A model’s Talk: Andrea Manzoni

What pushed you to undertake a modeling carreer?

I was still attending high school and I was out with my parents on a Sunday, a booker named Massimo Curella stopped me and gave his business card to my parents. It all started gradually, since I was a football player I would’ve never imagined to become a model, but then I started traveling a lot. I lived for many years in Asia, I visited many cities like Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Beijing. I came back to Italy to work with clients like Dolce & Gabbana, and now I’m living between Paris and Milan.

What can you tell us about Paris?

I simply love it, I live on my own even though it wasn’t easy for me to find an apartment alone. I live near Notre Dame, in Saint Poumpidou. I find it extremely nice, it represents the old Paris, with its alleys. Working it’s wuite different from here, the model’s expression is more cherished. 

Could you tell us a place you would recommend?

Definitely Shanghai, where I lived for five years. I even stopped modeling for a year, since the city totally captivated me, and I worked as a club manager. I find Shanghai more open and international than Beijing. A restaurant I would recommend is The Fellas, a rooftop with a view on the Bund, owned by Italians. There are many things to do there, but even by talking a walk in the old town or in People’s square you could totally fall in love with it. I can also say it’s the perfect city for modeling, the work is tough but worth it.

Talking about yourself, do you train constantly?

I train at home, I’m not really used to the gym, coming from football and swimming. I train an hour every day and it’s been two years and a half since I last skipped a training day. Being 30 years old, I need to be more careful about what I eat then when I was younger, our body is constantly changing. 

What do you think about social network?

It’s for sure a part of my job, I think it’s very useful. It often gets confused how modeling, being an influencer and sponsor a brand are three completely different things. Social network allow us to be seen from everyone and being scouted easily. I love being in contact with the world, especially because I travel a lot, even though it was difficult in China, since most of the websites are blocked by the Government.

What do you always bring with you when you travel?

A book that my father gave me, it’s called the Alchemist by Coelho. I feel like it represents some parts of my life everytime I read it.

A piece of clothing that should always be in a man’s closet?

Elegant trousers, I never wear jeans.

What is your biggest dream?

I’d love to buy a house for my grandparents to give back everything they gave to me.

Any future plan?

I want to continue working in this field, become a booker or a casting director, and maybe fund my own agency, with the right balance between client’s satisfaction and model’s needs. 

Ph: Antonio Avolio
Style: Stefano Guerrini
Stylist’s assistants: Fabiana Guigli, Davide Spinella
Grooming: Matteo Bartolini @Freelancer Agency using R+CO
Model: Andrea Manzoni @Independent MGMT
Interview: Martina Belluschi

Cover: Total look Dondup, scarpe Baldinini 

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© Riproduzione riservata