JAMES JAGGER, one man, ten answers

Private life? Yes, please
It’s going great, I would say. I love my wife, we met seven years ago. She is a very private person, she does not like me telling much about our relationship and I understand and respect her. I can only say that we are really great together.

The “places“ I love
For getting inspired I would definitely say Tokyo, the most cosmopolitan and exciting place on the planet (at least for those who, like me, grew up in Europe). But America also has a big pull on me, I’m very fond of New York and Los Angeles. Perhaps I would not live there permanently, because they are cities where normally I work in but both are still wonderful places.

Fashion maker
I hate trends, this out of control obsession with following trends and to wear the same clothes as everyone else. Personally I have my own fashion icons, like Nick Cave to mention one, who you certainly wouldn’t call “influencers”. It was just their way of being chameleon-like, always different, never predictable – I have to think of David Bowie as well – that makes us think of them as icons, today. In the shop windows, on catalogs, on the street, all we see cloned people, each a reproduction of the next.. I don’t like that, I hate it. I have a jacket I bought when I was 19 years old: it’s been such a long time. I still wear it with the same pride and gusto as back then. Being stylish is really just being authentic!

Mick Jagger, who?
I had to work hard to get rid of the “son of” label and nd my own path. Apart from small roles and cameos, my parents were never really actors, so I can say that I am the first in my family to have embarked on this path. Certainly the risk of being considered only by my name and my past is always there and that is why I have not changed or denied a thing of what are my true colours. I still listen to punk music, as when I was 16. The cultural and family heritage that I have within me … is an added value to my path. But what I build now, as an adult man, what I’m learning and creating, it’s all my work.

I’m actually ink-addicted: if it were up to me, I would have my whole body and face tattooed. I got tattoos almost everywhere in the world, from Ibiza to Buenos Aires. They are all connected to important people who have crossed my life, like one of my best friends who unfortunately passed away a few years ago. They are signs of existence, words, moments. Actually they tell my life.

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