Andaz London hotel: contemporary lifestyle with a local touch

Liverpool Street is the current place to be, a constantly buzzing area in the eastern part of the City of London, an ideal spot to discover the capital of the United Kingdom, an area considered a reference point for nightlife and much more. The street takes its name from the nearby Liverpool Street Station, one of the most famous railway stations in central London, inaugurated in 1874 and now connected to the homonymous underground station. The railway station, rebuilt with an eye for preserving the ancient external structures, has a particular retro appearance, which has been adapted by adopting contemporary internal structures.

Andaz London hotel
External view of the hotel on Liveropool Street

This double ‘temporal’ and aesthetic soul has pervaded the entire neighbourhood, making Liverpool Street an intriguing puzzle of Victorian architectural reminiscences, contrasting with futuristic skyscrapers and glass-faced buildings. Here, traditional pubs, bistros and venues lean on each other without succumbing to more modern international fast-food chains, standing out even more distinctly and suggestively. A stone’s throw from the neighbourhoods of Spitalfields, Shoreditch, and Brick Lane, the landscape of East London offers an explosion of street art, vintage clothing shops, typical picturesque markets, and music and antique shops. The coexistence of the ancient spirit of the City of London and the predominantly contemporary globalized lifestyle is what makes the entire area a destination to discover. 

Andaz London: a hotel rich in history 

The Andaz London Liverpool Street is a hotel nestled among the medieval alleys of the historic financial district of the City of London. A 5-star hotel that, since 2007, when it opened its doors to the public, has further marked the neighbourhood with its artistic style in which past and present coexist. Set in the renewed and increasingly attractive Liverpool Street area, the Andaz London has made the East End of London its hallmark by integrating into the area with a local perspective and services suitable for an international clientele.

Andaz Masonic Temple
The Masonic Temple, inside the hotel

And perhaps there is nothing more local than this Victorian building, with its red bricks and turrets that soar into the city sky. Born as the Great Eastern Hotel in 1884 and awarded the ‘Grade II’ title on the National Heritage List for England, the Andaz London occupies the site where the Bethlehem Hospital stood in the 1200s. It was renamed when it became part of the Boundless Collection project of the multinational Hyatt: an exclusive portfolio of prestigious luxury properties spread across about 60 countries worldwide and further divided into different brands, including Andaz.

A hotel, a way of life

Andaz Wine Lounge
The Wine Lounge

Within the Hyatt portfolio, the Andaz brand positions itself as a synonym of resort for lovers of a dynamic and luxurious lifestyle, who want to live in symbiosis with the artistic and cultural spirit of the location they are in. Waking up in an Andaz means being perfectly aware of where you are in the world, thanks to the authentic “sense of place” transmitted by its interiors. Here, design and furnishing choices blend perfectly with the more conservative, traditional, and Victorian heritage of the building and the City of London, with the vibrant soul of contemporary East London. 

In the lobby, for example, the plush velvet of the seats and the rivets on the shelves evoke railway carriages and travel trunks from Agatha Christie’s novels, while the modern works of the Le Gun collective and graffiti artist Otto Schade catapult guests into the local creative scene. 

Similarly, the spacious 267 rooms (including 15 suites) have been designed to pay tribute to the historicity of the building, validating its memory, but at the same time transmitting the contamination of the creative impulses that keep the neighbourhood alive. Thus, fabrics and carpets are inspired by the tailoring tradition of the area, with references to the pinstriped suits of London workers, while the leather bed heads are illustrated in tattoo style by artist Sophie Mo, for a Liverpool Street twist. Each room is also designed in a “residential” style, precisely to encapsulate the welcoming soul that Andaz properties boast.

Andaz London art
Street art in the hotel lounge

Impactful and sophisticated spaces that combine tradition and contemporary sophistication

Love for art, craftsmanship, and an always sophisticated spirit are also the cornerstones of common areas, as evidenced by the different restaurants, bars, pubs, brasseries, and lounges inside the hotel, where international and Japanese cuisine alternates with specialties and local products from the East End. 

Even the Health Club for fitness lovers is imbued with the shapes and colours that make up the artistic panorama of Liverpool Street: the perfect combination to recharge physically and intellectually before embarking on the discovery of the capital.

Andaz London bar
The hotel bar

Finally, the last but perhaps the main declaration of intent of the Andaz London project is expressed through its majestic meeting and reception rooms. These charming spaces (including the room with a magnificent polychrome glass dome) can accommodate up to 500 guests and are meticulously cared for, highlighting the unique environments and living concepts that each one proposes. A hotel offering a wide variety of experiences in one of the most dynamic neighbourhoods in the capital.

Andaz London

Pictured in the opening image is the majestic dome of the indoor hall of the Andaz London


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