Chef in Town: Monna Caterina Wine Resort, the perfect place for unique relaxing moments.

Located in a medieval village, Monna Caterina Wine Resort is a place in which to immerse yourself completely and where it is possible to enjoy the beauty of nature, art, and good food. This ancient cottage, close to Vinci, offers a unique view, thanks to its position on the hill that allows you to admire a breathtaking landscape. In the fifteenth century, it was the home of Leonardo da Vinci’s mother, Caterina, and it was surrounded by a landscape of vineyards and olive groves: that same breathtaking scenery which we can see in the background of the famous “Gioconda”. The resort is in Vinci, in the heart of Tuscany, between Florence and Pisa, between the Montalbano hills and the Arno river. 

The rooms have furnishings between design and country style: on the one hand, characteristic features of the rural building, on the other hand, the integration of more contemporary “Leonardesque” furniture, with floating beds, colored and transparent elements, glass windows lighting up spaces, and attention to detail. 

But there’s more: the old resort produces its range of wines on-site in the Monna Caterina winery. The red wine has fruit notes of cherry and violets with a balsamic aftertaste; the white one has a lively taste with citrus notes. For wine lovers, the resort is perfect for walks to discover the flavors of the vineyards. Moreover, there is a tour to discover the olive groves: Monna Caterina also produces its olive oil 100% Made in Italy. 

It is a journey through Italian beauty in a magical place full of history, art, and culture, where it is possible to enjoy a unique experience discovering flavors and scents. 

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