From Seoul to Rio: two exclusive release by Diadora

DIADORA celebrates the sporting event of the year with an extraordinary project that brings together the world’s elite of sneakers for an exclusive capsule whose inspiration is drawn from two models of Diadora collection of 1988. The protagonists of these absolutely unique reworkings are in fact two Catalogue running’s shoes that were created in 1988 specifically for Diadora athletes who went to Seoul: IC 4000 and Intrepid.

IC 4000 was designed for floor or paved surfaces and has become famous for its “impact control” system while INTREPID is a shoe built for speed on the medium and long distances.

Each release will be accompanied by a pack clothing that includes a jacket, a shirt and a bag, even these unique interpretations of the Diadora store models worn by athletes in 1988. All items are reviewed in the materials and colors, but retain design, cuts and style of the original models.

In September, all packs will be available exclusively at two temporary store dedicated “From Seoul To Rio” in Rome and Tokyo.

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