Apple’s Latest Update Warns When Someone With Covid-19 Is Nearby

Apple has released iOS 13.5 and iPad 13.5 GM to developers as of this week. According to 9to5Mac, the update includes the first version of the company’s Covid-19 exposure notification API.

Apple utilises Bluetooth to exchange anonymous identifiers when two people are in close vicinity to one another. If a person has tested positive to Coronavirus, their phone can share a list of everyone they’ve been in contact with to the cloud. When the other person’s iPhone downloads a list of everyone who tested positive (for the virus) in the area, they will be informed of any positive cases around them and prompted to inform health authorities. 

The new feature also shares updates for Face ID. Face ID recognises when someone is wearing a mask, as it has become a pivotal item, and immediately switches over the passcode screen, speeding up the unlock process ever significantly. Face ID itself won’t work, however, until a mask is removed.


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