The Ethical Revolution of Brunello Cucinelli

His humanistic capitalism has changed the way of doing business through the support of culture and free time.

He is the king of cashmere produced in the ancient Umbrian village of Solomeo, whose revolutionary entrepreneurial system defends and promotes the values of culture, tradition and above all human dignity.

A particular cultural focus is highlighted along- side the importance of using free time constructive- ly with a well-defined limit to working hours. It is strongly advised that from 17:00 onwards one must not to answer emails and business calls, and instead dedicate the time to everything that can deeply enrich the mind and soul. 

“The tasks of the craftsman and the worker are hard and repetitive. And if I make you work after hours, I steal your soul. Besides, creativity is only where beauty is”.

Along with achieving a well-deserved honorary degree in philosophy, Cucinelli is the master of credible elegance, a true advocate of ‘Made in Italy’ around the world, and placed third in the Gq Uk ranking for men dressed with class.

His product; a true case of excellence, combined with his entrepreneurial methods, have enabled Cu- cinelli to achieve incredible goals even in the most difficult period of crisis for the Italian economy, with a further 9% profit growth in 2019.

A modern-day hero whose interests extend far beyond business; his Brunello Cucinelli and Federica Cucinelli Foundation are constantly engaged in the restoration of the three most symbolic monuments of Norcia: The Civic Tower, the Theatre and the Museum of Castellina. 

“There is a need to have more courage to give people a signal of hope” said the entrepreneur, always working with the best interests of others at heart because, paraphras- ing a quote from Kant, there is no beauty without moral good.

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