The best apps for mindfulness and meditation

So, do you still think that individualism, an ancient dogma that the 80s with paleoconservatism have perpetrated in the minds, is still the only way possible? It seems now, more than ever, with this pandemic situation that is making us think about the way we treat our environment, but also how the economic system is collapsing, and, last but not least, how we treat and heal our body, that we actually need a refresh to follow new paths. And mostly, to have new mindset. This is a way of conceiving life typical of the East.

These people (differently from the West which has always focused on the machines’ development) has a centuries’ tradition of in-depth knowledge of body’s study. Prepare to listen to your body and other’s is a revolutionary practice. Probably the most effective in times of crisis like this. 

Technology helps us as always! There are several apps and websites on meditation and mindfulness available for download on your tablets and mobile phones. What are you waiting for? Your spiritual revolution starts now! Myfitnesspal, for example, offers tips to stay healthy and active. The site imediatly specifies that meditation not only helps concentration, but also athletic performance. initially proposes three techniques to have more meditation in our lives, and then goes deeper. Then Serenity app is focused on daily meditation.

The proposal starts with level 1 (basic), to move on to expansion (level 2) up to continuous meditation (level 6). But this is only the beginning: then there is the advanced meditation course which includes 24 steps. The app has intuitive graphics. Finally we point out Simple Habit: meditation App. It is a daily meditation app for busy people. The strong point is the initial screen that offers various aids to the user: from getting better sleep to reducing anxiety. Then, after selecting your goal, you set the time and access the course with a small fee.

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