Think Print: the art of Pierre-Louis Mascia

A recognizable style, constructed through patterns and colours that define his prints. Pierre-Louis Mascia started out from a background as an illustrator and founded his brand in 2007, thanks to a lucky meeting with the Uliassi brothers, owners of the Achille Pinto silk print factory in Como, with whom he began to develop a small collection of scarves. Thanks to a gradual but steady growth, today it has become a true lifestyle brand that focuses on men’s and women’s clothing and accessories collections, as well as proposals for the home. So many declinations of a style that has always remained faithful to its DNA, thanks to a decidedly artistic spirit and approach. For years, the French designer has been present at Pitti Uomo with his presentations, which demonstrate his passion and natural focus on the world of interior design. For this extraordinary story of creativity that binds him to Italy, Pierre-Louis Mascia was chosen as the Special Project of Pitti Uomo 103, protagonist of a special event set in the rooms of Palazzo Antinori, opened for the occasion. A project that combines nature, culture, art and fashion and finds expression in the fabrics created by Achille Pinto, who will celebrate fifteen years of partnership with the brand in 2023.

Pierre Louis Mascia 2023
Pierre-Louis Mascia – Casa Cabana (ph. @SGP)

“I feel closer to fine arts than to fashion design”

Tell us about your meeting with Achille Pinto, the silk entrepreneur with whom this adventure was born.

I was the art director for the Première Classe fashion exhibition, at that time there were very few brands working on scraps and prints. As I was a fashion illustrator, I was thinking to change my support: to move from the rectangle of the paper to the rectangle of a silk scarf. I tried to contact some French companies, which were very disinterested in the development of new designers. Then, I met Matteo Uliassi from Achille Pinto and, naturally, we started working together. We began by designing one small collection of scarves and, 15 years later, we are a global brand.

From foulards to clothing to interior design, what are the highlights and milestones in your journey?

Everything was very constant and progressive. I had an accident in 2016 and it changed my vision of the world, and logically it changed my conception of creativity. In 2018, we had the opportunity to present the Spring/Summer 2019 collection with a catwalk in Shanghai. After that, the team realized that this brand could have worked.

Pierre-Louis Mascia collection 2023
Pierre-Louis Mascia Fall/Winter 2023-24

You define yourself more as an artist than a designer. What are your references in the art world or simply which artists do you follow beyond the inspirations for your brand?

Mariano Fortuny, Serge Lutens, Romeo Gigli, Comme des Garçons designer Rei Kawakubo, Yohji Yamamoto, and Japanese designers in general, are people that inspire me a lot. However, I feel closer to fine arts than to fashion design.

Which prints and colours are now a must-have in your collections?

There are no colors in particular… I really like them all!

“With Pierre-Louis Mascia we try to create an interior space were people will feel comfortable”

How did your passion for interior design and the concept of your first shop in Milan come about?

I tried to invent a concept thinking about it in its entirety. When I create a collection, I imagine it in a special interior place, with a particular smell, particular music or sounds…We tried to do the same think while designing our shop in Milan. I really like artist’s ateliers, that is why I like the François Halard work when he photographs many artists’ houses and ateliers. Then, we try to create an interior space were people will feel comfortable. In addition, the aesthetic of the shop is inspired by my atelier in Toulouse.

Pierre-Louis Mascia atelier
Pierre-Louis Mascia in his atelier

You have carried out several collaborations with other brands over the years. Which are the most significant ones and what have they given you on a personal level?

The collaboration with the Palais Galliera was a very interesting work for me. From the meeting with Pascale Gorguet Ballesteros (the curator of XVIII century of Galliera) to the realization of the pieces, this project was really rewarding for me in terms of professional and personal growth.

What will we see at Pitti Uomo?

We will present an event named “Philocalie”, which means “love of the beauty”. This presentation is linked to the Fall-Winter 23/24 collection. We will create a conceptual installation at the Palazzo Antinori in Florence. The project has been designed to amaze and involve guests in the search for natural beauty, free from any kind of artifice, to be discovered and experienced.

Pierre Louis Mascia brand

Opening image: Pierre-Louis Mascia – Casa Cabana (ph. @SGP)


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