nima benati: a photography success story

Shooting Dolce & Gabbana’s print advertising campaign at just 25 years old is no small feat. Yet, influencer (with 472 million Instagram followers) Nima Benati‘s passion for photography was born when she was even younger, while attending high school of the linguistic arts. Her first experimental photo shoots drew inspiration from her favourite brands: Gucci, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Prada, Miu Miu, a magic formula sure to launch her into even greater success in no time.

Can you give us some numbers regarding your business?
If we’re talking about social media, I have about 700 thousand followers in total. While this year I shot about 40 advertising campaigns. The ones I’m most proud of are for Dolce & Gabbana, it was a dream come true!

What is your definition of “influencer”?
Someone with a distinct taste, capable of standing out among the masses. An influencer has to be able to offer different or unique content so as to entice people to emulate him or her.

 Is it better to have a beautiful face or good content?
When I work with models, a beautiful face counts for more, but in real life I value content highest.

 How do you see your own evolution and that of the social media world?
My main business, photography, is not contingent upon the social media universe. The latter will eventually implode, but still has several years of longevity with improvement of the platforms themselves. Instagram will reign for another decade or so.

Does the profession of the influencer have an expiration date?
No, as long as one can maintain a certain amount of credibility. I’m very relaxed; the most famous and sought after photographers in the world have very long careers: Peter Lindbergh is 73, Patrick Demarchelier is 74 and Stevel Meisel, 63! Health permitting, one can take photos her whole life!

The negative side of your line of work?
People believe they can say whatever they want on social media: they forget that behind the screen are real people, who would never dare to speak that way in real life. They insult, attack and very often make false assumptions, without really processing the image or text they have in front of them.

Are your recommendations real?
I share only the things I find really interesting on Instagram stories, but I never specifically suggest anything.

How many hours does it take to achieve your look?
When I go to work, I get ready in less than 5 minutes- with call times often at 6 am, I can’t really think about makeup and styling.

Which apps do you use to retouch photos and how long does it take?
I edit Instagram photos with Facetune and Snapseed, and for my professional photos I use Photoshop. The former require about twenty minutes, while the later can take up to 5 hours per photo.

Is there a place or a city in particular that captivates you?
The Park of the Monsters in Bomarzo. It is a place that’s frozen in time, full of art, beauty and mystery.

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