Saul Nanni: the enigmatic charmer

Some compare him to River Phoenix, others to a debuting Leonardo Di Caprio, owing to his “ beautiful and damned” looks and his intense roles. Aged 18, Saul Nanni started acting when he was very young, and has already landed parts in films for the silver screen next to actresses like Margherita Buy and Giovanna Mezzogiorno, alongside his role in the popular Disney TV series, Alex & Co, where he acted next to his brotherly friend Federico Russo. Two more TV movies are due to be soon released: Il fulgore di Dony, directed by Pupi Avati, who, as he likes to point out, taught him to «seek the truth and be credible when acting» and Non dirlo al mio capo, where he is the co-protagonist with Vanessa Incontrada. Seemingly algid, with piercing icy eyes – he lives between Northern and Central Italy, Bologna and Rome – Saul is actually a cheerful boy, who loves the Californian beaches, where he lived for six months: «An experience I recommend to everyone». The young actor’s Instagram profile has 700 thousand followers.

What is your take on the influencers and how do you manage your relationship with the social media?
Influencer is a generic definition, I don’t think that I “influence” those who follow me, although I like to think that my profile is interesting. I don’t like posting my private life and I have recently abolished selfies, as, as far as I am concerned, they don’t work.

The social network of the future?
Certainly Instagram, because it is very user-friendly and accessible, plus it features the whole range of social network functions. I believe that, in the future, the power of social media will grow more and more. As means of communication, they must be used wisely, without being carried away by the visibility they offer, which, in any case, has helped me a lot in my job, although I hope to be valued more as an actor.

A must-have garment?
A turtleneck, I also enjoy dressing up for special occasions. I like fashion. I was sitting on the front row at an Emporio Armani fashion show.

Any long-cherished dreams?
Acting in Hollywood, being directed by Ridley Scott and Quentin Tarantino.

Photo| Davide Musto
Stylist| Stefania Sciortino
Grooming| Charlotte Hardy per Simone Belli Agency
Location| Radisson Blu Es Hotel Roma
Saul Nanni wears Total look Paul Smith

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