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A gentleman by name and by nature, he is considered one of the most important web influencers of the moment. Not only he posts, but he also tells stories about style, gives suggestions about how to create a look, through his journeys he inspires a lot of followers from all over the world. We are talking about Matthew Zorpas, blogger and founder of Matthew is also a creative consultant and, currently, IWC Scha hausen’s brand ambassador. Born in Cyprus, Matthew moved to London to study, but recently he has returned to his roots in Athens. Exactly for his birthday (by celebrating his 30 years with the hashtag #mz30th) we met him and he told us his point of view about one of the most fascinating cities in the world for its history, culture and continuous turmoil.

What do u like about Athens
Athens is a place that is buzzing at the moment. Its a city that in recent years suffered and deconstructed but recently begins to breath again. Small openings, pop-ups, bars and restaurants are in every corner, offering excellence in design, taste and service. It’s the beginning of a new era, of new ideas, of a new system. I want to be part of it.

What to pack for Athens
Travel light! It get’s extremely hot during the summer. Pack your suncreams, your panama hat (especially if you are taking a walk up to the Acropolis), a linen white or light blue shirt (will get you t in perfectly with the Greeks), your stylish espadrilles and some multiple shorts. Don’t forget your backpack to keep your Athenian authentic souvenirs from Plaka!

Top 5 places to visit in Athens (restaurant, beaches, hotels, clubs, shops)
Restaurant: My top favourite in the centre of Athens, Nolan. Japanese and Greek fusion cuisine. Beaches: 40’ by boat, make sure you visit Agkistri, one of the closest islands to Athens with crystal blue waters. Aponhsos is one of my favourite spots in the island. Hotels: Electra Metropolis is one of the latest adds in town and with the best roof terrace you will get of the city. Clubs: Gkazi area is were the magic happens. From greek bars to special parties with international djs everything happens around this square. Shops: Paraphernalia the perfect destination for design lovers.

A special memory related to Athens
My 30th birthday and 3 days celebration with my friends that ew in from all around the world. It was a very special and unforgettable moment for me here in Athens.

Who would u suggest this trip for
Lovers, sunlovers, summer lovers, history lovers, beauty lovers, nature lovers…greece lovers…

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