Rankin signing the spot of The Macallan Whisky, brand of excellence

Rankin has collaborated with the Scottish brand, manufacturer of Whisky, The Macallan for the launch of “Double Cask”, a distillate with an intense and enveloping taste.
The result is a spot with a remarkable visual aplomb, on the border of a fashion film and a surreal short: the protagonists are the models Tuuli Shipster and Max Rogers: the director takes us into a parallel, almost visionary world, through a game of mirrors and sensations as a contemporary Alice, the protagonist begins a sensory journey through the identity and taste.
A metaphor about a minute on thin layers of single cask, and also on double identity, about what we allow ourselves to be when we decide to change: in the end the protagonist emerges from the fantasy world – he’s at a bar surrounded by friends again –; the images and the power of the Scottish brand, the elegant bottle of advertising object, pierce the screen.
Double cask: a far greater experience than just liquor.


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