In this moment in which we are far from anyone, our habits and our routines are very different.

From smart working to the various solutions to meet every need, including those to keep fit and blow off steam. Also, the choice of our outfit is in this direction: comfort is the master, with a charge of energy thanks to the bold colours of sweaters and t-shirt, alternating with more traditional collections for the most classic people, concluding with the silk, cotton and cashmere. 

Arming themselves with positivity and setting new targets is the best strategy. For this reason, in this period, there are many tutorials online or lives on Instagram and Facebook based on sharing. 

An example is @italia_smart which in its page offers its followers more than one solution to deepen their knowledge, test their creativity and doing homemade workouts. 

Also the Yoga lessons of Denise dalla Giacoma are becoming popular  https://denisedellagiacoma.com/ and the free sessions of bio-energetic practice through the YouTube channel of Daniele Mauro Guainazz ; praticabioenergetica.it

Moreover, Tonic Gym in Milan has activated a sporty programming live on Facebook visible at the link  https://www.facebook.com/tonicfitness/ with 12 lessons per day from Monday to Friday. 

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