Editorial: Spirit Keeper

Fashion Editor & Stylist – Francesco Vavallo @francesco_vavallo Photographer – Stefano Sciuto @stefanosciutophoto Grooming – Martina Russo @martinarussow Ass. Stylist – Renato Ninfole @renatoninfole Ass. Ph – Nicolò Martinazzi @nicolomartinazziphoto Location – [HOHM] STREET YOGA @hohmstreetyoga Models – GAYE @gaye_sero @bravemodels                  MAAL @maal.azyz @bravemodels                  CHRIS @yuchehsu1219 @bravemodels                  TYRONE @tyronesmithers @ww_mgmt Special thanks: Vincenzo Lamberti, Body, mind, and soul in union through Yoga. When we think about living well with ourselves, we think about being in a peaceful

Editorial: a good boy

Ph : Davide Carson @davidecarson Stylist: Thibaud Romain @thibaud.romain MakeUp-Hair : Eloise Bourges @eloisebourges_ Casting: Giulia Masini @giuliamasinimortani Model: Tristan Zanchi @Metropolitan_mmanagement @tristanzanchi © All Rights Reserved

Andreas Geisen, between social and dance

The young man and dancer Andrea Geisen represents a perfect balance between urban masculinity and discreet charm. He’s natural, authentic, takes care of himself and cultivates elegance without any effort. First of all, he’s a sportsman and in fact he discovered his passion for dance when he was little, and he brought it forward with hard

This Week

Elbio Bonsaglio

He is one of the founders of the Letasca brand, an international success, which in just a few seasons has managed to enter the most important multi-brand stores in the world. Elbio Bonsaglio is also one of the best-known Italian models, which has been shown for the most important brands and shot with famous names in photography


At home in Milan, but famous beyond the borders. We have chosen to turn them into models for one day. We are talking about two of the most popular and beloved DJs of the moment: Marvely Goma The Perseverance and Thomas Costantin

A model’s talk: Radu Ionut

First of all you’re very young and you’re very strong on social media, especially on Instagram. Do you prefer social networks or your model activities? Yes I’m 19 and I think a bit of both is necessary, Instagram is a very good platfom for promoting and being seen by clients, big clients. Where are you

A model’s Talk: Andrea Manzoni

What pushed you to undertake a modeling carreer? I was still attending high school and I was out with my parents on a Sunday, a booker named Massimo Curella stopped me and gave his business card to my parents. It all started gradually, since I was a football player I would’ve never imagined to become