Kevin Roberts is coming back to the bookstore with 64 shots

This summer will come back to the bookstore Mr. Kevin Roberts, the executive director of Saatchy Gallery in London, with the photo-documented book with the title 64 Shots: Leadership in a Crazy World (due out June 21 for powerHouse Books).

After the great success with audiences and critics in 2004 with Lovemarks: the future beyond brands, Roberts returned to impress with a book that is a collection of portraits in 16 chapters, anecdotes and aphorisms from the cultural background and bio of the author, in relation to the great leader of our time History.

There are, therefore, passages dedicated to Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcer but also Bruce Springsteen or Brigitte Bardot, timeless icons that marked an era and that Roberts wants to celebrate trying to convey, between texts and pictures, a sort of chain of tips, motivational drives pushed for the reader, in order to live a life to winning.

Everyone can be reflected in this book, it seems to suggest Roberts: with a visual metaphor of images, moments, and tweet in pills that define the text, 64shots is a book to learn from big business making the most of their creative potential.


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