Vintage Tattoo Flash

Vintage Tattoo Flash is a rich overview of the firs years of Flash Art americana, tattoos’ art, where we can find a substantial collection of flash-tattoo, also hand painted, printed, or found on the walls of the most famous American tattoo artists. The vintage flash hand-sketches, are incredibly difficult to find, for this reason the big support and collection of the famous tattoo artist Jonathan Shaw has been fundamental for the realization of the book. Shaw is a voyager outlaw artist, writer, blogger, anti-folk hero and legendary tattos Master. Shaw is born in New York and grew up in Los Angeles, where has learnt to tattoo with the California Masters of the old school . After having worked with artists such as Jim Morrison, the Manson’s family, and Charles Bukowski, got the addiction of heroin and a crime’s life. He left Hollywood in 1970 to travel the world and established Fun City, the first tattoo street store in New York since when tattoos were legalized  in 1960. Jonhatan has one of the biggest collection of historical flash tattoos of the world and thanks to his collection we can review the first 75 years of the american tattoo starting from the twentieth century. Vintage Tattoo Flash, duplicate with attention inedited images of original flash designed by tattoo artiests such as Bob Shaw, Zeke Owen, Tex Rowe, Ted Inman, Ace Harlyn, Ed Smith, Paul Rogers, the Moskowitz brohers, and many more relatively famous and unknown.

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