IN DIALOGUE WITH ACTOR STEPHEN ODUBOLA: “I would definitely like to act in something Tribal”

We met the British actor Stephen Odubola. Stephen is probably best known for his leading role as Timmy in Paramount Pictures acclaimed crime drama Blue Story opposite Micheal Ward and Sean Sagar, written and directed by Rapman. The film centres around a gang war that dooms the lifelong bond of south London friends and garnered exceptional reviews for the “elegant grit and volatile vibe” it depicted of a world ruled by crazed-leader-of-the-pack bravado and vengeance.

He will next be seen starring as Johnny in BBC’s four-part drama Boiling Point alongside Stephen Graham and Vinette Robinson. The series is based on the 2021 multi award-winning Netflix film and picks up six months on from where the film left off and received rave reviews for its simmering tension and immersive shooting approach.

Total look AMI
Total look AMI

«I was sixteen when I decided that was the path I wanted to follow and honestly, I was just winging it. I had no idea what I was doing but knew I wanted to make it work»

Where did your love for acting come from and when did you decide to pursue it professionally?

I started acting in primary school plays and loved drama as a subject in secondary school; I always looked forward to it and enjoyed it. I never regarded acting as a potential career until I saw people like John Boyega on screen and thought «Oh wait, I can probably try this out seriously too!».

I was sixteen when I decided that was the path I wanted to follow and honestly, I was just winging it. I had no idea what I was doing but knew I wanted to make it work. So, I started auditioning for short films and student works via sites like castingcallpro and starnow and eventually put together a showreel to show to potential agents. After a couple of years, I finally got represented by my first agent!

Shirt JACQUEMUS, pants and shoes AXEL ARIGATO
Shirt JACQUEMUS, pants and shoes AXEL ARIGATO

What can you tell us about your character in the upcoming series Boiling Point?

I play the role of Johnny. He is new to the kitchen and quickly realises he is out of his depth. Big time! After seeing the professional fast-paced kitchen environment he starts to think: « Am I really cut out for this?». Johnny is also a new father with major responsibilities and comes from a very complex background. Throughout the series, you get to see certain sides to Johnny unfold. He essentially just wants to learn and become better but whether he overcomes that feeling of imposter syndrome and feeling like a phony… you’re just gonna have to keep watching.

How do you relate to your character? Did you have any specific methods to get into character?

I actually once was Johnny. My first ever job was in the hospitality boxes at the Chelsea stadium and just like Johnny, it’s easy to quickly realise you’re out your depth because the kitchen is something you really have to get used to. Very much an environment of sink or swim. So I kinda just relived my past experience to make Johnny feel as natural as possible.

«Working with this cast and crew was an absolute pleasure and we all worked as a team»

What was filming like on set? Was it as high pressured as is depicted in the film?

We’re just good at what we do… joking! It was a very collaborative and electric environment behind the scenes, despite the tension and stresses depicted in the series. At times, it did feel very claustrophobic with the tight spaces we had to navigate through and making sure not to knock into the cameras and kitchen equipment. I guess that came into play when looking like we’re under heavy pressure. In all honesty, working with this cast and crew was an absolute pleasure and we all worked as a team to ensure we kept things light whilst off camera.

Shirt JACQUEMUS, pants and shoes AXEL ARIGATO
Shirt JACQUEMUS, pants and shoes AXEL ARIGATO

«I learn and experience things from my characters that I could never obtain anywhere else»

Among all the characters you have played, is there one in particular that has stuck with you?

They all stick with me in one way or another to be honest. I learn and experience things from my characters that I could never obtain anywhere else. In Blue Story, I relived very similar secondary school experiences. In A Violent Man, I briefly experienced what it felt like to be in prison and constant claustrophobic environment; the whole movie was shot in the prison cell. And on Boiling Point, I learnt chef practices and became more knowledgeable about certain themes and issues such as gender identity, invisible disabilities, addiction, mental health and more. So each bring a different and valuable experience that definitely stay with me. Would be hard for them not to.

Is there a particular character you have not explored that you would like to play?

I don’t know why but I would definitely like to act in something tribal. Something similar to the likes of ApocalyptoThe Revenant or even Avatar. I want to tap into that disassociation from modernisation and explore a character that focuses strictly on survival and family. I think it could be really interesting and very different from my previous projects. 

The British actor confess one of his dreams: act in something Tribal.
Total look BOSS

«For me talent is what someone possesses that makes them unique but also comes naturally to them»

What would be your dream role? 

That’s a tough one! There are so many! I’ve always wanted to play a superhero. Give me any power! As long as I’m a superhero, I’m game. 

What is your definition of talent?

For me, talent is what someone possesses that makes them unique but also comes naturally to them. Doesn’t necessarily mean being able to do something like act or sing, it could be being able to speak many languages, or paint. I guess ‘talent’ is subjective but I feel should make you feel some sense of achievement at the end of the day.

What are you working on at the moment? Any future projects for the year…

Right now, I’m enjoying the press campaign around Boiling Point but I also have a movie called Gassed Up that’s premiering at this year’s London Film Festival and will be released in cinemas next year.

Another portrait of Stephen Odubola.
Total look TOD’S


Photographer: Kirk Truman @kirktruman

Styling: Sarah-Rose Harrison @sarahroseharrison

Grooming: Lauraine Bailey @laurainebailey

The world of wine in a glass: Maximilian Riedel

Maximilian J. Riedel is the 11th generation and the managing director of the famous Austrian glass company Riedel based in Kufstein.
Over the years, he received many awards for his work, including those from the Museum of Modern Art, MoMA San Francisco, the Corning Museum of Glass, Maison et Objet Paris, and the wine magazines Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast. 

With solid business knowledge, market understanding and an eye for design, along with an early awareness of the potential of social media and e-commerce, Maximilian continues to successfully lead the family business into the 21st century. He is known to the public as a true global networker, bringing like-minded people together, forging partnerships with companies such as Miele, LVMH, and Nespresso, while never losing sight of the company’s social responsibilities. Pink Ribbon breast cancer projects and partnerships with the Elton John Aids Foundation and Napa Valley Auction also show a strong social commitment. 

He continued to use his creativity to renew Riedel on the web over time and was essential in the creation of the first online shops (one of the most important sales channels for the company internationally).

Riedel vetri
Maximilian J. Riedel

The O series collection

In his journey, we have to mention 2004 because of the introduction of the “O series”, which is a collection of stemless, variety-specific wine glasses. This series not only demonstrated Riedel’s creative talent, but also underscored its commercial ability. In fact, the range became the starting point for the launch of more successful new products such as collections for the hospitality sector, specifically adapted to the needs of the restaurant industry and so on.

Riedel bicchieri
O series wine glasses collection

Interview with Maximilian J. Riedel

Today, his personality also surprises us on social media. His followers are over 100.000 on Instagram and are increasing day by day thanks to his communication skills and proverbial positivity. In our interview, with some tips for the perfect glass and some “spoilers” about the future, we trace his journey and the evolution of the wine glass industry in recent years.

How was the passion for wine and design born?

The passion of wine has a long tradition in my family. We also have a close relationship with Italy. My grandfather Claus J. Riedel spent a lot of his time in Italy where he developed the philosophy of wine friendly glasses together with Sommeliers of Orvieto, this is also the reason why our first handmade glass collection is called Sommeliers.

What are the core values of your company?

The core value is to deliver the best instruments possible to provide the most balanced and complete wine enjoyment.

How the approach of customers in their choice of glasses has changed? Customers are more careful in their choice of glasses?

The awareness has surely grown. More and more people know that choosing the right glass makes a difference for wine enjoyment Riedel selling 60 Mio pieces per year give impressive proof of that.

How the type of glass changes the taste of the wine?

It is the shape of the vessel, the rim diameter that influences and enhances the taste and smell of wine. Providing the perfect tool to create the best possible wine experience is the heart of our philosophy and it is also the reason for our worldwide success.

Riedel glass
Maximilian J. Riedel

How the world of wine glass has changed during your years in this field?

When my grandfather and my father started they often got laughed at. People did not believe in the philosophy of grape varietal glasses. They doubted that the shape of a glass makes a difference. Today our philosophy is state of the art. There are many, many copies of our glasses worldwide – we see that as a proof of our work. Only the best get copied – that is what my father uses to say.

What are the rules for choosing the correct glass?

Easy: depending on what wine you drink, you choose the glass. If your favourite wine is Pinot Noir, you definitely need a Pinot Noir glass. If it is oaked chardonnay, it is worth trying our oaked chardonnay glass.

As regards the Decanter, has it a specific function besides table decor?

Very important! The task of a decanter is to open the wine, to support the and show it off at its best. Depending on old or young wine,  we offer many shapes. The fact that our decanters also look fancy and beautiful is only a plus.

Riedel vino
Maximilian J. Riedel

Crystal and glass, what’s the difference for the wine?

It is mainly the shape, not the material. Of course the look and feel of a crystal glass is completely different.

Where do you find inspiration and ideas in social media communication?

Maximilian is a very open minded and creative person who finds inspiration literally in everything and everywhere. Be it in nature or museums, while travelling, playing with his kids and surely on social media too.

Could you spoil some new projects?

Many! But I would like to highlight a new collection called Supperleggero.

In homage to the 50th Anniversary of Sommeliers, we reintroduce Riedel Superleggero. It’s really a new benchmark for premium machine-blown wine glasses. The perfection of a machine-made glass compared to handmade lies in the precision of the bowl and rim diameter and its consistent quality.

I am very proud of this collection of the largest, thinnest, and lightest glasses with the widest base diameter of up to 106 mm ever produced on machine to date. Riedel Superleggero glasses are fine-tuned instruments, specifically shaped to enhance your wine enjoyment. Perfectly balanced, specific for every wine and with the look and feel of a handmade glass.

When talent meets opportunity: Giacomo Gianniotti

Giacomo Keaton Gianniotti was born in Rome, on June 19th 1989, to an Italian father and a Canadian mother, but grew up in Canada, just outside Toronto, where he graduated from the Theater Program at the Humber College. Afterwards he completed his studies at Norman Jewison’s Canadian Film Centre, where he studied acting, continuing his passion for film. Many of us remember him for the interpretation of Dr Andrew DeLuca in Grey’s Anatomy, but in reality he grew up on set. He speaks Italian and English fuently, so much so that his debut on the big screen took place at Cinecittà in 1999, when at the age of ten he joined the cast of the film “La bomba” by Giulio Base, starring alongside Shelley Winters and Alessandro Gassmann.

Giacomo Gianniotti 2023
Camicia Tod’s

The character played in the famous medical drama fits him perfectly: Italian-American, charming and enterprising, the young Andrew perfectly represents the hospital version of Mr. Gianniotti. After a brief appearance in Italian series Medicina Generale, in 2013 Giacomo took part in two episodes of Beauty and the Beast and Time Tremors. He also starred in Copper, Reign, Murdoch Mysteries and Selfie, and participated in a miniseries dedicated to the secret life of Marilyn Monroe. The real breakthrough, however, came in 2015 with Grey’s Anatomy, in which the role of Dr. DeLuca became one of the cult characters of the series, flanked by another Italian, Stefania Spampinato, who played his sister.
He then landed a role in Race, a 2016 biographical film about the life of Jesse Owens. On April 14th, 2022 he won the role of Diabolik replacing Luca Marinelli in the sequel to the 2021 film, a character far of from his persona which marks an important turning point on a personal level as he tells in our conversation

“Despite Diabolik having very cold and impassive character, the role gave me a lot”

Do you still remember your first experience on set?

It happened at the age of 10, while I was spending the summer in Rome at my grandmother’s house. My uncle’s friend who worked at Cinecittà introduced me to the production of  “La bomba” by Giulio Base, who was looking for a dynamic and lively boy. From that moment I never stopped, I continued to study acting up until university and started working in the meantime.

What are you working on today?

The new Netflix series “From Scratch” has just been released, a story about an American girl who goes to Florence to study art and where she falls in love. Begins a journey of passion, mourning, resilience and hope between different cultures and continents that change her life. I play the guy who conquers her initially and there is a short story between us, until she finds true love.

Giacomo Gianniotti attore
Total look Bally

A character, among those you interpreted, you’re closest to?

I would say Diabolik, though I never thought so. Despite having a very cold and impassive character, the role gave me a lot. I studied a lot to get close to him being my opposite, I liked his discipline and the spirit of dedication he put into his adventures. The film will be visible from November 17th, 2022 in Italian cinemas.

“I’ve always been fascinated by James Bond”

Does playing the same character for a long time have disadvantages?

When you play the same character for a long time, as I played for “Grey’s Anatomy” there is a risk of being recognized and connected only to one genre. You must work really hard to break this image. When the role of Diabolik happened, in fact, I jumped into it because it was exactly what I needed, to redefine who I am and my role as an actor.

Giacomo Gianniotti Grey's Anatomy
Total look Golden Goose

What is it like to be an Italian actor in the United States?

Here at Los Angeles I am perceived more as a North American actor having moved to Canada many years ago. It’s known that I speak Italian, not only in the language but also as a culture. I think it gives me a touch more of what fellow Americans have, maybe some charm or class. This feature allows me to be versatile and work in multiple productions even in other markets.

A character you want to play?

I’ve always been fascinated by James Bond. I used to watch old movies with Sean Connery and Roger Moore and they were always a huge inspiration, the dynamics of this character are really fascinating. Its development is one of the biggest franchises in cinema and is played always and only by the best actors. Possibility to play a role in Bond it’s like entering an exclusive club, a close circle to which everyone aspires.

“The human side is very important to me, both at work and in personal life”

A director you’d work with? Stefano Sollima. In recent years he has contributed to the most important films that have been released in Italy. Modern movies with a charm that recalls the old Italian cinema but adding a new touch thanks to the technology that is available today. Great strides have been made in Italian cinema and he is one of the avant-garde directors who has contributed to the growth. The process started with “The Great Beauty” by Sorrentino and from thereon repositioning of our country began. Thanks to the streamers there is also a great chance to show Italy more widely.

Giacomo Gianniotti Diabolik
Total look Tod’s

What would you like to be remembered for? I would definitely like to be remembered as an actor but also for being generous and being available for the people who needed me. The human side is very important to me, both at work and in personal life.

What definition would you give to talent?

When discipline meets opportunity. There is an innate talent, in fact some actors have never studied or opened a book. I studied a lot, between school and theatre. That’s the great thing about art, it doesn’t matter if you have studied or not, the talent is the final product. I think no individual should rest but continue to work with discipline. Otherwise, failure is just around the corner.

Giacomo Gianniotti social
Total look Paul Smith

“I learned to not judge my character, ever!”

Do you have a superstitious ritual before starting a new set?

I learned to not judge my character, ever! I’d rather put myself immediately in his shoes. Thinking, “I could never fill that role” is wrong and could sometimes bring bad luck! One has to do a lot of research and get to the set with confidence towards one’s own abilities. To leave the work of the mind and enter that of the body, also using one’s instinct.

What other passions do you cultivate in life?

I like to write, I’m a producer and also a director. I love all aspects of cinema and theatre; I am investing a lot especially on the experience of directing.

Giacomo Gianniotti Instagram
Total look Paul Smith

Objectives for the future?

I always try to change, find new directors to work with, edit stories. I lead my career based on directing, which is the captain of the ship. Every experience with a new director is beautiful and instructive and there is a chance to expand work and learn more. I would like to work with many directors and always raise the bar.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

 I would like my career to be divided between Italy and the United States, working as an actor and director. There are very nice aspects here in L.A. but it would be great to return to Italy where is my family, my culture and I could combine everything together.

Giacomo Gianniotti film
Total look Tommy Hilfiger


Talent Giacomo Gianniotti

Editor in Chief Federico Poletti

Text Massimiliano Benetazzo

Photographer Davide Musto

Stylist Alfredo Fabrizio

Ph. assistant Valentina Ciampaglia

Stylist assistants Arianna Zanetti, Federica Mele

Grooming Nichole Gianniotti

Location Anantara Palazzo Naiadi Rome Hotel

Opening image: Giacomo Gianniotti wears Tod’s

Alberto Malanchino: hard work is the key to success

Passionate about cinema since childhood, the Italian actor Alberto Malanchino (born 1992) is the son of a “mixed” couple, with his mother from Burkina Faso and his father originally from the Milanese hinterland. Trained at the Paolo Grassi Academy in Milan, he splits his time between theatre and television, where we have been lucky to appreciate him in some Rai productions including the latest hit on the Italian television network, Doc – Nelle tue mani, where he plays the role of Gabriel Kidane. In March 2022 he joined the cast of the theatrical show The Boys in the Band, a play by the American playwright Mart Crowley that was staged for the first time in New York in 1968. It will be on tour in Italy with the adaptation of Costantino della Gherardesca and directed by Giorgio Bozzo. For Disney Pixar, Alberto is the Italian voice of Buzz Lightyear in the animated film Lightyear, released last 15 June 2022. In our interview he tells us about his journey and the latest news for the upcoming season.

Alberto Malanchino 2022
Polo shirt Scotch & Soda, trousers Tagliatore, bag and watch Montblanc

“I have been dubbing for some years and so I feel quite comfortable in the area”

When did you realize your passion for acting?

It all began as a child, when I watched many Italian and foreign films in original language with my mom. Then during my last year of high school I saw the company Quelli di Grock play “The Merry Wives of Windsor”, and from that moment on I knew that I would have a career in acting.

Alberto Malanchino film
Total look Paul Smith, backpack Montblanc

What are you working on right now?

I’m on stage in Milan at Franco Parenti Theatre with “Sid – Fin qui tutto bene”. Tonight’s show is already sold out and it’s going very well. There will also be other events between Turin and Parma.

What’s your relationship with the theatre?

The theatre is my starting point, as I attended private schools and theatre academies like Paolo Grassi in Milan. Your essence as an actor never changes based on the stage, film, or dubbing. Technical and working difficulties are all part of the training path and obstacles related to this field. The Italian scenario is more “difficult” in terms of diversity, in my case I have overcome several hurdles on my path as the son of a mixed couple. Today, however, we can finally see some things opening up.

Alberto Malanchino serie
Total look Paul Smith, backpack Montblanc

How was your most recent experience with dubbing?

I’m delighted by this work with Disney; being the Italian voice of Buzz Lightyear was a source of great pride because I grew up with this cartoon. When they called me to dub this character, I simply couldn’t refuse. I have also been dubbing for some years and so I feel quite comfortable in the area.

“In the end, you find a way to fall in love with every single character you portray”

Of all the characters you’ve played, which are you most attached to?

In the end, you find a way to fall in love with every single character you portray. Gabriel Kidane in the “Doc” series, for example, was a career breakthrough; the series has given me the opportunity to reach a very large audience that includes different genders and ages. The character is inclusive and has attracted many viewers both on the channel Rai and on my social media, where many Afrodescendants send me messages, happy to be represented in a popular national programme.

Alberto Malanchino social
Total look Hermès, purse and watch Montblanc

What are your other passions besides acting?

Music. I love rock, metal, rap and even classical music: it is one of the most beautiful arts that breaks down barriers. It creates a bridge between people and gives everyone the opportunity to be heard, by those who have more educated taste but also by those who have less musical culture. My recent favourites are Marracash’s two albums and rap in general. Marracash has created two fundamental concept albums and talks about fragility in his rapping. I listen to a lot of music when I prepare for a role, and I try to be influenced by the genre related to the type of character I’m going to play. Now that I’m on stage with “Sid”, I listen to a lot of classical music, just like the protagonist of the show.

“I listen to a lot of music when I prepare for a role, and I try to be influenced by the genre related to the type of character I’m going to play”

What mark would you like to leave for the generations to come?

I would like my journey to convey the concept that hard work pays of, regardless of social status and race. I think I have a responsibility with the younger ones, especially those who followed me in “Doc”. I would like my example to have a concrete effect and work for the future.

A historical character you’d like to play?

I’d love to play Leone Jacovacci, an Italian-Congolese boxer. He was the first Afro-descendant to win the Italian title in the fascist era. It was a nice parenthesis in history, but also an example of how to take advantage of life skills and genetics to become a champion.

Goals for the coming months?

For the moment all I can say is that you’ll see me at Teatro Stabile in Turin with the show “Richard III”. As for the rest, I must play the part of the superstitious actor, thus I can’t say anything more.

Alberto Malanchino
Sweater Antonio Marras, jeans Loro Piana, clutch and pen Montblanc


Talent Alberto Malanchino

Editor in Chief Federico Poletti

Text Massimiliano Benetazzo

Photographer Alessandro Lo Faro

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Stylist assistants Nadia Mistri, Julie Wozniak

Grooming Alessia Motti

Opening image: Alberto Malanchino wears polo shirt Scotch & Soda, trousers Tagliatore, bag and watch Montblanc

Inside Montblanc: Marco Tomasetta’s journey

The new Artistic Director of Montblanc, Marco Tomasetta, tells us about his journey. After a long career working in some of the world’s most famous fashion houses – including Gucci, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton – today he unveils his vision of the Montblanc man, also reinterpreting the brand’s heritage in the new leather goods collections.

“All my designs come first and foremost from creativity, and the most successful products were conceived casually and instinctively”

Montblanc history

When did you first notice your passion for creativity?

It all started with the world of cinema, which has fascinated me ever since I was a child, but also Naples, my parents’ hometown that has and continues to greatly inspire me. With its strong personalities, the place has strongly boosted my passion for art. Cinema allowed me to imagine art, beauty and emotion, which continue to be the main characteristic of my approach to fashion. What have you brought to Montblanc from your past experiences in great fashion houses? Each brand left me something different. I have worked for family-run businesses, and I take their background and roots with me. But all my designs come first and foremost from creativity, and the most successful products were conceived casually and instinctively.

Homo Faber mostra
Homo Faber exhibition

What direction are you taking Montblanc in today?

I feel very aligned with the brand: its world starts from writing, and I’m focusing on giving each piece its own path. My work starts from the materials and the archives, but I’m fully aware that we must consult the past with humility; with the right experience, we can work to renew.

“The Extreme 3.0 collection was created to meet the needs of those who are out and about every day, redefining the limits of technical innovation”

Let’s talk about the Extreme 3.0 collection featured in our shooting. How much does it represent you?

The collection was created to meet the needs of those who are out and about every day, redefining the limits of technical innovation to reach new heights in terms of strength and performance. I started with the smooth surface, the origin of Montblanc’s leather, then I added details that recall the past. Looking at old diaries with penned sketches, I found marking the leather appropriate. The shapes are more current and closer to the new generation.

Montblanc adv

“I like to think about the fluidity of the things I make, just like the fluid flow of ink”

What’s your favorite accessory?

I love drawing, so I would say the iconic Meisterstück pen. I prefer the notion of a drawing rather than the finished product, and in this sense, I most appreciate the energy that feeds me creativity.

What shapes are best suited to the tastes of young people?

Such new shapes don’t really exist, as the models are repeated over the years. I would say the backpack, the messenger bag, a modern, proportioned document case, perhaps smaller considering the necessities of modernity. The unmissable feature is the internal pen holder (the brand’s code), which can never be missing. This year my goal is to make the following three shapes iconic: document case, backpack, and tote bag, the three pillars of every leather goods company.

What are your plans for the coming months?

The year to present the new Montblanc man, to talk about masculinity and rituals in our approach to all the objects we discussed. To convey the brand and a new concept of dandy that also includes women, without any sexualized accessories. I like to think about the fluidity of the things I make, just like the fluid flow of ink.

Montblanc testimonial
Alberto Malanchino: total look Hermès, purse and watch Montblanc

A new music journey for Riki

Born in ’92, with over a million followers on Instagram, Riki made his debut in the world of music in 2017, participating in the 16th edition of “Amici” di Maria De Filippi, where he won in the Singing category. In the same year, he conquered the Italian charts, selling more than 310,000 physical copies with his first EP “Perdo le parole” and his first unreleased album “Mania”, becoming the top-selling Italian artist in 2017.

Riki cantante
Total look Dolce&Gabbana, shoes Marsèll

The following year he also conquered overseas audiences, releasing for the Argentine market “Serás mía” (the Spanish-language version of his debut single Sei mia). He also began a collaboration with CNCO, the number one Latin band in the world, with whom he recorded the single “Dolor de cabeza”, which immediately shot to the top of the charts in several countries around the world (including Italy, Poland, Finland, Chile, Argentina, and Peru). 2018 is also the year of his first real tour: with 19 sold-out stops, including one at Milan’s Mediolanum Forum, and 145,000 tickets sold he becomes the only emerging Italian artist to have achieved this in just six months.

Riki Ferrari White
Tank top Dsquared2

In 2019 he consolidates his success in South America by duetting with the record band Reik in the song “Resulta” and getting to perform in front of 22 thousand people at the Arena Ciudad de México in Mexico City in December of the same year. He participated for the first time in the 70th Sanremo Festival in 2020 presenting the song “Lo sappiamo entrambi”, contained in his third unreleased album “PopClub” released in September 2020. In November 2021 he returns with the new single “Scusa”, produced by Big Fish, which recounts the end of his love affair but also the beginning of a new musical journey.

Total look Dsquared2

Riki Instagram
Total look Iceberg

Riki cantante magazine
Shirt Dsquared2

Riki cantante fashion
Shirt Dsquared2


Talent Riki

Photographer Emanuel Tosi

Fashion Editor and stylist Simone Folli

Fashion assistant Nadia Mistri

Make-up and hair Alessia Motti

Special thanks to Officina32

Opening image: total look Dolce&Gabbana, shoes Marsèll

Fashion editorial – Simone di Scioscio

Simone di Scioscio
Pants and boxers Federico Cina

From the latest fashion issue of Manintown, young Italian actor Simone di Scioscio poses for Davide Musto’s lens, wearing statement pieces from the collections of brands of the stature of Gucci, Dior, Givenchy or McQueen, including Western-inspired outfits, transparent blouses and flashy suits.

young generation Manintown
Pants and boxers Federico Cina

actor Manintown
Total look Gucci, hat Hurricane

fashion men Dolce Gabbana
Total look Dolce & Gabbana

fashion men Saint Laurent
Total look Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello


Talent Simone Di Scioscio

Photographer Davide Musto

Stylist Rocco Collazzo

Ph. assistant Valentina Ciampaglia

Make-up Flavio Santillo @MakingBeautyManagement

Opening image: pants and boxers Federico Cina

From stars to new challenges, the path of Claudia Gusmano

Her career began when she was cast for her first theatre play at the age of 19 after many years of studies, unaware of the success she would later reach thanks to popular TV dramas such as “L’allieva” on Rai 1. Today, Claudia Gusmano is fresh from the success of “Guida astrologica per cuori infranti”, where she plays out the ordeal of being thirty-something and questioning oneself again on a personal and professional level, under the protection of the stars.

Claudio Gusmano attrice
collar and accessories Amen, shirt Gianluca Saitto, earrings Nove25

In 2022, she will be the lead actor in the movie “Shotgun” (directed by Marta Savina) in the role of Lia, a girl that endures a horrible rape and uses her strength and courage to start a rebellion that will initiate the fight for women’s rights. She considers talent as “That light that makes you stand out from everybody else, and you can choose to either let it shine, filling your eyes with beautiful things, or let it be overcome by the fear of never being good enough”.

Claudio Gusmano series
Total look Judy Zhang, rings Bronzallure, sandals stylist’s archive

Claudio Gusmano tv
Dress Vivetta, jewelry Nove25

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Talent Claudia Gusmano

Editor in Chief Federico Poletti

Text Massimiliano Benetazzo

Photographer Davide Musto

Stylist Alfredo Fabrizio

Photographer assistant Valentina Ciampaglia

Stylist assistant Federica Mele

Hair & make-up Eleonora Mantovani @simonebelliagency

Opening image: collar and accessories Amen, shirt Gianluca Saitto, earrings Nove25

Behind the Talent Factor: the worldwide success of Luca Tommassini

“I have always believed in dreams, and I’ve always believed that to achieve them you have to constantly nurture them, almost obsessing over them”: this is the mantra of dancer, choreographer, actor, videomaker and artistic director Luca Tommassini, an all-around artist. With his over-the-top and captivating personality, he successfully reached the forefront of showbiz thanks to his creativity and immense talent.

His debut was when he was still very young, next to Lorella Cuccarini in “Festival” hosted by Pippo Baudo in 1987. Afterwards he took part in many shows, again dancing for Cuccarini and for Heather Parisi. In 1993 he decided to move to the US, where his career had a breakthrough. Madonna chose him as a dancer for her world tour “The Girlie Show”, and he was also in the video “Human Nature” and the musical “Evita”. After that, all the US stars wanted him in their shows: he’s danced for Diana RossPrince, Whitney Houston, Kylie Minogue and Janet Jackson.

He also managed to achieve another big dream of his: dancing for a person that had always been his idol since he had been young – Michael Jackson, who called him to dance in the video for “Blood on the Dance Floor” in 1997. As a choreographer, he collaborated with Geri Halliwell in her famous video “It’s Raining Men” and for “Mi Chico Latino”, and also directed the video for “Ride It”.

Dancer, choreographer, actor, videomaker, art director: Luca Tommassini is an all-around artist

At the start of the new millennium, he returned to Italy and worked with Paola e Chiara, Giorgia (for whom he curated a complete restyling of her image), began working again with his friend Lorella Cuccarini as well as Ambra Angiolini, Elisa, Marco Mengoni and Anna Tatangelo. He was the choreographer of the Italian version of the X-Factor for 10 years, and then the artistic director of Amici on primetime TV.

The end of 2020 was the beginning of his collaboration with TIM for a huge institutional ad – the longest in history – which aired on 31 December with Mina’s unmistakable voice, thus making one of Luca’s longtime dreams come true: collaborating with the biggest Italian star of all time.
In May 2021, Luca curated the artistic direction of San Marino’s representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, Sehnit with the track “Adrenaline”, for which he also directed the music video featuring Flo-Rida, one of the most popular American rappers. In June, Luca signed the collection We Are Dreamers in collaboration with Dream Project Spa, with a special project in favour of the non-profit Pangea to support the dreams of mothers and their children with the creation of a recreational and educational space.

“Talent is a multifaceted value that can be interpreted from a lot of angles”

Over your long career you have worked with heavy hitters of international showbiz (including Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, Diana Ross) and also on the Italian scene, from Raffaella Carrà to Claudio Baglioni. Among them all, is there one particular experience that you consider especially meaningful, that you are most fond of, because it represented a turning point?

It’s hard to say which experience was the most meaningful, I’ve had many turning points: starting to work in the USA, becoming Madonna’s principal dancer, and also when Michael Jackson called me. If we’re talking about dance, each of those events has boosted my success, and over time my work has evolved. I’ve directed a Coca Cola ad, I’ve worked behind the scenes in television, as a judge in Italian and international TV shows. Many turning points in different contexts of my life.

We were talking about the many stars that you’ve had the chance to collaborate with – looking at the current scene, who do you think has the potential to reach the cream of the crop today, in Italy and abroad?

In the music field, Måneskin have certainly opened up the Italian scene to the international market, making it more appealing. Also Mahmood, Madame and Blanco. I think that here in Italy we have a tendency to always be very critical towards emerging local artists, and seeing people that become successful from the get-go makes us less “pricks” in our judgement of them. Yet in the cinematographic field we have always been known and appreciated, and now more than ever, also thanks to the new generation of actors. I really like Luca Marinelli, who has been quite successful, while among the youngest, I enjoyed Filippo Scotti in Sorrentino’s movie.

Talent is art, otherwise you’re just a famous person.

In 2015 your (partly autobiographical) book Fattore T, in which you started by answering the question ‘What is talent?’. Let’s go back to that, what is talent for you?

Talent is a multifaceted value that can be interpreted from a lot of angles. There is raw talent, which is innate and relates to art (it’s a gift of nature). But also an “entrepreneurial” talent that can compensate the artistic one.
So being famous doesn’t mean having talent, often today all it takes to be successful is sell yourself well and build a character on other bases, social media in particular contributes and helps this process. Talent is art, otherwise you’re just a famous person.

Which qualities should a dancer, and in general, a new talent in the music field have to stand out and make a name for themselves, professionally speaking?

When I was in the USA there were many Italian dancers, today Los Angeles is full of them. That means that the level of technique has become globalised, and also that Italians have something extra. Just to say a few names, consider the excellence of Jacopo Tisci, who became the principal dancer of the Bolshoi Theatre.
But if we’re talking about dancers outside a commercial level, it’s important to know many different styles, and have many years of study behind you. Of course, technique isn’t everything – personally, I’ve always chosen people that feel free while they dance, that know how to play, that know how to be silly without being afraid of seeming ridiculous. They have to be a sort of actor playing a role, I’m not interested in the perfect dancer. You have to be quick-witted and get into character, otherwise you turn out to be of little interest to the public, but also to yourself.

“I’m not interested in the perfect dancer. You have to be quick-witted and get into character”

What are your next projects?

At the moment, my most recent projects are the show with Enrico Papi where I’m the artistic director. Then I have also have the series “The ignorant angels” going on right now, where I was responsible for the choreography.
I just finished shooting the movie “Diabolik 2” and I’ve been working on lots of music videos, and many other projects which are still top secret. It’s been a very intense few months!

Art direction & More: the revolutionary talent of Laccio

The  young, eclectic and versatile Emanuele Cristofoli (a.k.a. Laccio) represents an unconventional and revolutionary talent in the dance world and beyond.

His career has gone down many paths: first dancer, then choreographer and artistic director. Thanks to his experience, Laccio is currently able to curate, coordinate and organise an event equally as well whether at the theatre, in music or on television, defining it down to the smallest details. His artistic direction is characterised by an innovative, ever-changing touch; his style is evident in the Modulo Project, the most active and original urban dance company on the national scene, and in the Modulo Academy, the first vocational academy focused on dancers specialising in the field of urban dance.

Laccio artistic director
Laccio (Ph. Umberto Nicoletti)

Yours is a unique path: you studied Interior Design at IED, then Fashion, with fashion collections sold in renowned boutiques and department stores, and various projects ranging from TV programs such as the X-Factor to cinema (Sorrentino’s Loro, Muccino), theatre, shows for brands of the calibre of Calzedonia, Alberta Ferretti, Benetton. Do you think that such a mix of versatility and eclecticism is crucial for making a name for oneself in today’s showbiz? Do you try to pass it on to your students and the young people you deal with?

Today, the entertainment world has become more and more steeped in contaminations. We talk about “performance”, because various languages and means of communication are of- ten combined. Dance, music and visual art, but also graphics and styling are vital ingredients, each of them needing the other to complete a story. My education in Interior Design and Fashion allow me to speak the language of the professionals I work with today in order to understand what’s feasible and what isn’t. You have to know your resources and how to best use them.
Young people should be aware that the nowadays showbiz is built upon the blending of various branches (costume, lighting, stage design, music and choreography), and knowledge is fundamental so that the combination of those elements forms something harmonic.

What is talent for you?

It is difficult to describe it, today you have to be able to produce your own narrative, and know how to do that. A “genius” is someone who has ideas, things to say, and knows how to do so using the means that society offers. There is no space for unruliness; on the contrary, planning and organisational skills are fundamental.

Laccio art director
The Italian version of music show X-Factor (ph. courtesy Sky Press Office, credits Bianca Burgo)

Could you tell us a little bit more about your work at Modulo Academy (an academy that develops and launches the careers of specialised urban dancers)? What are the indispensable traits of an emerging dancer who wants to make a name for him or herself in that field?

The Academy is a place where students work on themselves, and on how to find their own language passing through those of their teachers. It is located in Milan, which allows us to bring in various professionals working in the field, artists that narrate their own experiences.
I try to involve them in our projects, giving them a chance to complete their education by having extraordinary experiences, not least the X-Factor finale at the Assago Forum.

Who among the new names and emerging talents do you think has what it takes to become prominent figures in today’s showbiz?

Surely Blanco has brought in a rush of energy that has “ruffled” the music biz. Broadly speaking, I think there are many artists in the underground scene with a lot of talent and will to narrate themselves. But just like in every other field, you need to have the right occasion to showcase your abilities, the occasion that lets you show and convey to many other people what instead often stays locked up in a tiny room, in a drawer, or in an mp3 inside our laptop. With the X-Factor, we give people the possibilities to “shout” their own songs to a select public. The last two editions in particular have given the alumni the chance to showcase their own songs, and we worked a lot on their personalities. I have to say that it’s an entirely new show!

Laccio X Factor
The Italian version of music show X-Factor (ph. courtesy Sky Press Office, credits Bianca Burgo)

What are your future projects?

Recently I’ve been working with Laura Pausini, an artist that I truly cherish for her sensitivity, and her ability to be inspired by everything surrounding her. Not only that, Eurovision is coming, which is perhaps the most widely broadcast and talked about event of my career! Other than curating Laura’s performances, I will choreograph the entire Eurovision show: a challenging but surely unforgettable task. Let me point out the dates: May 10, 12, 14, when the two semifinals and the final will take place. It’s going to be amazing!

Opening image: the Italian version of X-Factor (ph. courtesy Sky Press Office, credits Bianca Burgo)

Destined to be international, the story of Beatrice Grannò

Beatrice Grannò series
Dress Antonio Grimaldi

Born in 1993, Beatrice Grannò began her television career in Italy in 2013 after training at the East 15 Acting School. Her debut comes with the role of Valentina on the set of the successful Rai series “Don Matteo 9” with Terence Hill.

Beatrice Grannò Doc
Dress Sylvio Giardina, sandals Giuseppe Zanotti, earrings Cristallonero

She is currently riding the wave of renewed popularity due to the series “Doc – Nelle tue mani“, where she plays the role of Carolina Fanti. The character has acquired a great number of fans who have learned to appreciate her a great deal in the last season. Her predominant traits are being sensitive, kind and extremely reserved.

Beatrice Grannò film
Total look Valentino


Talent Beatrice Grannò

Editor in Chief Federico Poletti

Photographer Davide Musto

Stylist Alfredo Fabrizio

Photographer assistants Valentina Ciampaglia

Stylist assistant Chiara Polci

Hair Lucia Cirino @simonebelliagency

Make-up Charlotte Hardy @simonebelliagency

Location: Coho Loft Roma

Opening image: dress Antonio Grimaldi

Timeless destinations

At Como Lake we explored the historic Grand Hotel Tremezzo, the modern and rigorous Sereno, the classicism of Villa Lario and then the refined design of Villa Peduzzi. On Garda Lake, classic meets exotic at Grand Hotel Fasano, while silence and simplicity are at home at Forestis on our Dolomites.

This section is a journey into established and well know destinations but with a different eye on lifestyle. A series of more alternative places that stand out for their hidden beauty.

Villa Peduzzi – Pigra (CO) 

A fine example of Art Nouveau architecture, perfectly integrated with modern buildings, the Villa enjoys one of the most beautiful views in Europe, standing on top of the Como Lake. Its panoramic view embraces the Lake, the valleys and the mountains. 

Grand Hotel Tremezzo – Tremezzina (CO) 

His story begins in 1910, in full Belle Epoque. An enchanting place, with a breathtaking view on the panorama of Bellagio, the Azaleas Riviera, and the beautiful rocky mountaintops of the Grigne.

Villa Lario – Pognana Lario (CO) 

This estate represents the perfect blend of classic Italian architecture and modern standards of luxury. The eighteen suites of the complex are spread out across four different buildings: the Palace, the White Villa, the Pavilion and the Garden Suite, surrounded by two acres of private green. 

Il Sereno – Torno (CO) 

The stylistic sobriety is mirrored in the silent lake surrounding the area: the harmonious shapes recall a sense of peace and elegant tranquility. Designed by Patricia Urquiola, it stands out for its stern and simple construction, the cornerstone of every creation of the Iberian archi-star.  

Grand Hotel Fasano & Villa Principe – Gardone Riviera (BS) 

Tradition and modernity are combined in harmony inside this peaceful oasis. A luxury hotel, ideal to indulge in the fascination of a historical mansion that incorporates the local atmosphere with exotic charms. 

Forestis Dolomites – Bressanone (BZ) 

A shelter kissed by the sun and deep in the silence of the Plancios woods, where one can rediscover the values of time, simplicity and nature, immersed in a place full of energy and extraordinary natural features. 

Botox might benefit man’s love life

It’s now established that a lot of men use Botox and to back it up there are some data that in the last years show a turnaround. Men who use Botox far outweigh the female sex. The numbers in respect tell us that women who ask for aesthetic medical treatments are the 74% against the 85% of men, a number which looks destined to grow because of the numerous benefits shown by the use of Botox as a booster of sexual life. We talk about these recent studies and possible applications with the Doc. Nicola Macchione, urologist of the hospital San Paolo in Milan. 

What do we talk about exactly when we use the term Botox? 

For Botox we mean the commercial and purified form of the neurotoxin A of “clostridium botulinum”, a germ which belongs to the family of tetanus, gram + which produces spores. It’s the most toxic protein known, with a very low lethal dose, but fortunately thermolabile (you can destroy it with heat). 

Having regard to its toxicity, why is it used in medicine? 

The mechanism of action which is used in medicine is the ability of this toxin to cause a muscle paralysis. The botulinum toxin acts at the level of the nerve-muscle junction (where nerve and muscle come together) by inhibiting the release of acetylcholine from the nerve ending, a “messenger” of the nerve which tells the muscle to contract. This determines a “relaxation” of muscle fibers and the disappearance of the famous wrinkles. 

In addition to wrinkles it seems that Botox is a real help to improve the sexual life of men, isn’t it? 

As often happens in medicine, a molecule finds almost always more fields of application, in fact we try to exploit its mechanism of action in all the situations in which a reduction of the contraction of muscle fibers can be useful. Many studies to show the action of Botox on male genitals have been performed. 

Tell us more details.. 

One of the fields in which it seems to be more beneficial is when it is used for the premature ejaculation. In fact, in a recent study, performed on a sample of 70 patients, by doing an injective treatment with the botulinum toxin at the level of Bulbospongiosus muscles (responsible of the ejaculatory reflex) they got an increase in the times of ejaculation. These data have immediately appeared encouraging, in fact other similar studies are in progress to offer another therapeutic action for the treatment of premature ejaculation. 

And as regards the erectile dysfunction? 

Also in this case the efficacy of Botox has been shown in many studies. The rational of this use is in the fact that the “release” of the smooth muscle fibers of the tissue of corpora cavernosa cause an increase of the blood supply to the penis, improving in this way the quality of the erection. In the near future it could represent another therapeutic line for the erectile dysfunction. 

In what other circumstances is it possible to use Botox? 

For example, in the issues affecting the scrotum. Better known as “scrotox”, is a surgical treatment that involves the injection of the botulinum toxin at the level of the muscle responsible for testicular contraction, which means the Cremaster. The first clinical experience, who gave the way to this treatment, dates back to 2011, when this procedure was executed on a boy affected by testicular pain, non-responsive to other therapies, related to the hypercontraction of the Cremaster. Since then, in addition to functional reasons, this treatment is also executed for “aesthetic” reasons, to reduce the tone of the Cremaster and to allow the testicles not to go up to the abdominal cavity. The aesthetic reason is in the fact that this condition determines an apparent increase of the scrotal volume. A similar effect is achieved also for the penis. 

In what way this treatment can improve the penis size? 

Actually, it is a similar condition, but you act on a different site. In a recent study, in fact, has been shown that by injecting Botox at the level of the subcutaneous fibromuscular tissue, the level of penile retraction in a state of flaccidity is reduced. It determines an apparent increase of the the size of the organ in a state of rest. It exists, in fact, situations (stress, cold, workout) where the reflection of the penile retraction is very high, by determining an erroneous perception of the penis size and so discomfort. For this reason, this procedure is interesting for all the patients that suffer from the “locker room syndrome”. 

The effect is temporary? Are there particular contraindications? 

Yes, the activity of the botulinum toxin at the level of the neuromuscular junction is reversible. The effects of Botox are limited in time. They depend on the dose and on the site of injection while the collateral effects reported in all the studies are few and far between. They are all outpatient operations, so they don’t include a hospitalization. After the treatment it’s not necessary to observe special precautions. 

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Women’s Day: beauty ideas for her

What better occasion than March 8, Women’s Day, to give one of the latest beauty offerings of the moment? Take a look at our gallery: hair products, skincare and the latest generation hair dryers. With these selection vetted by our beauty editors you can’t go wrong!

Davines Alchemic 

Effective on blond or previously lightened hair, the Alchemic creative conditioners can be used alone or mixed with the other conditioners of the Alchemic line to create unusual colored effects on the hair. Another possibility is to mix them with neutral conditioners for a more diluted color.


La Biosthétique

Gentle cleanser with the color protection complex for bleached, colored and natural blond hair with cold highlights. This sulfate-free shampoo with its anti-yellow formula is specially created for cold blonde shades and bleached hair.

Shiseido White Lucent Illuminating Micro-Spot Serum

An anti-spot illuminating serum that acts on the Outer and Inner Melanin Zone, the two areas identified by the Japanese brand as those with the highest concentration of melanin, to quickly minimize the visibility of brown spots, dull appearance and uneven skin tone.


La Mer The Eye Concentrate

A more effective and concentrated formula that transforms and protects the delicate area around the eyes. Advanced and concentrated treatment that reduces the appearance of dark circles, smoothes and reduces lines and wrinkles and helps prevent the appearance of future visible damage.

Too Faced Hangover Pillow Cream

Moisturizing cream that rehydrates the skin thanks to the Dream Complex™ formula, a combination of minerals, coconut water, seaweed, mango seed butter, avocado oil, Vitamin B and other nourishing ingredients.

Too Faced

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil Intense

8 ultra-pigmented mirror-effect shades: a formula-treatment enriched with organic American oxy-coconut oil, with moisturizing power, which diffuses the light for a unique brilliance.


Maria Galland Paris Poudre Bronzing Sublimator

Beauty tanning powder that produces a natural tan, giving instant brightness and active hydration thanks to the encapsulated hyaluronic acid. For a diffuse complexion to be applied on the face and décolleté.

Pixy collagen Lip Gloss

The first lip gloss based on Acacia Collagen, peptides and Vitamin E, volumizes and moisturizes the lips leaving them soft and silky with a slightly glossed finish.


Ferragamo Signorina In Fiore

The fragrance pays homage to the romantic and joyful soul of young women. At the dawn of a splendid spring, each young lady welcomes the flower season, revealing her most romantic side. The fruity and floral bouquet leaves behind a trail of soft white and creamy sandalwood musk.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Ghd Helios

Its powerful but highly concentrated air flow travels at 120 km/h to drastically speed up the styling routine. The shaped spout facilitates the concentrated distribution of temperature and air flow, offering precise control for truly professional brushing.


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Men’s hair care: the news for the winter

Treatments to experiment in the salon or simple allies for the beauty routine of our hair to be used at home. These are the latest news for the winter to try immediately!


Oliocento is the protagonist of one of the services carried out in the brand new Grooming Lounge of Womo, the spectacular shop in Piazza Alvar Aalto, in Milan, where the Bullfrog barbershop is also present. It is the first product of the brand made of 100% natural ingredients: with the antioxidant, soothing, astringent and moisturizing properties of hemp. Its ideal formula for taking care of beard and hair and facial skin.


The perfect anti-pollution ally for sensitive skin. It prevents dryness and makes the hair more manageable and protects it from external agents such as pollution. Rich in Tea Tree Oil, it helps the skin to maintain its hydration and to fight dehydration.


Charcoal paste with strong fixing for easy application styling thanks to its creamy and malleable consistency. It gives texture, body and lasting fixation. The strong fixative and texturizing effect of this paste is the result of a calibrated mix of highly performing lmogenic ingredients, which coat the stem ensuring the highest performance.


The new Ghd Helios ™ hairdryer features a light and long-lasting brushless motor and is designed for speed, creating a powerful but highly concentrated airflow that travels at 120 km / h to drastically speed up the styling routine. The shaped spout facilitates the concentrated distribution of temperature and airflow, offering precise control for truly professional styling.


Four “shot” salon treatments rich in a specific active ingredient that transforms the condition of hair and skin in 5 minutes, offering immediately visible results. Thanks to the innovative molecular structure of the formulation, the active ingredients penetrate deeply into the hair fiber, providing excellent performance.

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Highlights Milano Moda Uomo

Not only fashion shows in this Milano Moda Uomo autumn winter 2020 2021, but also presentations scattered in the coolest locations of the city. Waiting for spring, we went to find out in preview what the key pieces will be for next year.


In a geometric forest of threads, the Ermenegildo Zegna XXX Winter 2020 collection materializes. A redefinition of tailoring outlines the spirit of the season, while tailoring know-how is explored in new hybrid directions. The silhouette is clean and layered; the layering of the garments is accentuated; ergonomic details such as patch pockets add a functional note. The three-button suits with slightly squared one and a half breasted jackets and tight trousers at the bottom are worn with voluminous blousons; the overshirts with zip and deep neckline replace the traditional shirts. The tailored vest makes its comeback as a passe-partout, with or without the suit. The constant evolution process defines the new forms we saw on the catwalk.


The Kiton Men’s Fall / Winter 2020/21 collection enhances the suit as an icon of elegance and sobriety, offering a new stylistic interpretation. Deconstructed and modeled to be worn by men on different occasions, the dress is combined with a formal turtleneck or a denim shirt, broken together with perfect-fit jeans, which has become the iconic garment of the latest collections, cotton trousers and sneakers. Elegance is relaxed, also thanks to the new textures and innovative fibers that Kiton cleverly develops in his Biella wool mill.


Masculine and feminine. Tradition and innovation. These are the cornerstones on which the creative studio Dondup worked to design the new winter collections. An analysis that finds its distinctive code in the relationship between man and woman, between craftsmanship and research. The meeting area is the tailoring world: the suggestions at Savile Row, with traditional fabrics, marry the mastery of the “Made in Italy” production.

Brett Johnson

Brett Johnson with the new collection wanted to create a wardrobe designed for every modern cosmopolitan traveler. A celebration of masculine elegance through contemporary aesthetic codes designed to transit, with the same aplomb chic, for New York like Milan or Monte Carlo. Craftsmanship is an essential element for the entire collection, as well as the excellence of the material. The garments are made using materials such as vicuña (both knitted and textured), 14-micron cashmere, a technical effect fabric made of pure silk, Sea Island cotton, suede cashmere and crocodile.

Giuseppe Zanotti 

For the Autumn/Winter 2020 season, Giuseppe Zanotti evolves and renews the very concept of elegance. His proposal is versatile, dynamic, with a wide scope and strong stylistic content. The formal day line makes its way between materials rich in textures and iconic details. English classicism marries the graphic dimension, giving life to a young and creative expression. Chelsea boots and moccasins dress the new thanks to the meeting with plexi, futuristic and unusual heels, or to the addition of elegant country buckles. The color choice is solid and material: greased crusts, soft leathers and prints are colored in red, plum, black, bottle green, dark brown.

Marcelo Burlon

Distortion is the watchword for autumn-winter 20/21. Deformed flowers – created by Mirko Borsche – folk motifs, allover liquefied pied-de-poule motifs create psychedelic effects on bomber jackets, jacquard sweaters, shirts, padded anoraks, sweatshirts and shorts. The way in which pockets and details are applied to the pieces is also distorted, while contrast stitching creates another level of distortion. The reflective duvets, the single-breasted jackets and the bomber jackets covered with Swarovski crystals are designed to shine and dazzle. The color palette is a fusion of stone, brown, musk, sesame, black illuminated by a dazzling blue and colored prints.


A really cool partnership between CULT, a glam brand with a rock soul born in 1987, and MSGM, the first Made in Italy designer brand, designed by Massimo Giorgetti. The special collaboration was presented during the MSGM fashion show at the Calabiana Hub. Two brands that marry the same values: freedom of expression, independence, irreverence. The BOLT, the iconic steel-tipped amphibian of CULT that has made the history of footwear for rockers and beyond, has been revisited by MSGM in an unconventional key.


The location chosen by the ICEBERG Creative Director James Long for the Fall-Winter 2020 men’s collection show could not better represent this visionary party: “the Alcatraz”, a historic Milanese club that bears the name of the most famous prison in the world. The same multi-lingual patrol of ICEBERG breaks the rules and joins the party. The “overseers” with their reflective uniforms lose their austerity and join the ravers.


Spyder invites you to face the challenges of everyday life with a bold and cheeky spirit. In the gym, on the field or in the city streets, he sides with all those who have a courageous heart, a clear mind and limitless tenacity. A dynamic and energetic vibe characterizes the Performance collection for the next cold season. The bold iconography of street art influences the graphic appeal of the collection, which at the same time guarantees excellent performance and the right dose of urban style.


40 looks, one for each year from the founding of the brand to today, celebrate the launch of KB HONG. KB HONG’s debut collection is inspired by retro-futurism, the contemporary artistic current that draws inspiration from the way the future was imagined in the 1950s and 1960s. Its translation in the fashion field is transposed into a design characterized by the combination of retro and futuristic elements.

Le Tasca

Le Tasca con la collezione FW 20-21 prosegue la sua esplorazione nel mondo dell’abbigliamento, raccontandosi attraverso l’attitudine “utlitaristica” delle sue proposte. Un linguaggio formale e funzionale che traduce il respiro di chi viaggia ed esplora la città con “le mani libere”. Un total look che prende il posto dell’accessorio: le tasche piccole, grandi o grandissime possono contenere i nostri oggetti e Le Tasca diventa divisa del vestire contemporaneo.

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Christmas 2019: the best beauty gifts

Festive fragrances, skincare in special combinations and limited editions designed specifically for the Christmas period. For Christmas 2019, beauty, in its most sparkling garments, gives us surprises that make us dream. It’s definitely the best time of the year for experts or beauty enthusiasts!


A new collection of warm or fresh fragrances, woody or slightly floral, amber or fruity, always evocative and enveloping dedicated to the contemporary man with a retro appeal.


Those who love shaving will fall in love with The Cool Shaver pack that includes the shaving cream secret potion N.1 in 250ml format, the authentic barber product to be used with the professional brush and shaving bowl to whip cream and safety razor complete with leather razor holder, very comfortable to carry on the road.


A case dedicated to hydration, with the total non-stop hydration facial gel 24H 75 ml, Toning Shower Gel 100 ml Shaving Foam, all in the travel-bag signed The Bridge.


The casket, covered with an elegant damask pattern, includes the 50 ml eau de toilette and the 75 ml aftershave balm, to celebrate the king of everyday life.


The Beauty water box contains three essential products for glowing skin, such as the Eau de Beauté 100 ml the Mousse Nettoyante Fleur de Vigne in the 50 ml format and the Masque Instant Detox in the 15 ml version.


Diptyque wishes luck, protection and harmony with its three new candles. Their olfactory composition uses plants and ingredients with beneficial virtues and, according to an ancient Latin American legend.


The man’s excellence package contains anti-aging products such as the Nuxellence 50ml youth refill fluid, the 15ml multi-function eye contour and the 200ml multi-use shower gel.


With Series 8 Braun presents an electric shaver that offers a better shaving experience. The design of pure and essential shapes allows men to feel at their best in a simple and fast way.


A bouquet designed for the home on ‘Christmas Notes’ with the magical accord created with orange, mandarin, broom, jasmine, honey, cinnamon, walnut and Mediterranean maquis.


The Skull is the first fragrance of the famous designer, and is the result of a co-creation conceived by Philipp Plein himself and the master perfumer Alberto Morillas, highly appreciated internationally. Presented in the eau de parfum version, the perfume is a luxurious and sensual olfactory tattoo. (This December will be available only in selected PHILIPP PLEIN boutiques and on the online store in Europe and the United States).


The Rich Cream 50ml & The Body Cream 170ml is a kit that includes a facial and body cream, to benefit from an intense “from head to toe” hydration. 


The box is dedicated to the tone and anti-age protection for men with the brand’s iconic products. 


This combination of sports is supplied complete with a practical water bottle, 20ml microfoam detergent and the small but effective personal smart coach LUNA fofo.


Complementary and intense, the limited-edition fragrances by Trussardi Parfums are the perfect gift to give to their respective partners. Yin (black) and yang (white), male and female. 


The Israeli brand, famous throughout the world for its luxurious skincare collection based on precious minerals and ingredients from the Dead Sea, signs an exclusive kit for Italy created in collaboration with Moleskine. 


Also this year, REN Clean Skincare has chosen Silken Favors for the creation of the Christmas Kit with some of the top sellers of the English bio-based skincare brand, enclosed in cute boxes ready to give or to give as gifts.


Aesthetically inspired by the most famous Italian car in the world, the fragrance begins with notes of grapefruit, Timur pepper and pink pepper, which gives way to a flowery heart of geranium and Florentine iris. The shower gel completes the gift idea.


Ideal for those who love the masculine aromatic notes of bergamot, cardamom from Guatemala and dried fruit, the Iceberg For Him box contains the fragrance of the house and a shower Gel that gives softness and a unique scent to the skin.

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Belei: Amazon first skincare

It’s called Belei and it’s the first Amazon beauty line. It gives high-quality skincare to different types of epidermis made with ingredients of proven efficacy such as peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and coal.

Linea skincare Belei

The products are a total of 19, from the 24h facial moisturizer for ultra-sensitive serum vitamin booster skins to the day and night detox creams, to help us deal with the most common skin care-related problems, such as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, dehydration and opacity. The plus: a formulation without parabens and formaldehyde, moreover no tests have been performed on animals during the creation of the line.


Alessandro Maestri, head of the Beauty category, comments: “We adopted a simple and no-frills approach during the creation of Belei, developing products with ingredients that have shown both to give excellent results and to guarantee our customers excellent quality spending less time and money “.

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Men’s oily skin, how to treat it

Oily skin in men shows very recognizable evidence, starting from a dull complexion, the aspect is very often shiny and oily and, at last, the clear presence of imperfections. Besides, the youngest add acne and unattractive pimples. How to take action? Good cleansing is crucial, but also restoring the regenerative capacity of our skin by the use of specific products for our skin care is important. 

Korff Purifying

With a dark black texture, it allows an effective facial cleansing and the removal of leftovers of make-up. Perfect for purifying mixed and impure skin, handy to use and shortly foaming, it leaves the skin soft. It is also suitable for sensitive skin. 

URIAGE Hyséac 3-regul Trattamento Globale

Trattamento “3 in 1” che favorisce l’eliminazione delle imperfezioni (brufoli, punti neri, eccesso di sebo) e lascia la pelle opacizzata. Leggera e non grassa, si assorbe facilmente.
A “3 in 1” treatment that helps eliminate imperfections (pimples, blackheads, excess sebum) and leaves the skin matted. Light and non-greasy. it is easily absorbed. 

Kiehl’s Oil eliminator 24 hour anti-sjine moisturizer

A moisturizing facial fluid with an ultra-light texture. It contains Aerolite™ which, thanks to its advanced technology, instantly helps absorb excess sebum and balance skin sweating. It gives the skin a matte look, free from the shiny effect for 24 hours. The skin is immediately matted, while over the time the product performs an effective sebum-balancing action. 

Collistar Idratante Viso Opacizza&Purifica

Multi-functional face formula that instantly dulls and protects. Over the time it has an effective sebum-balancing action. It contains the Mat-Perfect Men Collistar®, associated with normalizing and protective Vitamins F and B6, moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E anti-free radicals and ultra-micronized powders, which absorb excess sebum for an immediate anti-gloss effect. 

Foreo Luna 3

With the latest innovation from FOREO LUNA 3, this facial cleansing brush removes up to 99.5% of dirt and sebum, preventing the accumulation of bacteria and providing visible results in a few minutes: healthy and brighter skin. 

Ren Clarimatte™ T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel

It balances the production of sebum, purifies and minimizes vents and redness, especially in the T zone. The cypress essential oil is useful to soothe and calm and the willow extract is useful to minimize the pores’ appearance. 

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