Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Announces New On-App Shopping Feature

As retailers cross-globally are being forced to adapt to measures during global disruptions for the pandemic, Facebook has announced the launch of a new shopping feature intended to help businesses sell their products online.

Facebook shops, which was announced on Tuesday May 19, will begin rolling immediately, enabling retailers to sell products directly to consumers on both Facebook and Instagram. 

Businesses can also create their own visual “storefront,” which can be customised with imagery and colours. Moreover, stores can have their own business front page, as well as in stories and adverts. Sellers of all sizes are being encouraged to use this new feature, with a fee-free participation cost for all retailers – a type similar to Facebook Marketplace, which surfaces local ads.

The new feature will also be supported across Facebook and Instagram Live, enabling viewers to make product purchases on live streams (real time).

Facebook has launched this new to boost sales amidst global crisis, which has caused a number or closures around the world.


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