Men’s oily skin, how to treat it

Oily skin in men shows very recognizable evidence, starting from a dull complexion, the aspect is very often shiny and oily and, at last, the clear presence of imperfections. Besides, the youngest add acne and unattractive pimples. How to take action? Good cleansing is crucial, but also restoring the regenerative capacity of our skin by the use of specific products for our skin care is important. 

Korff Purifying

With a dark black texture, it allows an effective facial cleansing and the removal of leftovers of make-up. Perfect for purifying mixed and impure skin, handy to use and shortly foaming, it leaves the skin soft. It is also suitable for sensitive skin. 

URIAGE Hyséac 3-regul Trattamento Globale

Trattamento “3 in 1” che favorisce l’eliminazione delle imperfezioni (brufoli, punti neri, eccesso di sebo) e lascia la pelle opacizzata. Leggera e non grassa, si assorbe facilmente.
A “3 in 1” treatment that helps eliminate imperfections (pimples, blackheads, excess sebum) and leaves the skin matted. Light and non-greasy. it is easily absorbed. 

Kiehl’s Oil eliminator 24 hour anti-sjine moisturizer

A moisturizing facial fluid with an ultra-light texture. It contains Aerolite™ which, thanks to its advanced technology, instantly helps absorb excess sebum and balance skin sweating. It gives the skin a matte look, free from the shiny effect for 24 hours. The skin is immediately matted, while over the time the product performs an effective sebum-balancing action. 

Collistar Idratante Viso Opacizza&Purifica

Multi-functional face formula that instantly dulls and protects. Over the time it has an effective sebum-balancing action. It contains the Mat-Perfect Men Collistar®, associated with normalizing and protective Vitamins F and B6, moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E anti-free radicals and ultra-micronized powders, which absorb excess sebum for an immediate anti-gloss effect. 

Foreo Luna 3

With the latest innovation from FOREO LUNA 3, this facial cleansing brush removes up to 99.5% of dirt and sebum, preventing the accumulation of bacteria and providing visible results in a few minutes: healthy and brighter skin. 

Ren Clarimatte™ T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel

It balances the production of sebum, purifies and minimizes vents and redness, especially in the T zone. The cypress essential oil is useful to soothe and calm and the willow extract is useful to minimize the pores’ appearance. 

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