MSGM X Diadora have created an activewear with vintage appeal: joggers, basketball shorts, zipped sweatshirts and sneakers. Two total looks, sneakers included, in which some vintage models by Diadora are reinterpreted according to the MSGM language. The codes, therefore, are rewritten with a contemporary twist, though without relinquishing their iconic identity. The legendary brand from Veneto has collaborated with MSGM on a brand-new collection for the next Autumn/Winter 2017-18. The creative partnership between the two Italian brands was unveiled for the rst time during Milan Fashion Week in January 2017. Undoubtedly a step in the sporty direction for a brand that has always irted with pop culture and, above all, with music. In all likelihood the collection will be unveiled in September, in the meantime we sat down with Massimo Giorgetti, MSGM Creative Director to understand how this project was born.

How did you work at this collection?

I have to say that creating this collection with Diadora has come about very naturally. Diadora is, by all means, one of the most important sports brands in the world. I am a great lover of the sneakers, I’ve always been one, when Diadora proposed me this project, I accepted without second thoughts. I have always considered their striped sweat-shirts of the ‘80s to be a cult. The energy of the sports world and the Italian know-how are still present, both with MSGM and Diadora. Personally, having always worn sneakers, it was like meeting an old chummy friend. The items are the reinterpretation of their archive models, though reinterpreted with typical MSGM cuts, shades and taste.

Which style elements and enthusiasts do Diadora and MSGM share? What are their strengths?
Diadora, unlike MSGM, is a merely sportswear band, but it has the sprightliness and desire to live the present that we share. Something about Diadora that has always struck me is its sixty years long story, a logo recognized everywhere, cuts and prints that have marked the imagery of the ‘80s, and that is coming back roaring.

Music and fashion always go hand in hand, if you were to pick a singer or a mu- sician, who would be perfectly suited for the MSGM X Diadora collection, who would that be?
Lately, I quite like Canadian singer with Portuguese roots Shawn Mendes, he is as young as talented, he is only 18 and has already won important awards and ac- knowledgments, like 2016 MTV Music Awards’ best global artist.

What is your take on the current sportswear and great labels mix? What kind of change does this represent, according to you, in terms of market, culture and style?
Well, having stated that I have always has a fascination for sportswear, I have no- ticed that nowadays people are “obsessed” with their physical appearance, hence with sport. Before or after going to work, everybody goes to the gym, so, for some brands, it has become almost physiological to create and include a few sportswear items in their collections, to meet this need.

Is there an anecdote linked to the collection that you’d like to tell us?
I have to smile whenever I think how funny and strange it was to nd, in the Diadora archives, models and prints that have stuck with me since my childhood.

Do you think that there will be more collaborations in the future?
For sure, but I don’t want to anticipate anything… I love surprises!

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