Sustainable Fashion: Hand Picked

A collection inspired by nature and its colours, focusing on extreme high quality materials, sustainability and ‘Made in Italy’ production

How was the Hand Picked project born?

As a private label of Giada SpA, Hand Picked was born in SS19, presenting itself to the public with a capsule of 15 pieces and based on a green philosophy. Hand Picked was born from Giada’s desire to optimize all the know-how acquired in over 30 years of activity that had made it a world leader in the luxury denim sector.

How is the brand evolving after the first few seasons?

After the launch at Pitti Uomo in June 2018, Hand Picked is now positioned in over 250 stores world- wide with a collection that in the AW20 / 21 season is made up of 117 items including trousers and various different tops.

What are the details that make the collection special?

The items in the collection are the result of a lot of research regarding the mainly eco-sustainable materials and the style. The production chain of each pair of trousers, characterized by tailored manufacturing, requires about 80 steps to reach completion with a processing time 3/4 times longer than any other 5 pockets. Giada, in fact, has always been attentive to detail, epitomised by the pocket bag adorned with the logoed border – a distinctive mark of the brand, and embroidered with a comb point, hand-hammered copper buttons and rivets, a grograin sewn inside the button panel, and the label made of appleskin.

Which are the iconic items of the capsule?

Giada is famous all over the world for its 5 pockets so the garment that best represents us is the Ravello style together with the Orvieto, however other items exhibiting a comfort concept have been a success.

How important is sustainability for the brand?

Hand Picked is based on the eco-friendly concept because we believe in the importance of fashion brands contributing to the protection of the environment. In addition to the eco-friendly materials, the different stages of processing are characterized by sustainability. In addition to recycling 60/70% of our water, we reuse waste materials such as pumice stone (used in gardening) and fabrics recycled from the automotive industry.

Denim represents the core business of Giada SpA, how has the market changed in recent years?

Today, the denim fabric, which was firstly used for work uniform and therefore worn by workers, has become a must have to be worn at any time of the day and in any situation because of its versatility and ability to transform from sportswear into elegant garment.

The challenges and plans for the future?

Giada counts on a workforce made up of about employees, both direct and indirect. Amongst our specialized and passionate team, we aim for increasingly ambitious goals and a further reach towards new markets where the demand for tailored garments is becoming increasingly popular.

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