MARCO PALVETTI: Profile of an Actor

As Salvatore Conte in Gomorrah, Marco Palvetti has captured the attention of film directors and movie goers the world over. MANINTOWN spoke to the charismatic, polite, and introspective 28 year old to find out more about this multifaceted actor.

In 2014, you were hailed as the discovery of Italian cinema, how does it feel to wear such a label?
I love what I do; I pour so much of my heart and soul into it that receiving praise like that is an honour but also a responsibility. It makes you realise that you are setting somewhat of an example for many aspiring new actors.

You call Gomorrah ‘cinema’. In what sense does Gomorrah go beyond the boundaries of televised fiction to become cinema?
In the sense that its high quality gives it cinematic potential. In fact, it’s a film series. It’s the reality of now, offering a means of expression different to that of a feature film in terms of narrative scope and market impact.

How much of your theatre preparation went into developing the character of Salvatore Conte, or into how you prepare for any role?
In reality, it all starts with need of the actor to give expression by experimenting with different methods of communication, whether it’s theatre, cinema or a TV fiction series. It’s a question of actor sensibility. Personally, I love both stage and screen.Acting means playing the part of somebody else, and it’s quite extraordinary.

Can you tell us what you have in the pipeline to follow up your commanding performance as Conte in Gomorrah?
I’m looking at a number of projects and screenplays so it’s a bit early to say. I’d like to work with talented visionaries such as Paolo Sorrentino and Matteo Garrone, but also Tim Burton and Steve McQueen.

You have a well-groomed look both on and off the set. How much does appearance count in your artistic activities and why, in your opinion?
The on-camera look is the sum of many factors of expression.Appearance is an important piece of the jigsaw puzzle that makes up a character, who, in my opinion, deserves to be treated as someone who is not just a visual perception but respectfully alive and, like life, full of contradictions.

What item is a permanent fixture in your wardrobe and why?
The jacket, I take it everywhere and it makes me feel good. However, I always feel free to express my individuality without the need to conform.

What are your favourite pastimes of the male variety, are you into travel, sports, any other activities?
I like reading, writing and to keep fit by working out in the gym every day with my personal trainer.

Name a place of the body and of the mind that has special meaning for you?
The place of the soul is the sea, which moves inside me, it both frightens and fascinates me, and it’s what keeps me alive.The physical place is any new travel destination because it implies growth and exploring new emotions.

What artistic or existential experience has influenced and taught you the most?
A fundamental turning point in my life was definitely moving to Rome to attend the Accademia Nazionale D’Arte Drammatica “Silvio D’Amico”. I was 18 and undergoing a very difficult time in my life; it was then that I embarked on such a bountiful giving path, especially in terms of learning, which sowed that inner seed, that fiery passion, that diabolically intimate and fragile need the actor nurtures within.

Photography | Roberta Krasnig
Stylist | Stefania Sciortino
Grooming | Ilaria Di Lauro
Photography Assistant | Chiara Filippi
Post-production | Giovanna Di Lisciandro
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