It is not a regular Friday night in New York City when Chanel transforms a women only co-
working space (the Wing) in Soho into a fabulous all immersive Coco Club an exclusive
“mademoiselles only” club inspired by the traditional men’s only social clubs.
Following the notion that “what is good for a man is better for a woman”, maison Chanel
envisioned a pop up club that takes what is best from men’s lifestyle as an inspiration and makes it even better for a woman. The borrowed from the boys lifestyle concept has turned out in fact to be a real winning and star studded launch event in the Big Apple.
All of this to celebrate the Boyfriend watch a fabulous and elegant Chanel designed watch with a masculine flair.
Interlocking C’s at every corner and motivational quotes inspired by the legend Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, the club is a really full immersion Chanel experience, a Shangri -la and a corner of heaven for the luxury loving fashionistas of the iconic brand, be men or women.
At the entrance the check in staff greeted each and every guest with a personalized membership gold card to be complemented with a personal photo taken in an exquisitely decorated space and fun photo booth.
Inspired by the celebrated Chanel Boyfriend line, the whole concept space is a true tribute to the legendary Coco’s signature style. A beauty room filled with dreamy make up by Chanel and puffy feathery stools to be pampered on, a library filled with monogrammed Coco stationery, pool tables, ping pong tables, a café serving themed items like a girl’s club sandwich and a girl’s club sandwich and a locker room in which even the towels have been specifically styled in timeless black and white, and a numerologist: did you know that Coco was fascinated with numerology?
The floor of course is set on the iconic no. 5 in an elevator on Mercer Street.
Ultimately a wonderful success for the launch and a lovely reminder on how men’ s fashion and lifestyle can inspire women’s fashion and lifestyle, just like Coco would forsake the long gown and feathers remainders of the old siècle fashion for more practical men inspired streamlined and designed for elegant practicality modern outfits. Creativity at its highest it’s a wonderful thing to share and borrow.
Infin, bravo Chanel encore and toujours!

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