anywhere, the values do not change. People, at the Academy, is used to know Italian films with great productions behind and maybe watch a so small movie, with a production like that, made them fall in love.

For now you have always worked in pretty busy films, playing roles often strong and difficult. And is this the types of film in which you want act, or you are thinking about something else in your professional future?

I think I was very lucky to interpret these roles, I loved it and definitely I will continue with it. The fact remains that I am open to all genres, as long as there will be quality. I’d like to act in plays, but I think that the italian play is a bit missed today, I’d like to work in a project like “Quasi Amici” because that’s the comedy is in the writing of dialogues and scenes, not in the individual actors lines.

Which are your film benchmarks? Maybe for style, interpretation, passion…

Basically I’m very curious, I love this job so I observe the other actors to learn more and improve myself. If I have to choose a particular actor, I would say Leonardo DiCaprio, because he has always acted in amazing films and his acting is impeccable although usually very different from one film to another.

So professionally inspired but not for the style…

Exact. Actually I have my own style that is dictated by the need to be always at ease, I want to convey who I am without much thoughts. If I choose something, a dress rather than a pair of shoes, must be because I like them.

With which director would you like to work today?

I could tell you some big Italian names, for example Sorrentino but also Tornatore but are too ordinary. I would love to work with Virzì because I really loved “Human capital”, or, among foreigners, definitely Derek Cianfrance, I think he is really exceptional.

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