Our international collaborations expand thanks to the second project, a capsule collection created with Danish brand The AM Crew who takes inspiration from the Copenhagen nightlife. Here, a small group of insiders and influencers in the world of fashion, art and entertainment have gathered together to form a secret society whose motto is “Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grown old. Never die. It’s fun to be a vampire” (The Lost Boys, 1987). The group of friends is called The AM Crew. Their uniform is the iconic rock’n’roll leather biker jacket, personalized with the logo of the “angel of death” illustrated by artist Daniel van der Noon. It symbolises the night, the dark, and rebellion.
United by a passion for music, MANINTOWN collaborated with the AM Crew to create a limited edition jacket. A synthesis between the minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic adorned with a few theatrical elements like the recognisable logo on the back and a red inner lining. A brand born with the idea of creating season-less garments in limited edition, with select distribution, break- ing with the traditional model of classic fashion brands. Just like MANINTOWN, the project began thanks to a group of passionate friends: photographer and street style influencer Adam Katz Sinding (Partner, Global Ambassador), Scandinavian entrepreneur and TV producer Casper Christensen (Partner, Global Ambassador & Investor), Frederik Frank (Partner, Logistics), Vlatko Dukic (Founder, Partner, Design & Production) who does product development, and Signe Christoffersen, responsible for the brand’s PR.

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