Discovering the new faces and talents of Italian cinema: Enrico Oetiker.

From the brilliant comedy ‘Se Dio vuole’ by Edoardo Falcone to Taron Lexton’s “In search of Fellini” in which he was part of an international cast, the young Enrico Oetiker, versatile actor, arts and book lover is starting to make an impact with both a growing public and the film industry, and will soon be making headlines. We arranged to meet at SAID, the old chocolate factory in the heart of Rome’s San Lorenzo district, where his parents encouraged his innate curiosity and the art of doing.

What were the most important signposts that set you on this journey and which people influenced you the most?
The first indication came from Professor Telmon, who saw a different light inside me and showed me that I was an artist. The next was certainly the ‘Corrado Pani’ Academy, where I met Alessandro Prete, unquestionably the most important person in my artistic and personal growth.

When did you realize you were going to be an actor?
There was no specific moment, I’ve always known it. It was already embedded deep in my soul and I just needed to wear it completely.

Who do you admire the most, and the least, in the acting world?
I love the hyperrealism of the American movie industry that has produced amazing stars like Di Caprio and Daniel Day Lewis. But also directors such as Tarantino or the new director Inarritu, who embodies my ideal concept of artistic collaboration. Other than cinema, I’m totally into Gnosticism and quantum mechanics. Giordano Bruno and Carmelo Bene are probably my two greatest shining lights.

What was it like to make the movie “In search of Fellini” with Taron Lexton
Just incredible. The crew was made up of professionals with purpose and passion, and the entire project was managed in a very informal yet incredibly expert way. They really made me feel at home and I was able to establish a great working relationship with Taron, it was almost like playing a game. I couldn’t have asked for a better lead actress than Xsenia Solo, the product is superb and everything was just perfect.

Tell us about your parental relationship and their work at SAID. What does food say to you?
There have always been conflictual undercurrents in the relationship with my parents. I also have three highly responsible and disciplined sisters. Let’s just say that I gave them quite a few head-scratching moments. Fortunately, all that has changed and SAID is an integral part of my life: I go there to help out whenever I can. And now that SAID has opened in London I have an even better excuse for crossing the English Channel.

What is Enrico Oetiker’s typical day?
In reality, I live a very tranquil life. I take my time to wake up, have breakfast and then work out. I’m mad about swimming. I go home for lunch and in the afternoon settle down to study and read, or, if I need to, I practice for an audition or develop a new character. Alternatively, I work on one of my projects.

What are your favourite interests?
In addition to sport, I’m passionate about the arts: I love painting and listening to music, and I’ve developed the gift of writing ever since I was a child. At the moment, I’m scripting my first theatre play.

What was the last book you read and what song has inspired you the most?
I have to admit that my reading borders on fanatical Gnosticism. I just finished reading Corpus Hermeticum, while the last song to inspire me was Coldplay’s Up and Up, possibly because of the amazing video.

How would you describe your dress code?
Classic and minimalist, so I immediately related to Giorgio Armani.

What is never missing from your suitcase when you travel?
My luggage is always very basic and I always make sure I pack a couple of books along with my shaving kit and a few clothes. A book to relax and something more challenging, plus a notebook to jot down my impressions and feelings, things that strike me about people and places.

Your playlist?
My musical taste is very eclectic. I move between classical, pop and rock music. I don’t set limits; I like anything that makes me vibrate.

Any future projects? What are you working on?
I just did an important audition and I’m waiting for news on other projects in the pipeline. In the near term, I’ll be acting in a short film and currently am writing what I hope is a decent play.

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