Andreas Geisen, between social and dance

The young man and dancer Andrea Geisen represents a perfect balance between urban masculinity and discreet charm. He’s natural, authentic, takes care of himself and cultivates elegance without any effort. First of all, he’s a sportsman and in fact he discovered his passion for dance when he was little, and he brought it forward with hard work and sacrifice. However, today, there’s not only dance in his life, but he also works in the world of fashion and as lifestyle influencer on social media, a job which is very exciting for him. 

How and when did you discover your passion for dancing? 

When I began to dance I was really young, I was only 9. The idea was of my mother and I suddenly liked it because I was the only boy surrounded by girls. When I turned 11, I got hurt and I wasn’t able to dance anymore. For 2 months I felt like I was missing something. And it was in that moment that I understood that ballet was my passion and it would have guided my life. 

Tell me something about your studies and your personal background

I attended the Opera Ballet School in Paris and the Conservatoire Supérior in Paris. Later, I went to the National Ballet in Poland for a season and then to Germany. I spent four years of my life splitting myself between Paris and The Opera in Bordeaux.

Are there some people who inspired you both from the professional and personal point of view? 

There are a lot of people who inspired me. For example, Neil Patrick Harris, Hugh Jackman, Rudolf Noureev and Baryshnikov. Also films and stories of real life and people who changed the world unexpectedly have inspired me. 

What are your latest and significant operas as a dancer? 

Definitely Notre Dame de Paris of Roland Petit, first because it is a masterpiece of the 20th century and then for what happened in Paris last year. Seizing this opportunity was really important to me. It is a brilliant tribute to Notre Dame. 

Tell me about your modelling career and about your last experience

Being a model is a bit difficult because my body doesn’t correspond to the rules of fashion. Boys have to be very tall to do it. 
My last important job was dancing at the opening of Dior S/S show in Shanghai during the fashion week and it was just fantastic to me. However, I suppose that all the campaigns I’ll be working on as a model will be linked to ballet. 

You are also a content creator who talks about travels and lifestyle, when and why did you start this initiative?

I started this initiative 3 years ago, at the end of 2016, and I find it very interesting. It’s a new way to be connected with a brand without the intermediation of an agency. What I like the most is that I can do my campaign with my rules. I love that freedom and I love letting my creativity work itself. 

What does your typical day look like?

I usually get up at 9, I wake up my body (workout and abs), ballet from 11.30 to 13.30, stretching until 14.30 and then lunch. Later, rehearsals, Physio, or meetings with agencies or brands.

What are your favourite places in Paris? 

I love the 2nd district, there’s always something to discover and the street there is beautiful. Above all, around Montorgueil, is like a small village. 

What are the places you like the most to recharge/rehabilitate yourself? 

I don’t have a favourite place because every week I discover new cafés and new hotels. I suppose they are where I feel best: at home and in the ballet studios. 

When you travel, which are the essential elements for you?

When I travel, the essential elements for me are my phone, my headphones, a bottle of lemon water, comfortable clothes, the products for my skincare and a swimsuit. 

The last book you read or the music you love

The last book I read was Notre Dame de Paris of Victor Hugo. 

In these days I’m listening to a French artist, Angel and to the playlist Jazz Romance on Spotify. Moreover, I’m listening to the Lion King because I’ll be auditioning for the Broadway show. 

Your next projects and secret wishes

I have this enormous audition for the Lion King show in Broadway in February in addition to the other auditions for the ballet companies. I also would like to try a bit of acting. Let’s see what 2020 has to offer! 

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