Sileno Cheloni

The artist of fragrance

He is the internationally renowned Tuscan master perfumer: Sileno Cheloni, known for his “nose of truth”.

He is the creator of “tailor-made” perfumes famously desired by the likes of Oscar-winner Hellen Mirren and the politician Matteo Renzi, and praised for his collaborations with Gucci, Lamborghini, Richard Ginori amongst a collection of soaps and cosmetics.

Sileno Cheloni makes perfume an art that he believes “elevates to the divine”, which puts us in touch with our spiritual side. The perfume gives man an ancient magnetism, a position of power, because he is able to attract and seduce. Perfume can also induce a wake of memories, gestures, fantasies, or can be a criterion of elective affinities.

For the first time at Pitti Uomo, Sileno Cheloni presents “Il Profumoir”, a real perfumery bespoke experience, from 7th to 10th January on the lower floor of the central pavilion. For the occasion there will be the opening of the new OL’Factory in Via San Niccolo ‘95R, a space where everything is special, a living room where everything is magnificent, and rooms that are full of a thousand rarities.

Atmospheric essences will circulate the air in a place so well-conceived that it will feel as if it is under a spell. Because perfume can define one’s identity, even before the dress, it has the ability to tell a story, to express amiability, refinement, rarity, kindness, energy, seduction and pride.

Precise qualities can be materialized through essences that on this night be a gift to audiences who understand the importance of personalised perfumes over the commercialised scents chosen and shared by millions of other people. Sileno Cheloni opens his magical world to us in this exclusive interview.

In which part of the world is research more interesting?

The east, where the path of incense, and therefore of perfumes, begins.

What are the secrets of the trade?

Passion and creativity, then a little training, but nothing too obsessive. I did my training in the best places possible: when traveling around the East and in France.

Why did you choose Florence?

Because if the East is the origin of perfumes, Florence has been the cradle of it for a long time.

What does perfume represent for you?
Based on which characteristic of the person do you combine a perfume?

A mood to be achieved. The perfume is a characteristic of the soul, so very deep and not perceivable at a first glance, it must be discovered over time.

Where do you wear perfume to make it more persistent?

Where the pulsations of our blood are felt.

Why did you choose to take up this job?

I didn’t choose, I jumped on it! My job is pure energy.

What is PERFUME absolutely? What you might have wanted to create.

The incense that the Three Wise Men brought as a gift to Jesus Christ.

Is there a living character you would like to create a perfume for? And a historic one?

Claudio Baglioni wrote the song of the century, I would like to make the perfume that the protagonist wore on those clear summer evenings. I wanted to do it for the lawyer Gianni Agnelli, I was a fan of his.

How important is it to have a “tailor-made” perfume and why?

The important thing is to be aware that perfume is our invisible dress. The nose is the organ with which we make the most unquestionable decisions: yes or no! In many professional fields, in love, in the choice of a partner or a collaborator. You should then get the importance of having one made to measure.

The smell that conveys happiness and one that instead reminds you of grey moments.

Each perfume makes me happy, just because I can smell it. For me, grey moments are the cold moments that keep me away from the truth.

How persistent is a perfume in memory?

A perfume is forever, but the magic lies in the fact that we don’t know. Until the day we smell it again, the moments are confused within the years.

How important is packaging?

As fundamental as a tunic for a monk.

The notes of Queen Elizabeth and those of Marilyn Manson.

Violetta and Carnation.

What is your perfume?

An absolute Rose.

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