Mandarina Duck: A journey around the fashion world with the backpack Utility

A real and virtual journey inside and around the fashion world. Starts from here, actually restarts from this innovative project that combines web and heritage, design and innovation, the reconfirmation of Mandarina Duck as iconic brand made in Italy. Five new backpacks, eight bloggers globe trotters and international fashion weeks are the main characters of this new adventure of the yellow duck’s brand. Behind amounts and characters, the happy intuition of Giovanni Bonatti, ceo of the brand from December 2015, who has created the Utility Regeneration Project: revisiting after forty years from the launch in 1977 of the historical backpack Utility, through the certain line of the designer Denis Frison, creative director of the label. These new versions are protagonists of a fashion journey through the european fashion cities lived by the influencers selected and the result is a video-diary of a journey in progress, that everyone can follow online, on the website dedicated to Regeneration Project. The tour started in florence and more precisely with the Ninetieth edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo of June 2016, with K.E. Guerre; Fredrik Risvik has stopped at Milan Men’s fashion week; Fabrizio Oriani has been at menswear of Paris, while Paola Turani has travelled to Berlin. New York’s destination is for Gianni Fontana, whereas Copenaghen is the place for Laura Noltemeyer and Stockholm for Frank Gallucci. At the London Fashion Week of September will be present Asena Saribatur.
MANINTOWN has met Giovanni Bonatti to discover deeply the project and the news of  Mandarina.

The spirit of the project for this label is to bring back Mandarina Duck at the right position. Iconic brand of the 90s with Coca Cola, Swatch and Fiat 500. We have to reborn the affectional link between the consumer and the brand.

Utility represents a backpack in line with modern technology and elegance. % different unisex versions, multifunctional product withe the beauty of Italian design.

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