FOCUS ON SCOUTING – Interview with Claudio Antonioli

Reference point for a refined and innovative clientele, Antonioli is one of the most cutting-edge concept stores in terms of brand mix and avant-garde web approach. We have met Claudio Antonioli to talk about scouting and of the project with WHITE and the Danish designer Soulland.

How does the brands’ selection for the web differs from the one for the store?

The two experiences go hand in hand. The online experience has allowed me to develop projects and proposals that are even more complex and research-based. In the shop the selection is also influenced by the room available. The two realities interact and reinforce one another. The website, for instance, has greatly contributed to the fame of the store.

Your scouting: which are, in your opinion, the most interesting countries at the moment, and why?

With my buyers we cover almost all the fashion weeks, from Tokyo to Seoul, but obviously also London and Copenhagen, as well as Paris, that is still a reference point. Personally I think that the designers from Belgium and London are the best in terms of creativity. Italian fashion, including young designers, is less experimental, although very important commercially.

How do you view the role of Florence and Milan as compared to capitals like Paris?

The strength of Florence is that it has opened up to the world by hosting international designers and big events thanks to considerable economic investments. Milan should, starting from the fashion schools, should create alternative spaces like the several galleries in Paris, which keeps being an important reference point with an interesting calendar. In Milan, the role of the WHITE show is important, as it showcases the latest trends and the womenswear pre-collections.

What do you think of the See-now-buy now and of the fashion system’s speed?

It is impossible to stop the Internet evolution or think to go back to the past. Communication is a crucial factor, furthermore being up-to-the-minute is paramount.

What do you like about Copenhagen and the Northern European fashion in general?

I think it is a different fashion concept, where there are little, but very interesting brands with a very targeted distribution. It is an important experience that opens up your mind to a certain kind of vision.

What are your projects and challenges?

I have just inaugurated a new Antonioli store in Ibiza that is yet again a vital crossroads, both in terms of communication and business. I love its mood and music scene. From my passion for the electronic music came the idea of re-launching an historical Milanese club, the Divina, which I am re-opening with a new-fangled concept and dj line-up. I always try to pursue my passions.

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