Located in the heart of Porta Venezia in Milan, via Felice Casati 21, MANINTOWN + NOMADE GALLERY open a new space which merges the love for culture, commerce and social sharing.

A concept where the passion for fashion and design come together in search of new excellence and stories to tell. The project was born thanks to a special partnership between MANINTOWN magazine, a platform that explores male passions founded in 2014 by Federico Poletti, ond PROJECT NOMADE GALLERY, a new itinerant container inspired by the passion for art, design and the events. A project conceived by Christian Pizzinini and Antonio Lodovico Scolari. From this cooperation a new exhibition and narrative format has been developed into a visual designed by the art director and brand strategist Cecilia Melli.

MANINTOWN + NOMADE GALLERY aim to be primarily a meeting place and a small lounge in the center of Milan, where fashion, crafts or design meets enthusiasts, but also professionals and insiders. A space where every month there will be a different selection of manufacturing excellences in the field of fashion, interior design and art which will l be on display and on sale. The space will host Italian and international creatives who will be able to sell their productions, but also have networking opportunities thanks to dedicated presentations, small happenings and targeted appointments. A small ‘urban living room’ where different themes will be showcased with new protagonists.


Monday to Saturday, from 12 am to 7 pm

For info and appointments: [email protected]

Exhibition brand

Spinzi Design
Tommaso Spinzi is a creative designer and consultant specialized in interior decoration and furniture design “. Each of his projects is unique and tailor-made for the customer and include art, style, furniture, styling, color matching and 360 ° design. Tommaso is acollector of Mid-Century Italian furniture, cars and motorcycles, so he also designs limited edition pieces for galleries and customers.

3QUARTERS is an inovative sustainable fashion brand founded in 2015 in Athens, Greece, focusing on upcycled fashion accessories. Committed to the principles of sustainable design, we work intentionally on small-scale production. And try to raise awareness on slow, ethical, socially and environmentally conscious fashion. Each bag is designed and manufactured separately, the colour and material combinations carefully selected and then everything made and assembled by hand.

Alberto Gallinari
Tradition and jewelry are synonymous for Alberto Gallinari and his collection. Refined elegance and an eye for both gems and fine jewelry are in the young designer’s blood, thanks to his goldsmith father and gemologist grandfather. The Italian based house is facing its first year on the market, and finding its niche through a defined taste. Classic jewelry is a cornerstone of inspiration for Gallinari, who finds his muse among the different gemstones, colors and shapes that he offers.

Mikolaj Sokolowski
Mikolaj Sokolowski, is an attentive and sensitive designer to his environment, wanting to share his ideas and his journey. In 2019, he creates his first capsule collection to envisage his concept of menswear. Created for functionality – inspired by the youth, nature, art and music culture. A simplistic approach to represent his image of masculinity. Combining refined and invisible luxury within his garments, which are revealed in the details of cut and choice of materials.

VAVA is inspired by minimalism and Bauhaus movement, admirering artists such as Sol Lewitt, Malevich or Josef Albers. As if part of a minimalistic imaginary where aesthetics is the result of gender removal. The great challenge is in the exercise of eliminating superfluous compositional elements, adornment and romanticism to build a neutral gender. The unisex philosophy is naturally affiliated to the DNA of the brand. Unisex is one of the ways to the future.

WRÅD is a focus design lab that codeveloped an innovative dyeing technique with recycled graphite on a mission of pursuing positive change through education, sustainable innovation and liberation through design. The brand was founded by Matteo Ward with Silvia Giovanardi and Victor Santiago, three young people animated by the belief of making the world better through sustainable innovation.

Yekaterina Ivankova
The brand was born in 2017 from the values ​​and dream of a girl who comes from a country of the former Soviet Union, a place where being a designer was not even conceived, but her belief and desire to be able to convey to the world what she had inside from saying with her fashion was too strong and this prompted her in Italy to study what she loved. From here the brand highlighted, head after head, the designer’s idea of ​​using vintage clothes or stock materials by changing their shape and model, because the most important thing was not to produce anything from the new but to create a eco sustainable fashion product.

Parco 1923
PARCO1923 is the scent of an ancient history, made of millennial woods, magical and unique plants in the world. After a long research by botanical experts on the perfect olfactory combination between the shrubs that grow in the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park, born a special essence that has its roots in the history of centuries-old places. The news of this season is the exclusive Body Line dedicated to Venus Scarpetta, composed of the Purifying Bath Foam, the Exfoliating Cleanser and the Moisturizing Body Milk: a sincere tribute to the rare burgundy red orchid.

The Bespoke Dudes
Fabio Attanasio is an entrepreneur and founder of The Bespoke Dudes, the leading Italian blog about craftsmanship and bespoke tailoring. Along with Andrea Viganò, entrepreneur passionate about Made in Italy and expert in Internationalization and Digital Marketing, they launched this project in 2015 with the aim of enhancing the image of Italy abroad and promoting its excellence and unique creativity. Our accessories come from the expertise of talented Italian manufacturers, holding out against the ubiquitous empire of huge multinational groups. “Our goal is to guarantee a continuity of the Italian craftsmanship and to protect our heritage, made of utmost quality and unique creativity”.

Sandro Marzo
The label creates and produces exclusive high-end fashion for men. Focusing on the particularity of traditional textiles and the further development proportions and silhouettes sandro marzo represents a radical re-invention of classical men’s wear. This process is not to be seen as a mere minimization or an historical study of materials, but as a continuous development encouraged by chosen thematical concepts.

CB Made in Italy
The concept of the low shoe is the language of Cecilia Bringheli, a reference point that leaves no room for distractions. A language that truly represents its brand with the flat shoe, a stable representation of chic, comfortable-elegance without smudging.

Anita Treccani
Printer and designer, Anita graduates decoration course in the Academy, thanks to which she has expanded her knowledge also on a practical level, developing the use of visual representation tools, ornament and decorative intervention. She claims that illustration allows her to represent a “second reality” and to tell a story through her personal style.

Foulards, wraparound stoles, precious fabrics and soft accessories; the collections are inspired by the most fascinating and magical places. The brand combines sartorial passion, direct experience, Made in Italy and high technology to package unique garments, also produced in small series or made to measure.