Dark Rebel Rider: the ideal scent of bad boy signed by John Varvatos

The exclusive premiere of the new fragrance by John Varvatos was held right after the fashion show of July 14, JV Spring / Summer 2017, the last official event of the New York Fashion Week. “Dark Rebel Rider” is an extension of the Dark Rebel collection, originally launched in 2015. The fragrance is inspired by the biker bad boy hurtling fearless but also able to recognize his boundries. “Just like my clothes,” said the designer, “the fragrance Dark Rebel Rider is iconic, timeless and represents a courageous attitude. And it’s the clear expression of a personality that is opposed to the conventions.”
The highly provocative aroma of Dark Rebel Rider awakens a daring perspective that can not be ignored: the fragrance is the result of a long collaboration between Varvatos and Rodrigo Flores-Roux, Vice President of Givaudan Perfumery, Dark Rebel Rider captures the heart and soul of the rebellion, through leather amber notes: it is a soft and sensual fragrance, voluminous but never heavy, that just as a bad boy, knows how to delivers a punch to the olfactory universe.
Night, featuring a special performance by Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, a band strongly supported their rise from Varvatos, saw the presence of musicians like Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Mills, actor Corey Hawkins and the athlete / model Dale Moss.


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