Bav Tailor

BAV TAILOR is a conscious luxury holistic sphere to educate and inspire individuals to live responsibly, follow best practice sustainability models through the brand’s “360° conscious manifesto”, and discover narratives of our conscious luxury products ethically produced by light workers bearing the 100% Made in Italy authenticity hallmark as well as our Artisanal Lab collaborations which strives to support global artisans’ craftsmanship. Each creation is a collective fusion of gender-neutral, generationless silhouettes and effortless geometrical volumes inspired by design, architecture and Eastern philosophies.

What is fashion for you?

Fashion for me is the essence of living in balance with one’s inner spirit. Silhouettes that enhance movement and form a second skin, that allow the body to dance in synchronicity with the elements that surround us. From breathable fabrics that delicately breeze with air and space to anti-bacterial moisture absorbent fibres that remain resistant to water and the heat. A perfect commensal symbiosis of human and the environment that surrounds each of us.

When and why did you set up the brand?

Fashion’ is one of the most powerful global platforms to manifest an important message or vision. BAV TAiLOR was launched in 2015 to manifest my mantra of ‘Respect’ within the industry through a business modal which entailed it at a 360° level. It has developed into a very personal project for me, I would say a memoir of my life voyage as well an endeavour to uphold the tradition of my grandfathers, who were great sartorialists, hence my surname.

Three words to describe your work?

Free-spirited empowerment, holistic and generationless.

Can you describe SS 21 collection you’ll show it at WSM?

Chandra SS22 – a collection of quintessential wardrobe pieces inspired by the phases of the moon and our connectivity with its flow to maintain balance. From leaf inspired plissé lush fabrics that trickle across skin like Himalayan streams, innovative marble extract athflow essentials to effortless certified green linens showcasing our Artisanal Lab collaboration of once forgotten Damascus block print technique revived by the artisans of Beirut.

How is the brand sustainable?

 As per my mantra ‘respect your body + your sphere’, the brand essence since inception is built around a ‘360° conscious manifesto’, stemming from the digital low waste design process, certified innovative materials, ethical and transparent production chain to shanti wellness inner ecology rituals. The project pledges to make social contributions through its memberships which endeavour to support the ‘UN Sustainable Development Goals’.