The new male wardrobe

Essentials that cannot miss in any man’s wardrobe (including blazers, suits, trousers with sartorial aplomb, patterned shirts), garments in bright shades – from teal to mauve to orange – or embellished with elaborate appliqués, which give an unusual twist to the outfits, and whimsical accessories, for example the scarf tied around the neck.
The key pieces of men’s collections of big labels and emerging designers, from Zegna to Emporio Armani, passing through Corneliani, N°21, Antonio Marras, Marsēm, Matteo Lamandini and Giordano Mercante, star in the editorial shot for MANINTOWN by the photographers Giovanni Gori and Andrea Aldrovandi.

Antonio Marras men
Sacha and Bar wear total looks Antonio Marras

Corneliani collezioni
Sacha wears total look Corneliani

Zegna 2023
Alexandre wears total look Zegna

N°21 uomo collezioni
Alexandre wears total look N°21

Hevò brand
Alexandre wears total look Hevò, bandana stylist’s own; Bas wears total look Giordano Mercante, glasses SNOB Milano


Photographers Giovanni Gori and Andrea Aldrovandi for Total Black (

Stylist Stefano Guerrini

Stylist asssistants Lorenzo Iacobone, Evelyn Fogar

Casting director and producer Laura Stella Motta INSTAGRAM @laura_stella_motta

Make-up artist and hair stylist Rossano Fasano INSTAGRAM @rossanofasano

Models Sacha Benoit @The Lab Models, Alexandre Valotto @United For Models, Bas Laduc @Independent Management

Opening image: Sacha wears total look Marsēm, bandana stylist’s own; Alexandre wears total look MTL Studio by Matteo Lamandini, earrings model’s own


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