A model’s talk: Radu Ionut

First of all you’re very young and you’re very strong on social media, especially on Instagram. Do you prefer social networks or your model activities?

Yes I’m 19 and I think a bit of both is necessary, Instagram is a very good platfom for promoting and being seen by clients, big clients.

Where are you from?


Do you go home often or you’re busy traveling all the time?

Well I’m based in Bucarest, the capitol, but yeah I’ve been traveling a lot. I’ve signed my modeling contract ony 6 months ago so I didn’t have that much time to travel all over the world, but still I’m moving all around.

Can you tell me some cool places in Bucarest?

Yeah sure, the old center, it’s very nice it has a lot of history and many clubs. The streets are the same as 50 years ago so it’s a really nice place to go. 

Your favorite place in the world?

I think that would be New York, I was there for 2 weeks modeling. People were nice I had many projects going on there. 

Style suggetions?

My favourite brand is Armani, something classic not too much colour, like black and white. 

Tell me something about your hair, are you a natural blonde?

I’m actually a darker blonde, I use conditioner and I love the brand L’Oreal, it’s great for blonde hair

I saw you worked with Bruce Weber, can you tell me something about him?

It was just before nyc, I went to Miami for a week and a half, it was a great experience cause we shot almost everywhere: his house, in the ocean or at the beach, so mostly swimwear and underwear. We also did change many outfits, he is great to work with, he’s such a good photographer. 

Your dreams?

I’m not so sure but it’s definitely gonna be something related to modeling and i’d love to try acting, maybe in New York. 

Ph: Antonio Avolio 
Stylist: Stefano Guerrini 
Stylist’s assistants: Fabiana Guigli, Davide Spinella 
Grooming: Matteo Bartolini @Freelancer Agency using R+CO 
Model: Radu Ionut @Independent Models MGMT
Interview: Massimiliano Benetazzo

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