We will travel again: 5 destinations to rediscover

Which are the five words that will characterize our next trips? Safety, quiet, light-heartedness, adventure, and sustainability. We have been deprived of the possibility to take a flight for a year now. We have forgotten that feeling when you check-in, run at the airport, and land on the other side of the world. Since, at the moment, we can only fly with our imagination, let’s rediscover (at least virtually) 5 destinations, very different from each other, to reach as soon as it is possible. 

Related to the topic of light-heartedness, in fifth place, we find Dubai, where leisure and fun are on the agenda. Hot-air balloon flights, horse rides, quad in the desert, breathtaking sunsets, paragliding: these are some activities you can do in the Emirates. The Hot Air Balloons paint the sky with emotions: it will be possible to fly over the desert at 400 meters high to enjoy a view as never seen before, including the Burj Khalifa, famous worldwide for its majesty. 

Fourth place goes to Turkey, with an unusual destination: Erzurum. For winter sports lovers, it will be possible to ski at 3000 meters high, on the Palandoken mountains. Ice climbing, horse riding, and visiting the ancient castles of the town: all activities that you will do in complete safety. 

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For the more adventurous, Tulum is a must: travels to Mexico are the ideal way to combine history and the beauty of nature with the charm of discovering. Among lands, which ancient civilizations such as the Maya enriched with relics, and unusual sea landscapes, Tulum allows you to visit ruins preserved for a long time on the coast and explore the wonderful underwater caves. The more romantic can enjoy the suggestive dawn on the beach. 

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South Tyrol wins second place. It is a scene of peace and serenity, characterized by a land of contrasts that blend, giving rise to a unique atmosphere to live in complete freedom in its fascinating open spaces. The Dolomites‘ peaks are the background of lawns, and the country life unites with modernity, where Alpine traditions and Mediterranean features live in perfect harmony. 

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The gold medal goes to Seychelles, the eco-sustainable paradise. Natural reserves, botanic gardens, rare and protected flora and fauna, coral plantations, dolphins, sea turtles and whale sharks: these islands are a model of balance between preserved biodiversity and sustainable tourism.  In the heart of the Indian Ocean, a Code of Ethics has been drawn up to respect the environment, urging the tourists to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide using local buses and bicycles for tours, to support eco-friendly accommodations, and to protect the marine ecosystem avoiding touching and collecting corals and seashells. 

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