Andrea Dodero, villain for profession (but only on set)

Andrea Dodero is Genovese by birth but Roman by adoption, partly because his passion soon turned into a profession, leading him to live in the capital. As he himself admits, he did very little training, with the Centro sperimentale di cinematografia (Experimental Centre of Cinematography), which he desired and then left, as the gradually larger roles could not be reconciled with his studies.
The big visibility came with the Sky series Blocco 181, but soon enough we will see him alongside no other than Denzel Washington in The Equalizer 3 and then, in spring, in The Good Mothers on Disney+.

Andrea Dodero
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So, you are from Genoa.

Yes, I spent my first nineteen years there, even though I am now based in Rome and occasionally move around, depending on where the set or production takes me. At the beginning I was a pastry chef, I must admit I didn’t like it, but it served to put money aside for what I wanted to do later on.

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You are very young but you have collected all important roles, how did you end up as an actor?

I actually did a lot of small roles before the big ones and getting to Block 181, which gave me popularity, I don’t know if you can actually call it a training ground. In any case, I have always experimented with acting, ever since I was a child. In the crazy period of adolescence I gave up, but at some point, chatting with a friend, I realised that I was unhappy being a pastry chef; after several auditions, I then entered the Experimental Centre, which I eventually only attended for a year and a half, then I started working and left.

“I found myself playing ‘bad’ characters who, however, were not stereotypical at all”

Lately so many actors come from Genoa, I don’t know, do they give you something special to eat?

I think it’s the dust of Italsider, I’m not sure (laughs, ed.), anyway yes, we are quite a lot. When I was a kid I attended an amateur school, it was a crossroad of interesting and passionate people who were our teachers; they passed on to us a great desire to turn acting into a profession, great names like Francesco Patanè, Riccardo Maria Manera and others came out of there.

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You always play villain roles, how are you in reality?

I have to try to give myself an answer in that sense too, especially since they make me do very dark series, like Block 181, a crime, or even The Good Mothers, which are stories related to ‘ndrangheta, based on true events. I found myself playing ‘bad’ characters who, however, were not stereotypical at all.

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I know you are on the Amalfi Coast, on the set of The Equalizer 3 with Denzel Washington, what can you tell us about that?

Well, right now I’m doing a real villain and I’m in Atrani. Denzel Washington is my favourite actor (I’m not just saying this, I confessed it in an interview a few months ago, is on paper), and here I am, acting with him; life can really surprise you, in incredible ways. I act partly in English, partly in Italian, although the thing that surprised me most was Denzel’s mastery of the Italian language; he has been on vacation to Italy with his wife for over thirty years.

“In The Good Mothers (a modern Lancelot) I’ll be a positive character”

In spring the highly expected The Good Mothers will be relased on Disney+, tell me about your character.

It will be the third Italian Disney+ series, directed by Julian Jarrold, who was also amongst the directors of The Crown. I will act in Calabrian, a dialect that I did not know, and I am sure it will be subtitled, as has already happened in productions such as Gomorra. I prepared for the part with a Calabrian friend who was coaching me, let’s say. This time I’ll be a positive character, the story revolves around a forbidden love between the boss’s henchman, and his daughter, a modern Lancelot. The story was taken from trial recordings and then fictionalised.

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