Two pillars of French culture, one truth: Frapin is an antique distillery that has tantalized the palates of cognac lovers for centuries, including the Sun King himself, Louis XIV, also specializing in olfactory delights for artistic fragrance lovers.
Among the oldest family lines still in living in France, for 20 generations Frapin has created its cognac- since 1270 to be precise- made to such perfection that in 1697 the Sun King, Louis XIV, bestowed upon Pierre Frapin a title of nobility. Heading the agency today is Jean-Pierre Cointreau, a son the Frapin family line and Max Cointreau, heir of the eponymous liquor dynasty. In 2002, the maison began to explore a new industry sector, at first seemingly quite different: perfumery. The result evolved over the years to include a line of fragrances inspired by the heritage of the brand, under the close supervision of David Frossard, Creative Director of Frapin Perfume, with whom spoke about fragrances and precious Millésime.

Cognac and perfume. What is the link?
Cognac and perfume are two pillars of French culture. In addition they have a similar distillation process. Cognac is a blend made from “maître de chai,” that mixes various notes to obtain the final flavour. A masterpiece created through taste, but also through the olfactory sense, much like how a perfumer designs a fragrance, thanks to his or her expert “nose.”

What is the oldest bottle of cognac preserved in the Fontpinot Castle?
We have several that are all over 100 years old.

 What is the best-seller?
The Frapin Millésime are recognized for being the finest Millésime and the finest liquors.

 Frapin Cognac pairs perfectly with…?
Chocolate and cigars for sure. Frapin Cognac has a warm aroma of vanilla, honey, nuts with floral aspects as well as fruity notes. The taste is soft and refined, but at the same time round and potent without being too strong.

 Among the perfumes, is there one inspired by a particular cognac from the maison?
Yes, “1270,” inspired by a legendary wine that was used at the beginning of the 20th century to create a cognac called “La Folle Blanche.” The name of the fragrance, however, is the date in which the Frapin family, one of the oldest family lines in France, settled in the Charente region. Among the family ancestry is the famous French writer François Rabelais, who wrote the acclaimed romance series The Life of Gargantua and Pantagruel. In the castle there is still a cuvée that bears his name and his image inspired another one of our fragrances, “l’Humaniste.”

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