Spring Summer 2024 trends in new editorial: You Never Could Have Been a Good Lover

Bonding. A fascinating enantiosemia, a word that, surprisingly, expresses two mutually opposite meanings. Affective relationship involving mutual loyalty or restriction of individual freedom: this is the bond, a profound term when you think about it, capable of eliciting a feeling of union and conjunction, or, on the contrary, of total closure. Relationships between people are a complex, ever-evolving mechanism, a set of bonds between the supportive and the toxic. On the one hand, the freedom to express oneself for who one is without fear of repercussions; on the other, the inability to act and show oneself according to one’s own will.

Reflecting on the theme of connections, the Spring Summer 2024 fashion editorial by MANINTOWN aims to propose a remedy to break that toxicity that often immobilizes. Between feathers, flashy accessories, bright colors and masks, this image-based narrative aims to spur people to speak openly about their own challenges, triumphs and struggles to inspire others; create meaningful connections and help break stereotypes that limit individual freedom. All of this goes by the name of “empowering,” a word with one meaning: to bring together and not divide.

Spring Summer 2024 editorial
Left: suit, face jewel and bag SARAWONG, shoes OGR, earrings Lag World, rings WHOAMI, gloves and hat stylist’s own
Right: suit Alberto Zambelli, shoes Minacapilli, earrings Lag World, bag and rings WHOAMI, hat, gloves and body accessory stylist’s own
Trench coat Alberto Zambelli
Trench coat Alberto Zambelli
Spring Summer 2024 editorial
Suit Alberto Zambelli, shoes Minacapilli, rings WHOAMI, socks, gloves, hat and body accessory stylist’s own
Spring Summer 2024 editorial
Dress DAVII, earring Lag World, necklace & rings WHOAMI
Spring Summer 2024 editorial
Dress & shoes SARAWONG, chocker Minacapilli, earrings & rings Lag World, rings WHOAMI, gloves and socks stylist’s own


Concept & Make Up Artist Luisa Arnone

Photographer Federica Borgato

Stylist Olympia De Molossi

Hair Federico Iannone

Model Viktoriya & Lorenzo – Indastria Model

Assistant Lucrezia Ficetti, Alessia Actis, Rajana KK, Lucilla Gavi, Noemi

OUTSTANDING MAN: The new man’s fashion editorial for Winter 2024

In an ever-changing world where everything runs fast, financial achievements and physical abilities are not enough to define a successful person. Beyond stereotypes and societal expectations, a truly exceptional personality is distinguished by a skillful blend of authenticity, empathy, resilience, humility, openness, and a propensity to embrace change. These are some of the values that enable the exceptional person to truly make a difference, indelibly leaving his or her mark despite being in a world where everything moves so quickly.

And it is precisely being exceptional that is the protagonist in the new man’s fashion editorial Winter 2024 proposed by MANINTOWN; a celebration to knowing how to stand out made of light shirts and tailored suits contrasted with leather pants and total black looks.

Total look Act N°1
Total look Act N°1
Shirt Vivienne Westwood, jacket and trousers Yezael, shoes Giuseppe Zanotti 
Shirt Vivienne Westwood, jacket and trousers Yezael, shoes Giuseppe Zanotti 
Jacket and Trousers Grifoni, sweater Sabato Russo, shoes Paul Smith 
Jacket and Trousers Grifoni, sweater Sabato Russo 
Man's fashion Winter 2024
Total look Avant Toi, earring Simple Rituals 
Man's fashion Winter 2024
Total look LABO.ART, earring Simple Rituals 


Photographer: Riccardo Lancia

Stylist: Alessandro Amoruso

Casting director: Manuel Scrima

Model: Stefano Bruno

Make-up and hair: Elisa Delfini

Photographer assistant: Marco Coniglione

Styling assistant: Laura Perrucci, Robert Goia

Men’s fashion editorial for winter 2024: The unexpected in chaos

Chaos, from the Greek chaos, is the complex of disordered material elements preceding the order of the cosmos. A state of confusion, disorientation; a situation in which we feel bewildered, lost. This is the scenario in which the new men’s fashion editorial Winter 2024 by MANINTOWN unfolds: chaotic, bulk settings give space to soft and relaxed, comfortable and uncommitted garments for this Winter 2023 2024. In silence, in a time that seems to have stood still, one waits for something to stir the boredom, something pleasantly unexpected.

Total look Missoni
Total look Missoni
Total look Missoni
Total look Missoni
Men's fashion winter 2024
Sweater Isabel Marant, jeans Givenchy, rings Defaïence
Men's fashion winter 2024
Suit Dhruv Kapoor
Men's fashion winter 2024
Total look Loro Piana
Men's fashion winter 2024
Total look Roberto Cavalli, hat Bonfilio


Photographer: Riccardo Ferrato

Producer: Jessica Lovato

Stylist: Leonardo Martino

Hair: Francesco Sarri

Make-up artist: Asja Redolfi

Set designer: Cristina Canti

Filmmaker: Valentina Gilardoni

Video referent: Gabriele Compagni

Filmmaker assistant: Luca Zito

Stylist assistant: Bahar

Models: Niccolò Fortini – Mom Agency, Dalibor Urosevic – Fashion Model


«You will learn to your cost that on the long journey of life you will meet many masks and few faces». So said Luigi Pirandello, describing a society based on appearance and fiction. A place where man adopts ways of behaving and thinking that do not really belong to him; a reality where others will never know us for who we really are. After all, what is a body if not a heavy armour we decide to wear to hide our true selves? Undressing is a long and complex process; it is not always easy to open up to others by showing your most intimate side, your empathy. To achieve this, it is necessary to dig deep within oneself; that is, to search for that soul that makes each one an authentic human being.

Through daring juxtapositions, the editorial about men’s fashion for Winter 2024 by MANINTOWN proposes an attempt to really lay bare. An interesting mix and match of styles at opposite ends of the spectrum, from the timeless elegance of a tailored jacket to the relaxed, casual trend of cargo trousers.

Men's fashion Winter 2024
Pullover Antonio Marras, underwear Wayeröb
Men's fashion Winter 2024. Pants Laboratorio Riciclo Pelle, underwear Wayeröb
Pants Laboratorio Riciclo Pelle, underwear Wayeröb
Trench and sweater John Richmond, pants Icon Denim, shoes Giuseppe Zanotti
Trench and sweater John Richmond, pants Icon Denim, shoes Giuseppe Zanotti
Men's fashion Winter 2024
Shirt and blazer Canaku, glasses Moscot
Jacket and pants Levi's, underwear Denobiliaryparticle, earrings Valentina Ferragni, shoes Giuseppe Zanotti
Jacket and pants Levi’s, underwear Denobiliaryparticle, earrings Valentina Ferragni, shoes Giuseppe Zanotti
Men's fashion Winter 2024
Total look Roberto Cavalli, gloves Stetson
Pullover Antonio Marras, underwear Wayeröb, shoes Giuseppe Zanotti
Pullover Antonio Marras, underwear Wayeröb, shoes Giuseppe Zanotti
Men's fashion Winter 2024
Total look by LEONARDO VALENTINI, Bag Santoni


Photographer Enrico Cencini

Stylist Aurelio Comparelli

Production Jet Set

Grooming Martina Sciarratta

Videomaker Gabriele Compagni

Light assistant Antonio Dajani

Styling assistant Alessandra Garello, Giorgia Chiazzo, Anna Oliva

Production assistant Thoas Wankelmuth

Model Tommaso CataldiIcan Model Management

Studio Moysa


Gennaro Lillio poses exclusively for this MANINTOWN fashion editorial. The model, who after a stint in the world of reality TV is now embarking on a career as an actor, interprets for us the men’s style for Spring Summer 2024. Elegant tailored looks with a contemporary twist: these are the protagonists destined to dominate the coming summer season, garments that design a new declination of men’s fashion.

Gennaro Lillio. Total look Corneliani, flower brooch Chromosome 6 by Bibi Esposito
Total look Corneliani, flower brooch Chromosome 6 by Bibi Esposito
Total look Manuel Ritz
Total look Manuel Ritz
Shirt and T-shirt Canali
Shirt and T-shirt Canali
Suit and shirt Brunello Cucinelli, foulard Stylist’s own, shoes Green George
Suit and shirt Brunello Cucinelli, foulard Stylist’s own, shoes Green George
Total look Neil Barrett, socks Model’s own, shoes Sapio
Total look Neil Barrett, socks Model’s own, shoes Sapio
Suit Marsem, sweater MTL Studio by Matteo Lamandini, flower brooch Chromosome 6 by Bibi Esposito
Suit Marsem, sweater MTL Studio by Matteo Lamandini, flower brooch Chromosome 6 by Bibi Esposito
Total look Fendi
Total look Fendi
Gennaro Lillio. Total look Sapio
Total look Sapio
Suit Tagliatore, gloves Stylist’s own, shoes Green George
Suit Tagliatore, gloves Stylist’s own, shoes Green George
Gennaro Lillio. Total look Hevo
Total look Hevo


Photographer Giovanni Peschi

Stylists Stefano Guerrini & Romolo Battista

Assistant Stylists Yacine Lorenzani

Talent Gennaro Lillio – I Love Models Management


The meeting point between elegance and modernity. A world where everyone can embrace their individuality in style. The Gentlemen’s Party, MANINTOWN’s new fashion editorial, explores the more sophisticated side of the Fall Winter 23 24 collections. Jackets, shirts, and suits perfectly balance classic and contemporary, where luxury blends with boldness.

The Gentlemen’s Party takes us into the festive season with impeccable suits made even more appealing by modern, genderless cuts. Men’s Fall Winter 23 24 suits, striped or Prince of Wales, embroidered or pleated, reinterpret the best sartorial tradition with lightness and panache.

A timeless journey into modern male elegance as we discover men’s trends Fall Winter 23 24

Total look Canaku, shoes Giuseppe Zanotti 
Total look Homme Plissé Issey Miyake, shoes Clarks
Left: total look Sabato Russo; right: shirt Sabato Russo, trousers Act N°1, shoes Giuseppe Zanotti
Total look Moschino 
Total look Dhruv Kapoor, shoes Giuseppe Zanotti 
Jacket Canaku 
Total look Paul Smith
Total look Sabato Russo, shoes Ferragamo
Total look Grifoni, shoes Giuseppe Zanotti 
Total look MTL Studio 


Photographer Riccardo Lancia

Stylist Alessandro Amoruso

Casting director Manuel Scrima

Mua: Elisa Delfini

Hairstylist Giorgio Aloisio

Photographer assistant Marco Coniglione

Stylist assistants Margherita fracaros, Andrea Meliz

Models Alessandro Petrucci, Damiano Alexander, Davide Battistella, Emanuele Salvagnini, Gian Lorenzo Sbaragli, Tommaso Sanna – Models Milano


Leather, total denim, fringes. And a touch of unexpected shine. MANINTOWN’s latest fashion editorial explores the latest men’s trends for Winter 2024. The editorial features a construction site as the backdrop where a dialogue between men’s utilitywear – made of boots, gloves and jeans – and an eclectic style featuring shiny fabrics, tartan skirts and Texas-inspired fringed jackets, takes place. The construction site becomes a metaphor for the constantly evolving fashion trends of Fall Winter 2024, which are everywhere and nowhere in particular.

Tendenze uomo inverno 2024: Total look Emporio Armani, earrings Nove25
Total look Emporio Armani, earrings Nove25
Total look Etro, chains Deville, earrings Nove25
Total look Etro, chains Deville, earrings Nove25
Total look Dolce & Gabbana, jacket stylist's archive, earrings Nove25
Total look Dolce & Gabbana, jacket stylist’s archive, earrings Nove25
Jacket and leather pants Gucci, boots Giuseppe Zanotti, earrings Nove25
Jacket and leather pants Gucci, boots Giuseppe Zanotti, earrings Nove25
Total look Valentino, earrings Nove25
Total look Valentino, earrings Nove25


Photographer Claudio Carpi

Stylist Simone Folli

Make-up Maya Tinti

Stylist assistants Nadia Mistri, Claudia Maria Ialacci, Victoria Brayt

Model Matheus Hava


Easy Rider, but with the metropolis instead of the American desert. MANINTOWN’s fashion editorial revisits the classics of men’s elegance in a private epic, an intimate dialogue inside an apartment. Among rigorous white shirts, velvet suits – king of Winter 2024 fashion trends – soft knitwear and leather jackets. And of the motorcycle dream, what is left? This time, the same desire for freedom declined through the fashion trends of Fall Winter 2023 2024.

Shirt Dior, trousers Dries Van Noten, gloves Prada
Shirt Dior, trousers Dries Van Noten, gloves Prada
Total look John Varvatos
Total look John Varvatos
total look Dolce & Gabbana
Total look Dolce & Gabbana
Total look John Varvatos boots Hervè
Total look John Varvatos boots Hervè
Shirt Dior, trousers Dries Van Noten, gloves Prada
Shirt Dior, trousers Dries Van Noten, gloves Prada
Coat Balmain, shirt La Vie Est Belle, trousers Marni
Coat Balmain, shirt La Vie Est Belle, trousers Marni
Sweater Grifoni, trousers John Varvatos
Sweater Grifoni, trousers John Varvatos
Swimwear Grifoni
Swimwear Grifoni
Sweater Grifoni, trousers John Varvatos
Sweater Grifoni, trousers John Varvatos


Photographer Donato Testoni

Art Direction and Styling Fabio Mercurio

Grooming Isabella Sarti 

Photographer Assistant Elia Poletti 

Talent Lorenzo Pozzan

Location Piovan family


A sparkle in the dark, a flash of light ignites the night: the trend colors of Fall Winter 2023 2024 illuminate the fashion editorial of MANINTOWN. Shades of ruby, powder pink, bright yellow and neon green enhance a new idea of unconventional beauty. Rich, vibrant and precious colors to warm the grayness of the winter meet the must-have trends of Winter 2024: trench coats, cut-out dresses, gloves and maxi jewelry.

Top Nencioni, skirt Arrabal, collant Wolford, earrings Ysl Vintage
Trench Olivia Nausner, earrings Gucci Vintage
Trench Olivia Nausner, earrings Gucci Vintage
Dress Arrabal, bracelet Saint Laurent Vintage
Dress Arrabal, bracelet Ysl Vintage
Shirt Nanushka, body Wolford, pants Sandro Paris, accessories Ysl Vintage, gloves Sermoneta Gloves, sunglasses Eyepetizer
Shirt Nanushka, body Wolford, pants Sandro Paris, accessories Ysl Vintage, gloves Sermoneta Gloves, sunglasses Eyepetizer


Photographer Alessandro Russo – One Studio Milano

Art director and stylist Dario Grillo

Make-up artist Francesca Smeraldi

Photographer assistant Salvio Bocchetti

Model Mitchell

Eli Russell Linnetz, multitalented storyteller

To call Eli Russell Linnetz fashion designer (special guest at Pitti Uomo 104 with his ERL) is at least reductive, as this 32-year-old Californian man is a multifaceted creative of many virtues. He also enjoys directing (he directed for Kanye West, Shawn Mendes and Tyga), photography (he shot for brands – Yeezy, Skims – and magazines as Interview, GQ or Vogue), music production and more, collaborating with titans of today’s show business such as the aforesaid Ye, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Kid Cudi.

With the brand that bears his initials, he has conveyed the vibe and laid-back style typical of the city where he was born and raised, Los Angeles, especially Venice Beach neighborhood, with its melting pot of ethnicities, cultures and human types, from graffiti artists to surfers in their sun-faded shorts and skateboarders in their baggy outfits, paving his way into the fashion system (the label is distributed by Dover Street Market, the elite fashion wonderland), until the media explosion thanks to his collaboration with Dior.

Eli Russell Linnetz
Eli Russell Linnetz

Just a year ago, he co-designed the Men Resort 2023 collection California Couture, a short circuit between the extreme sophistication of the Parisian label and the hedonistic imagery of the West Coast, with its upturned suits, sugary tones alternated by flashes of saturated color, rich embroideries of pearls and sequins.
Afterwards, he won the Karl Lagerfeld Prize during the 2022 LVMH Prize and is now joining the international reference event for menswear, where he’s bringing a special installation with a Hollywood taste.

Nothing unusual for someone who always starts “from the story, even before knowing what the collection will look like”.

“ERL is casual, unpretentious and playful”

You are the guest designer of the 104th edition of Pitti Uomo, where you will show your collection on June 14. How  do you feel about starring in the international menswear showcase on the eve of such an important event?

It is a great honor to be showing at Pitti Uomo – to be showing in Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance and magic is something to dream of. 

What can we expect from the spring/summer 2024 collection you will present in Florence? Can you reveal something in advance?

I went to school for screenwriting at University of Southern California (USC) so before I even know what a collection will look like, it always starts with story.  I came up with the theme of make believe – there are so many elements that are tied to cinema which is a world of pure make believe from building of sets to costume design to composing music so incorporating every element of a film you possibly can imagine into a show was super important to me.

ERL Fall/Winter 2023
ERL Fall/Winter 2023

You founded ERL five years ago. What are the most significant milestones for the brand to date and those to be achieved in the future?

A few come to mind – winning the Karl Lagerfeld Prize with LVMH was a great honor.  Collaborating with Kim Jones and guest designing a collection for Dior was really significant to me. Dressing ASAP Rocky for the Met Gala that he attended with Rihanna was also special and opening our first ERL store in Kyoto, Japan. 

How would you describe the ERL aesthetic? What are the peculiarities of the brand that makes it unique?

ERL is casual, unpretentious and playful. There is such a range of products and characters.  It can be worn in so many different types of situations depending on the person and how they wear their clothes.

“All my work always is provocative – but provocative can be used in several ways”

Last year you co-designed the Dior Men Resort 2023 ‘California Couture’ collection, the first ever guest designer in the history of the glorious Parisian fashion house. What are your thoughts about it now, what stood out the most from that experience?

The entire process was completely effortless and guided by intuition and trust.  Kim Jones truly has such an amazing team of people he works with – sometimes we would create in silence – there were no words needed for what we were creating. The work was never forced and we never questioned each other – it was pure joy and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with him.  

The label of fashion designer definitely fits you since you are also a photographer, director, producer and set designer. All these activities led you to collaborate with show business giants and major brands in the publishing industry. What is the common denominator that holds together all these different facets of your creativity?

All my work always is provocative – but provocative can be used in several ways.  It’s provocative in a playful way that challenges the viewer or makes them see something everyday in a new way.

Eli Russell Linnetz Pitti
ERL Fall/Winter 2023

“ERL is ever growing and evolving as I myself grow and evolve”

Menswear has never been more dynamic. According to recent studies,  it is growing at a greater average annual rate than womenswear, plus the pandemic has further messed up the cards with the casualization dictated by lockdowns, then with the general return to an old-fashioned, rigorous and measured elegance. As the founder and creative director of one of the “hottest” brands, you enjoy a privileged perspective on men’s fashion. What is your opinion about it?

With fashion in general, for me, I don’t look at trends or approach fashion in a traditional way. I approach my collections as a costume designer, playing dress up and exploring new characters, in my imagination. 

How do you see ERL in 10 years?

ERL is ever growing and evolving as I myself grow and evolve.

Eli Russell Linnetz 2023
ERL Fall/Winter 2023

Opening image: Eli Russell Linnetz, ERL founder and creative director


Graphic cut-outs, dark leather, bodycon dresses contrasted with generously shaped garments, and iconic accessories characterize the Spring/Summer 2023 men and women collections from the likes of Chanel, Versace, Valentino, Ferragamo, and Paul Smith.

Everlasting fashion
Total look Versace, gloves stylist’s own (MUA credits: Martina Pugliese, Matteo Bonalumi, Paolo Chiatello, Amanda Santarsia)

Everlasting men
Total look Dsquared2, cowboy hat Bonfilio (MUA credits: Patrycja Koerner, Azadeh Bozorgomid)

Everlasting fashion editorial
Total look Paul Smith, belt Chanel (MUA credits: Alex Mazzeffi, Leonardo Techera)

Everlasting MANINTOWN
Total look Ferragamo (MUA credits: Martina Pugliese, Matteo Bonalumi)



Editor in Chief Federico Poletti

Photographer Davide Musto

Production and styling Alessia Caliendo

Hair Daniele Villanueva and assistant Jeune Ange Milano

Make-up and beauty products Chanel

Ph. assistants Valentina Ciampaglia, Davide Simonelli

Post-production Filippo Cavalazzi – Zumstudio

Models Keone Pillay @Independent, Ou @No Logo, Giuseppe Allocca @Crew, Angelica F @Next Models, Tory Favaretto @Tank Agency, Karina Kotlyar @The Lab Models, Yeon Han @The One Models

Opening image: models wear total look Versace, gloves stylist’s own (MUA credits: Martina Pugliese, Matteo Bonalumi, Paolo Chiatello, Amanda Santarsia)

Time & Tide

Striped pullovers and jackets, blousons, white pants and other navy style cornerstones marry the refined essentiality of the warm season’s must-have accessories, watches with sporty appeal and sunglasses.

Time Tide editorial
Total look Ralph Lauren

Tide fashion editorial
Ribbed cotton jersey and trousers North Sails, watch and leather bracelets Tommy Hilfiger

Time men editorial
Total look Zegna, sunglasses Movitra

navy men fashion
Knitted polo shirt Cruciani, jeans Don The Fuller, watch Boss Watches

fashion editorial spring summer 2023 men
Waistcoat and trousers Santaniello, belt Gavazzeni, scarf Piacenza 1733

spring summer editorial men
Prince of Walesdouble-breasted blazer and jeans Boglioli, linen madarin collar shirt MCS, sunglasses Movitra

Manintown fashion editorial 2023
Cotton jersey and jacket North Sails, jeans Don The Fuller, two-tone watch Tommy Hilfiger


Photographer Federico Ghiani

Fashion Editor Rosamaria Coniglio

Grooming Simone Piacenti

Model Jhonata Meneghini @Elite

Boat sailing Sean provided by Sailsquare

In the opening image, the model is wearing North Sails shirt and pants, Tommy Hilfiger watch and leather bracelets

Unfinished Sympathy

Coordinated movements, statuesque gestures and plastic poses emphasize the details of the seasonal key pieces, suits, outerwear, jumpsuits and sneakers that come from the spring/summer collections of top international brands, from Louis Vuitton to Alexander McQueen, via Givenchy, Moncler, Diesel and Zegna.

Unfinished Sympathy fashion
Gaye (left): coat, pants and hat Moschino, sneakers Moncler; Aslan (right): suit Alexander McQueen, sneakers Zegna

Unfinished Sympathy fashion editorial
Aslan (left): jacket and pants Diesel; Gaye (right) total look Givenchy

Unfinished Sympathy magazine
Gaye (left): bomber and pants Diesel, sneakers Moncler; Aslan (right): jumpsuit, jacket and top Moschino, sneakers Diesel

Unfinished Sympathy fashion men
Jacket Alexander McQueen

Unfinished Sympathy menswear
Trousers Alexander McQueen, top Moschino, shoes Versace Jeans Couture

Unfinished Sympathy art
Drawing by Ohpinhana


Photographer Domenico Petralia @ProductionLink Agency

Stylist Emily Lee @W-MManagement

Grooming Augusto Picerni @W-MManagement using Armani Beauty

Hair Erisson Musella @Blend Management

Ph. assistants Joseph Perro, Cristina Potocean

Stylist assistant Chiara Senese

Videomaker Gabriele Compagni

Models Gaye @Brave Models and Aslan Tsallati @I Love Models

Drawing by Ohpinhana

Production Passepartout4u by Johannes March

Special thanks to Bar Studios

In the opening image, the models wear (left) Moschino overcoat, pants and hat, Moncler sneakers, (right) Alexander McQueen suit, Zegna sneakers

Nothing but Flowers

Colorful petals, corollas, and floral patterns invade the surfaces of key menswear pieces for spring/summer 2023, including fitted jackets, patterned shirts, and oversized suits by (just to name a few) Louis Vuitton, Dolce&Gabbana, Act N°1, and Pal Zileri.

Flowers fashion editorial
Total look Dolce&Gabbana

fashion editorial men spring summer 2023
Jacket Plus, silk trousers Act N°1, scarf Piacenza 1733, sunglasses Kyme, leather gloves Çanaku, shoes Premiata

fashion editorial men 2023
Blazer Pal Zileri, foulard Piacenza 1733

fashion floral editorial
Total look Louis Vuitton


Production Fashion Art3.0

Photographer Daniela Rettore

Fashion Editor Rosamaria Coniglio

Grooming Simone Piacenti

Model Javier Darder @Fashion Model

Styling assistants Antonietta Randazzo, Elena Costantino

In the opening image, the model is wearing Pal Zileri blazer and Piacenza 1733 scarf

New Fits Come In…

Revisited tailoring, suits with a workwear flair, precise cuts, bold accessories. These are the cornerstones of the editorial published in issue 13 of MANINTOWN, focusing on garments and accessories by Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Prada, Valentino and Tom Ford, among others.

Total look Zegna, sunglasses Tod’s

New Fits fashion
Total look Etro

Total look Valentino


Production Fashion Art3.0

Photographer Marco Palumbo

Fashion Editor Rosamaria Coniglio

Stylist Federico Toretti

In the opening image, the model is wearing total look Valentino

Models to follow: Jinwoo

Long dark hair, fine features, a lean, longilinear physique: that of Jinwoo (South Korean model, 25 years old, who has worked for brands such as Moncler, Premiata or Savage) is the classic presence difficult to ignore. In the images made for MANINTOWN by photographer Davide Simonelli (shots with a cinematic flavor, emphasizing gestures, posture and natural elegance of the portrayed subject), we see him wandering around the streets of Milan. Ranging between outfits with a classic flair and more eccentric ones, he wears, with a nonchalant yet refined manner, the evergreens of the pour homme wardrobe, which include wrap-around overcoats, pinstriped suits, dark cabans and turtlenecks, to which animal motifs, slouchy volumes and gritty accessories provide the necessary twist.

models editorial
Coat Songzio, sweater Savage, bootcut jeans Masimo Dutti

Model black white editorial
Coat Songzio, sweater Savage, bootcut jeans Masimo Dutti

fashion brand Corea
Coat Songzio, sweater Savage, bootcut jeans Masimo Dutti

We11done brand
Jacket We11done, sweater Savage, bootcut jeans Masimo Dutti

Savage brand
Jacket We11done, sweater Savage, bootcut jeans Masimo Dutti

Dolce & Gabbana uomo
Jacket Dolce&Gabbana, sweater Savage, bootcut jeans Masimo Dutti

Dolce Gabbana blazer
Jacket Dolce&Gabbana, sweater Savage, bootcut jeans Masimo Dutti


Model Jinwoo @Boom Models Agency

Photographer Davide Simonelli

Grooming Mattia Pedretti

Opening image: Jinwoo wears coat Songzio, sweater Savage

See Right Through You. Mirroring Identities & The Modern Narcissus

A style dialogue inspired by the myth of Narcissus, where his aesthetics (and wardrobe) mirror hers and vice versa, with suits with slipped shapes, worked denim, shiny or destroyed surfaces, and strong accessories by the courtesy of Celine, Versace, Diesel, Vivienne Westwood and Çanaku, among others. A fashion editorial signed by stylist Jessica Iorio and photographer Alberto Alicata, with art direction by Fabrizio Bezzi, for MANINTOWN.

Celine by Hedi Slimane 2023
Kristyna: total look Celine by Hedi Slimane; Valentyn: total look Celine Homme by Hedi Slimane

JordanLuca brand
Total look JordanLuca, boots Marsèll

Diesel uomo collezioni
Valentyn: total look Diesel; Kristyna: shirt Aniye By, boots Marsèll

Celine Hedi Slimane uomo
Valentyn: jacket Celine by Hedi Slimane; Kristyna: top Grifoni

Vivienne Westwood uomo collezione
Valentyn: jumpsuit Vivienne Westwood; Kristyna: total look Diesel

Çanaku brand
Shirt and gloves Çanaku, pants Grifoni, boots Marsèll

Versace collezione 2023
Valentyn: shirt Grifoni; Kristyna: total look Versace

Manintown fashion editorial
Valentyn: top Versace; Kristyna: dress VI Valentina Ilardi, earrings Adais


Art direction Fabrizio Bezzi

Photographer Alberto Alicata

Stylist Jessica Iorio

Ph. assistant Filippo Di Pietra

Stylist assistant Benedetta De Martino

Make-up Giuseppe Paladino

Hair Alessia Bonotto @Blend Management

Casting Co,Ma castingMartina Amadori, Costanza Carozzo

Talents Valentyn Boiko @Yu Agency, Kristyna Koshkina @Fabbrica Milano

Opening image: Valentyn wears top Versace, Kristyna wears dress VI Valentina Ilardi, earrings Adais

Tommy Jeans, Spring 2023 Collection celebrates street culture

Today Tommy Hilfiger presents the new stylistic chapter of the Tommy Collection by Tommy Jeans label. The brand, that is part of the PVH Corp. group, has its roots in the hip-hop aesthetics of the ’80s and ’90s and interprets the codes of international street culture for the Spring 2023 collection, filtering them through a distinctly progressive and “local” point of view. The starting reference is the art of so-called Japanese Chicano Lowriding, which is focused on the fanciful customization of cars, with brightly coloured, highly polished car shells and artfully modified suspensions.

Hip-hop reminiscences and Japanese influences in the new collection

The Tommy Collection Spring ’23 is composed of 55 items, a very contemporary upgrade of the brand’s archive. The most representative pieces of the Tommy Jeans style have been reinterpreted for the coming season: from the Chicago Windbreaker jacket, in the brand’s emblematic colours, red and blue, in a removable-sleeves version, to the Aiden trousers, medium-washed jeans with relaxed volumes, as well as the colour block parkas, the sleeveless denim jacket and the preppy items such as the waistcoat and nylon hockey jersey. All the options in the seasonal collection play on proportions and stratifications, freely mixing prep, skate and hip-hop influences. Sportswear cornerstones are particularly reinterpreted through a kaleidoscope of heterogeneous cultures (and subcultures) to infuse a creative boost into classic TOMMY silhouettes.

Spring ’23 campaign exalts Japan’s lowrider scene

The Spring ’23 advertising campaign enhances the multifaceted and versatile dimension of the clothes. It is the result of a mix of snapshots – a work by London-based photographer Theo Cottle – linked by the common thread of action, between out-of-the-box moments and intimate portraits of Japan’s lowrider community.

The cast includes American garage owners, rappers and tattoo artists, a collective that effectively symbolizes the adrenaline-fuelled inspiration of spring ready-to-wear. This community of lowriding enthusiasts is portrayed by the videographer Yohai Haga Peta (@yoheipeta), who sets his frenetic scenes, with a concentration of topoi of Cali-Mexican car and street culture, among motorists bouncing and driving along the streets of Tokyo, specifically in the Shibuya district that is one of the most characteristic of the Japanese capital.

Tommy Collection adv 2023
Un’immagina della campagna Tommy Collection Spring ’23 (ph. courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger)

Tommy Collection campagna
Ph. courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger

The collection will be available from 10 February on the official tommy.com website and in selected Tommy Jeans stores worldwide. For a further, vivid immersion in the atmospheres and references that have inspired the creations for spring 2023, take a look at the social channels @TommyJeans, #TommyJeans and #TommyCollection, and digitally join the brand’s community, a unicum that brings together music, streetwear and culture, in the name of creativity.

Tommy Collection primavera estate
Ph. courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Jeans 2023
Ph. courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger

Opening image: Tommy Collection Spring ’23 ad campaign (ph. courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger)

The new male wardrobe

Essentials that cannot miss in any man’s wardrobe (including blazers, suits, trousers with sartorial aplomb, patterned shirts), garments in bright shades – from teal to mauve to orange – or embellished with elaborate appliqués, which give an unusual twist to the outfits, and whimsical accessories, for example the scarf tied around the neck.
The key pieces of men’s collections of big labels and emerging designers, from Zegna to Emporio Armani, passing through Corneliani, N°21, Antonio Marras, Marsēm, Matteo Lamandini and Giordano Mercante, star in the editorial shot for MANINTOWN by the photographers Giovanni Gori and Andrea Aldrovandi.

Antonio Marras men
Sacha and Bar wear total looks Antonio Marras

Corneliani collezioni
Sacha wears total look Corneliani

Zegna 2023
Alexandre wears total look Zegna

N°21 uomo collezioni
Alexandre wears total look N°21

Hevò brand
Alexandre wears total look Hevò, bandana stylist’s own; Bas wears total look Giordano Mercante, glasses SNOB Milano


Photographers Giovanni Gori and Andrea Aldrovandi for Total Black (www.total.black)

Stylist Stefano Guerrini

Stylist asssistants Lorenzo Iacobone, Evelyn Fogar

Casting director and producer Laura Stella Motta INSTAGRAM @laura_stella_motta

Make-up artist and hair stylist Rossano Fasano INSTAGRAM @rossanofasano

Models Sacha Benoit @The Lab Models, Alexandre Valotto @United For Models, Bas Laduc @Independent Management

Opening image: Sacha wears total look Marsēm, bandana stylist’s own; Alexandre wears total look MTL Studio by Matteo Lamandini, earrings model’s own

New Visions: Venice Film Festival seen by Jacopo Ascari

On the occasion of the 79th Venice International Film Festival and Next Generation Awards, MANINTOWN commissioned Jacopo Ascari a series of sketches to interpret our Next Generation Awards winners: Nicolas Maupas, Carolina Sala, Matteo Oscar Giuggioli and Amanda Campana. His illustrations combined art, fashion and architecture (one of his great passions) in watercolour drawings, depicting the faces of the award-winners with vividly coloured reproductions of iconic places and symbols of the Venetian city, from the gondolas (dominated by the winged lion) to the Palazzo del Casinò, the basilica and the bell tower of San Marco.

Moreover Jacopo captured some of the most important actors and actresses on the red carpets, creating a unique interpretation of this event so much rooted in the territory. His work menages to reconcile portraiture and representative views of Venice because as he explains “a beautiful article from 1937 states that the vital finding of the Exhibition is the Venetian insularity of the Lido”.

Next Generation Awards 2022 Manintown
Palazzo del Cinema and red carpet – “The Palazzo del Cinema, beautiful 1930s architecture, and the magnificent red carpet overlooking the sea. Here I imagined the legendary Golden Lion arriving, hoisted on an unmistakable Venetian gondola” (artwork by Jacopo Ascari)

Excelsior hotel Venezia
Excelsior Hotel – “From the golden beaches of the Film Festival emerges the mythological Excelsior Venice, a Moorish castle full of charm where everything happens during the festival days” (artwork by Jacopo Ascari)

Luca Guadagnino
“Luca Guadagnino’s bet (won)” (artwork by Jacopo Ascari)

“The vital finding of the Exhibition is the Venetian insularity of the Lido”

Amanda Campana Matteo Giuggioli

Amanda Campana and Matteo Oscar Giuggioli just before the red carpet – “I reached Amanda and Teo’s hotel. The two of them came down at that moment, breathtakingly beautiful and excited about the enchantment that was about to happen” (artwork by Jacopo Ascari)

Carolina Sala Venezia
Carolina Sala just before the red carpet – “Carolina, in Dior, was beaming. Particularly self-confident, she stepped off the speedboat and headed for the red carpet: anyone who passed her along the few metres that separated the dock from the Palazzo del Cinema was breathless: ‘But she’s a Marilyn…’” (artwork by Jacopo Ascari)

Amanda Campana
Amanda Campana just before the red carpet – “Amanda was nervous, perhaps unaware of the glow she emanated. On the red carpet, shortly afterwards, we all fell in love with her” (artwork by Jacopo Ascari)

Nicolas Maupas
Nicolas Maupas just before the red carpet – “Nicolas, handsome and with a more intense look than usual, was nervous and, in his haste, had come within a few centimetres of the red carpet with his bow tie not perfectly fitted. Only the intervention of his agent, in a gesture full of tenderness, allowed the young man to show himself perfectly on the carpet” (artwork by Jacopo Ascari)

Ludovica Francesconi
Ludovica Francesconi just before the red carpet – “I spent some time chatting pleasantly with this delightful young actress: beautiful in her Alberta Ferretti, she enchanted me with tales full of commitment, passion, dedication” (artwork by Jacopo Ascari)

Hollywood stars in the Venetian laguna

Camilla Mangiapelo
Camilla Mangiapelo just before the red carpet – “Beautiful and very sweet, I followed her to the beginning of the carpet: full of light in her Genny, she showered us with beauty” (artwork by Jacopo Ascari)

Giulia Latini influencer
Giulia Latini just before the red carpet – “I had already had the opportunity to meet Giulia in Milan, at some joint events. Seeing her transformed into a queen, wrapped in her Gianluca Saitto, was also an opportunity to get to know this special person better” (artwork by Jacopo Ascari)

Julianne Moore Venice
Julianne Moore, President of the Jury (artwork by Jacopo Ascari)

Monica Bellucci Venice Film
Monica Bellucci, Siccità (artwork by Jacopo Ascari)

Olivia Wilde Don't Worry Darling
Olivia Wilde, Don’t Worry Darling (artwork by Jacopo Ascari)

Catherine Deneuve Golden lion
Catherine Deneuve, Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement (artwork by Jacopo Ascari)

Tilda Swinton Venice Festival
Tilda Swinton, The Eternal Daughter (artwork by Jacopo Ascari)

Timothée Chalamet 2022
Timothée Chalamet, Harry Styles and Brad Pitt, the men of Venice (artwork by Jacopo Ascari)

Penelope Cruz
Penélope Cruz, L’immensità (artwork by Jacopo Ascari)

Ana de Armas Blonde
Ana de Armas, Blonde (artwork by Jacopo Ascari)

Cate Blanchett awards
Cate Blanchett, Tár (artwork by Jacopo Ascari)

Richard Avedon – Relationships

Until 29 January 2023, Palazzo Reale in Milan celebrates Richard Avedon, one of the greats of 20th century photography, with an exhibition entitled Richard Avedon: Relationships, tracing a career that spanned more than sixty years. The show features 106 images from the collection of the Center for Creative Photography (CCP) in Tucson (USA), and from the Richard Avedon Foundation (USA). The works on display enable visitors to explore the innovative aspects of Avedon’s art, which made him one of the most influential creative giants of the 20th century. On the one hand, he revolutionized the way models are photographed, turning them into actresses who were the main focus of a set, instead of static subjects, and showing their human side, while on the other hand his amazing and often large-format, black and white portraits of celebrities reveal the more psychological side of the sitters.

Richard Avedon portrait
Richard Avedon, Self-portrait, Provo, Utah, August 20, 1980 (ph. © The Richard Avedon Foundation)

The collaboration with Versace for the fashion house’s adv campaigns

A whole section is devoted to the collaboration between Richard Avedon and Gianni Versace, which began with the campaign for the 1980 Spring/Summer collection that marked the fashion designer’s debut, and continued right up to the campaign for the 1998 Spring/Summer collection, the first by Donatella Versace. Avedon’s work for Versace shows how the unique relationship that is sometimes created between a designer and a photographer can produce images that occupy a timeless dimension, going way beyond the confines of the specific context linked to the seasonal nature of fashion that they were originally intended for, and revolutionizing its global narration.

Linda Evangelista Versace
Richard Avedon, Linda Evangelista, Versace Spring-Summer 1993 campaign, New York, November 9, 1992 (ph. © The Richard Avedon Foundation)

Richard Avedon Versace campaign
Richard Avedon, Nadja Auermann, Cindy Crawford, Stephanie Seymour, Claudia Schiffer, Christy Turlington, Maximo Morrone, Vladimir McCrary, Eric Etebari, Marcus Schenkenberg Versace (ph. © The Richard Avedon Foundation)

The exhibition is divided into ten sections: The Artist, The Premise of the Show, Early Fashion, Actors and Directors, Visual Artists, Performing Artists / Musicians and Writers / Poets, Avedon’s People, Politics, Late Fashion, Versace. However, it hinges on the two most characteristic aspects of Avedon’s work: fashion photographs and portraits. It also features a large selection of portraits of celebrities from the world of entertainment, actors, dancers, and musicians, as well as civil rights activists, politicians and writers. They include the Beatles (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr), Bob Dylan, Michelangelo Antonioni, Allen Ginsberg, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, and the Dalai Lama. There are also two images of Andy Warhol, in which the father of American Pop Art reveals his intimate self to Richard Avedon, displaying his bullet scars, after surviving a murder attempt.

Richard Avedon according to Donatella Versace

Richard Avedon Dovima
Richard AvedonDovima with elephants, evening dress by Dior, Cirque d’Hiver, Paris, August 1955 (ph. © The Richard Avedon Foundation)

Donatella Versace declares about her relationship with Avedon: “Trust. For me that is the foundation of the best relationships. With Avedon there was absolute trust. Trust in his light. Trust in his storytelling. Trust in our shared vision. Trust in our relationship. Avedon and Versace are inseparable. Gianni and I loved working with Avedon. We loved coming up with the story of the campaign together and watching as he and the incredible models brought that story to life. With or without the clothes. Iconic is an overused word but these images are truly iconic”.

Richard Avedon fotografie
 Richard Avedon, Carmen (homage to Munkácsi), coat by Cardin, Place François-Premier, Paris, August 1957 (ph. © The Richard Avedon Foundation)

“Avedon photographed me many times over the years, but my favorite portrait is the one he shot for the ‘Blonde’ fragrance campaign. I remember his direction: ‘Be Blonde. Blonde energy, blonde passion, blonde strength’. His image shows my superpower. Avedon was all about relationships. His relationship with us as colleagues and friends. His relationship with the subject of the shoot and the story we were telling. The relationship with space as he built incredible shapes using clothes and bodies. And most importantly the relationship with the viewer”.

“Avedon’s images capture a moment in time and yet remain timeless” (Donatella Versace)

Richard Avedon Shoe
Richard Avedon, Shoe by Perugia, Place du Trocadéro, Paris, August 1948 (ph. © The Richard Avedon Foundation)

“Just look into the eyes of the sitters in his portraits and lose yourself in an imagined relationship. Avedon’s images tell us their story with no words. They capture a moment in time and yet remain timeless. They continue to inspire all of us. They talk of power, beauty, seduction, and of humanity. I miss him but he is always with me in these extraordinary images and in my heart”.

Richard Avedon fashion Paris
Richard Avedon, Jean Shrimpton, evening dress by Cardin, Paris, January, 1970 (ph. © The Richard Avedon Foundation)

Richard Avedon Nastassja Kinski
Richard Avedon, Nastassja Kinski, Los Angeles, California, June 14, 1981 (ph. © The Richard Avedon Foundation)

Opening image: Nell’immagine in apertura, Richard Avedon, Nastassja Kinski, Los Angeles, California, June 14, 1981 (ph. © The Richard Avedon Foundation)

Ossie Clark & Celia Birtwell

Ossie Clark’s revolutionary designs in the late 1960s garnered him the title ‘King of King’s Road’, but the boundaries of he and his wife Celia Birtwell’s influence stretched far beyond the famous West London street. Not only did ‘Mr. and Mrs. Clark’ define an era in British history, but to this day their works continue to influence women’s fashion worldwide.

The subversive spirit of their works is epitomised by their close friend David Hockney’s infamous portrait of the couple. The living room of the Notting Hill townhouse in which they pose would traditionally have been regally and heavily decorated, instead we are met with the couple casually lounging barefoot with modern furniture and ornaments sparsely dotted across the floor of the room.

Celia Birtwell Ossie Clark
Celia Birtwell and Ossie Clark, ph. by Norman Bain

This daring modern outlook is reflected in the couple’ s designs; Celia’s bold Picasso and Matisse-inspired prints, which were magicked into graceful silhouettes by Ossie, borrowed qualities from the styles of the 30s and 40s, yet the end products were something entirely original.

The presentation of the garments employed a similar strategy. Staging shows in grand old venues such as the Royal Albert Hall or the Royal Court Theatre, Ossie filled these events with celebrities rather than PR or buyers, and let his models dance down the runway to scores composed by Pink Floyd and the like. 

Furthermore, the broader social context of this couple hailing from the north coming down to London and rewriting the rules of fashion embodied the zeitgeist of the times and their rapidly changing social politics. Ultimately, masters of the arts are made when originality and beauty come together, and the iconic designs of Ossie and Celia represented the perfect marriage between these two qualities.

Text by Antonio Moscogiuri

David Hockney Mr and Mrs Clark
David Hockney painting Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy, 1971

Love for nature and art: in conversation with Celia Birtwell

Celia Birtwell‘s education began at the Salford Art School in Manchester, where she earned a degree in Textile Design before moving to London in the early 1960s, where she produced the first fabrics for Op-art style furnishings. She was impressed by the exhibitions and collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum, in particular by Leon Bakst and Sergej Djagilev’s costumes for the Russian Ballets and the art of the historical avant-garde. These designs, together with her love of nature passed down by her father, were fundamental inspirations for her path.

Celia’s style plays on the unpredictability of combinations: a mix of flowers and stylized leaves reminiscent of Botticelli, sometimes combined with geometric elements or references ranging from medieval English tapestries to Cubism and Pointillism. Her fabrics are made with a particular technique called discharge printing: the design is made on already-dyed fabric using a bleaching agent that removes the background color only in the part to be printed, thus creating the design by subtraction. 

Celia Birtwell, Ossie Clark

The starting point for her prints are precisely her illustrations, preserved in the precious sketchbooks on display. As Celia herself recounts: Drawing was natural and I found it almost therapeutic. I started from defining the face that had to have personality, otherwise I wouldn’t continue

After the autumn/winter collection of 1974, Ossie and Celia went down different paths, continuing their work independently. Celia embarked down a path of interior design, developing collections for the home and collaborations with fashion brands thanks to an aesthetic consistency which, looking back, always remains current.

I met Celia at her London home where she also keeps her archive. She told me about the incredible adventure with Ossie Clark, life partner (with whom she had two children) and at work.

“It was the kind of marriage of the two ideas, and it was a great fusion”

How did you first meet Ossie?

I studied at Salford Art School while Ossie was at Manchester College of Art. A great friend of mine, Mo McDermott, introduced me to him. He was quite eccentric with a Beatle haircut and a pullover in brown leather with a V-neck. He was very stylish. And I came down for summer holiday to London, with the intention of going back to Manchester, and I never went back. Ossie said he had a little flat in Lafbrook Road, off Lafbrook Road, above a bicycle shop. So he said why don’t you come and stay with me there and the rest is history.

How was your professional collaboration?

It was curious because I’d only done textile design and he was a mastercutter anyway. My first memories was always keeping my sketchbooks going because I’d always kept the sketchbooks which he would look at and I guess his work was very structural. He was great at making – three-dimensional – shapes, which I’ve never been able to accomplish. I do flat patterns. I can’t draw in three dimensions and so he could make shapes and volume which I think is a talent which I don’t have.

My work was possibly more fantasy-like and will never be constructed because I wouldn’t have been able to make them work. He would look at my drawings and then he would soften up his broader and hard-edged line that he used to have in his drawings even and so he could encapsulate my kind of fantasy drawings and make them real. So that was the kind of marriage of the two ideas, and it was a great fusion.
I didn’t know designers before him but he obviously looked at 1930s V&A and people and looked at people drawing up working on the bias. And he could do all that on his own. 

Ossie Clark dress
Ossie Clark, Parrot, 1968, ph. by Jim Lee (©Jim Lee)

“Ossie’s clothes were beautifully cut and very feminine”

What is your first memory of Alice Pollock?

He met her outside the Albert Hall and told me: I’ve met a woman who shares the same birthday as me, June the 9th 1942, and she wants to do a collection with me. So, I went to a tiny boutique in Chelsea where she’d made clothes out of lace curtains. Ossie went in there and just showed a bit of his magic. She could see immediately that he had a very unusual talent. 

What could be Ossie’s most iconic dress?

There’s so many to choose from but I’m proudest of the ones with my prints on. He could make a plump woman look as well as a slim model shaped person because he knew all about structure. Ossie also knew how to do like a Botticelli dress like the one I wore when we got married. He made me lots of great skirts and little sweet jackets that I could zip myself up into. The shapes were quite controlling but they didn’t feel like corsets, in fact they were very feminine and never vulgar which was a bonus.

“For his fashion shows, Ossie created a vibrant multicultural show and started off a movement”

How did catwalk shows changed in his days?

He was the first person to put music to a fashion show and use people from different backgrounds to perform, including black and oriental models. During the 50s, when I was teenager, catwalk shows were very awkward and proper instead, people would walk on the stage rather correctly. Ossie created a vibrant multicultural show and started off a whole movement. Music was also a big part of that. He was great friends with Rolling Stones, John Lennon and George Harrison as we were all starting off at the same time. People always say “you must have had a great time in the 60s” and it was actually true.

What do you think about Ossie’s muses? 

His choice in models was really inspirational. Gala Mitchell was one of my favorites but I also liked Pattie Boyd and Kari-Ann Jagger. They stayed fairly loyal to him though he was difficult to work with. I think he would have been happier as a pop star because in fashion you have to keep going all the time. So, when he got rather famous, he should have had somebody looking after his business properly but he became very arrogant and nobody could have controlled him. As his caring side diminished, I got fed up with it. I think he was like those stars that shine bright but they never last too long. 

“We might say that Ossie’s Clark were quite classic and timeless in a way, but they were never vulgar”

How did you start creating a new collection?

He’d let me use whichever print I wanted. I’d go to the printers and choose an assortment of different fabrics, then I’d drive back and take them to his studio. Sometimes he’d phoned me or sent me a telegram to tell me they were beautiful and he would start working. He’d be so excited about a new sleeve or a new way of cutting a top. I really liked that part of the process because that’s when he was the most creative. He also worked with this wonderful person called Kathleen Coleman who would stand by him like a saint to develop the collection.

Which is the feature that made Ossie’s fashion unique?

Ossie’s clothes were beautifully cut and very feminine. We might say that they were quite classic and timeless in a way, but they were never vulgar, which means that they used to produce photographs of his transparent clothes with slight bosom showing. This is true for The Sun newspaper. The press was very enthusiastic and jumped on slightly bosomy girls who wore transparent blouses.

“I loved printed because I could experiment with color”

How did you work on prints? Why are they still modern today?

All the chiffons were printed at a place called Ivo prints and that’s where I worked all of my career.The technique I used was called pigment printing. Pigment printing means printing on the table and, if it’s chiffon, you have to pull it off because it sticks to the table. We wouldn’t be allowed to do it now because the inks and everything we use would dye. It might be used for furnishing fabrics but not for dress fabrics since techniques have changed so much.

When I printed at this place called Ivo Prints in South Wall, which is in London. I loved that part of the process because I could experiment with color. I had a sample table where I could try all the colors and that was a very creative period. I take credit for being modern because my prints have got an innocence that is also part of me. Mystic daisy was created in five minutes and Al Radley used to say “just bake more mystic daisies”. 

Jim Lee Ossie Clark
Ossie Clark, Plane Crash, ph. by Jim Lee (©Jim Lee)

How did you start working with Alfred Radley?

When Ossie had a studio in Burnsall Street in Chelsea, Alice Pollock met Alfred Radley – he was known as Al Radley – and immediately realized his talent. I suppose he was from the rag trade and had a big soft spot for Ossie. He thought he could do a diffusion line under his name and they both could benefit from it but Ossie never really liked him. When Al Radley took him to Japan, Ossie stayed in bed at the hotel the whole time. However, Al Radley had great respect for Ossie and would have done anything to make him work.

“Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy was such a big part of my life and I think it was marvelous to be the muse”

What about your friendship with David Hockney?

Moe McDermott, my darling friend from Salford, introduced me to David Hockney when he was doing his final year degree show at the Royal College of Art but I just said hello at that time. David had to take another look at me because I was friend with Peter Schlesinger, who came over to England to live with him, and he found me amusing. That was the start of our friendship. He took me to New York, Los Angeles, and later on we spent three months in a rented house in Malibu. Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy was such a big part of my life and I think it was marvelous to be the muse. We borrowed the painting when I did a show with Ossie in Warrington, which is where he comes from. It was memorable.

Tell us about The Biggest Splash.

It started off as a documentary about David Hockney’s career when he was breaking up with Peter Schlesinger. When I had to read the lines, it was quite intrusive for me because Jack, his director, turned it into an unhappy love story. I remember saying to David “this film might be a big movie” but he thought he wouldn’t be going anywhere. The rest is history.

Ossie Clark Celia Birtwell exhibition
Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell, exhibition at Prato Textile Museum

What is your opinion about Ossie’s diaries?

When I went to Bloomsbury, where the diaries were produced, I was very poor. I looked at them and I thought they were so personal that I would never have let them be released. A great friend of Ossie’s called Henrietta Rouse edited them. I never agreed to them being released because it was a private part of Ossie and I felt that she didn’t read through them. I’ve always thought they were a big mistake because I want him to be remembered for his wonderful talent as a fashion designer.

“I’ve always thought Ossie’s diaries were a big mistake because I want him to be remembered for his wonderful talent as a fashion designer”

How was life after the divorce? 

After I finished with Ossie in the late middle 70s, I did part-time teaching but, unless I’d had wonderful students who would have benefited from my knowledge, I wanted to do my own thing. So, I managed to save enough money and opened a little shop in Westbourne Park Road in Notting Hill where I worked for 25 years.

At the very beginning, I thought I’d do fabrics both for fashion and home. Then, I realized that I’d have a lot more time for my sons if I focused on home because fashion is a full-time energy engaging career. When my daughter in law Bella took over the shop, we started working with big companies like Millet or Boots and eventually the shop became a studio. In my life I had a few boyfriends before I met Andy. He’s not in fashion at all, which is probably quite refreshing. Now I’ve got gorgeous grandchildren that I adore and I can say that I’ve been a very lucky person.

What are your happiest memories of Ossie?

I’ve got quite a few happy memories of him. We had a lot of fun when we were younger: we’d go to parties together, we’d go to antique markets and buy ridiculous things, we even bought a house we couldn’t afford. Actually, I never lived in that house because he told my mother it had to be in his way, so I didn’t move in. Once we went off to Granada in a silver Buick car and we drove through the mountains at night playing music as loud as you can imagine. There were many happy times but then, alas, there were a lot of unhappy ones.

Text by Federico Poletti

Ossie Clark mostra

Ossie Clark collezioni

Ossie Clark abiti

Opening image: Ossie Clark, Plane Crash, ph. by Jim Lee (©Jim Lee)


Déshabillé and rhinestone-encrusted shorts, underwear and texan boots, perforated lace and denim, dark leather garments and high-end home décor collections. These are the stylistic coordinates of the fashion story Downtown, created – exclusively for Manintown – by Giuseppe Attanasio.

Manintown editorial
Total look Gucci, jewelry Vincent Vintage Bijoux

Garcon de Famille
Total look N°21, hand jewelry Garçon de Famille, necklaces Vincent Vintage Bijoux

Vincent Vintage Bijoux
Total look N°21, hand jewelry Garçon de Famille, necklaces Vincent Vintage Bijoux

Marsèll brand
Total look Wayerob, shoes Marsèll, earrings & hand jewelry Garçon de Famille

Givenchy uomo collezioni

loungewear trend 2022
Total look Wayerob, shoes Marsèll, earrings & hand jewelry Garçon de Famille

Antonio Marras uomo
Total looks Antonio Marras, boots Marsèll

Gucci camicia uomo 2022

Dolce&Gabbana Casa
Total looks Dolce&Gabbana Casa


Photography Giuseppe Attanasio 

Art Direction Fabrizio Bezzi

Stylist Jessica Iorio

Stylist assistants Benedetta De Martino, Ilinca Iulia Rosu, Dario Pasqualini

Video Raffaele Depergola 

Grooming Manuel Ian Farro 

Talents Umberto Manca e Unai Nartra @Independent MGMT

Opening image: Umberto Manca wears total look Valentino, gioielli Vincent Vintage Bijoux


Monogram backpacks, bomber jackets with a collegiate attire, must-have urban pieces (caps, sweatshirts, chest bags…), men’s wardrobe staples enlivened by bright colours, and lots of denim, reinterpreted in the most diverse ways, including jackets, five-pocket pants and trousers with logos. These are the essential ingredients of the “Defait” fashion story, which entrusts Roberto Autuori’s images to tell the tale of the best men fashion for autumn/winter 2022/23.

Moschino fall 2022
Total looks Moschino

Ferragamo men 2022
Total look Ferragamo

Ferragamo men fashion
Total look Ferragamo

Avant Toi uomo
Shirt and jeans Levi’s, sweater Avant Toi, shoes Roberto Cavalli, cap Diesel

Diesel collezione 2022
Total look Diesel

Zegnafall winter
Sweater and leather trousers Zegna, boots Moschino

Diesel brand 2022
Total look Diesel

Boss collezioni 2022
Total looks Boss

Levi's men 2022
Coat Avant Toi, shirt and jeans Levi’s

Valentino sneakers 2022
Total look Valentino

Valentino men 2022
Total look Valentino


Photographer Roberto Autuori

Fashion editor and stylist Muccino Amatulli

Ph. assistant Cristina Proietti Panatta

Stylist assistant Giulia Palmisciano

Make-up artist Azzurra Cogotti

Hair stylist Francesco Termine

Set assistant Isabella Giustiniani, Giorgia Riva

Videomaker Luca Matteucci

Video editor Gloria D’Ascanio

Model Federico M. and Francesco @Zoe Factory

Opening image: total look Ferragamo


A fashion story (shot for Manintown by photographer Giovanni Peschi, with styling by Giorgio Ammirabile) in which the creations of the Giberne brand take centre stage. To design the label’s bags, the creative director, Amis Garrigue, looks to the bullet bags that used to accessorise the uniforms of historical figures such as Napoleon and King Gustav II of Sweden, proposing itself as a lifestyle brand in balance between art and fashion, aimed at brilliant, self-confident men and women.

Giberne fashion
Blazer POAN, leather pants Gemini, bag Giberne

The feathers, Giberne’s logo, represent the values dear to the brand, which are freedom, unity, strength, individuality and quality craftsmanship, sublimated in bags designed as collector’s pieces, to be handed down from generation to generation.

Manintown fashion man
Bag with shoulder metal mesh Giberne

Gemini fashion brand
Strap with shoulder metal mesh Giberne, leather shorts Gemini

Akoni sunglasses
Trench and bag Giberne, sunglasses Akoni

Vivienne Westwood collezioni 2022
Velvet blazer Erdem, shirt Blouseworks, pants Vivienne Westwood, bag Giberne


Photographer Giovanni Peschi

Stylist Giorgio Ammirabile

Model Georgi Nikolov @Ivet Fashion Model Management

Photographed at Giberne Studio, Florence

Giuseppe Allocca #2

Photographer Davide Musto creates a series of intimate, steady shots where the expressivity of the protagonist, the model Giuseppe Allocca, make a real difference. He moves nonchalantly in front of his lens, interchanging  bright velvet clothes and sharp blue suits.

Manintown model
Total look Antony Morato

Giuseppe Allocca model
Top photographer’s archive

Antony Morato uomo 2022
Antony Morato uomo 2022

 Avant Toi brand
Total look Avant Toi


Model Giuseppe Allocca @Crew Model Management

Photographer Davide Musto

Fashion Editor Rosamaria Coniglio

Opening image: total look Avant Toi

Daniil K

The absolute protagonist of Igor Vavilov‘s retro-flavoured , analogue fashion story is Daniil Kudryavtsev aka Daniil K, who combines his work as a model with that of photographer, art director and stylist. Here we see him roaming the streets of Istanbul and posing in elegant interiors in the Turkish city, drawing on a selection of big and new names for his outfits, both renowned labels (like Miu Miu, Dries Van Noten and Yohji Yamamoto) and prominent Turkish brands (Emre Erdemoğlu, For Fun), with artsy hats, slouchy blazers, printed shirts and loose-fitting denim pants.

fashion story Manintown
Jacket Dries Van Noten, tank top For Fun, trousers Emre Erdemoğlu, sandals Vagabond

Dries Van Noten men 2022
Jacket Dries Van Noten, tank top For Fun

Emre Erdemoğlu brand
Jacket Emre Erdemoğlu

Vagabond shoes men 2022
Shirt Emre Erdemoğlu, jeans Miu Miu, sandals Vagabond

hats fashion men 2022
Hat Daniel Nyström, vest Hockerty

Hockerty brand uomo
Vest Hockerty, shorts Degrave Paris

Manintown black white

Degrave Paris men
Vest Hockerty, shorts Degrave Paris

Manintown Youth Babilonia 2022


Photographer Igor Vavilov

Model and stylist Daniil K

Brais Albor, the young Spanish designer who challenges the definition of manhood

The 28-year-old designer Brais Albor, who has just graduated from Central Saint Martins College, presented his first menswear collection in March, during the prestigious London School MA in Fashion Show, which returned to the live format after the stop caused by the pandemic. The collective fashion show was held during the London Fashion Week and it allowed 32 students to show their respective collections. Among them we have Albor, with his mix of sartorial codes, womenswear elements, shapes and suggestions taken from the animal world and a great use of irony (aimed at breaking down the stereotypes traditionally associated with the idea of manhood), to define the identity of a “Powerful and Revolutionary Human”, as he said. This first show earned him entry to the shortlist of finalists for the 2022 edition of ITS – International Talent Support, committed to scouting and supporting emerging fashion talents.

Brais Albor
Brais Albor wears clothes and accessories of his eponymous brand

We asked him a few questions in order to get to know better a creative man that is set to make his way in the menswear industry.

Interview with Brais Albor

What are your background and professional experiences?

I did my BA courses in Santiago de Compostela at EASD Mestre Mateo and with this I came to Milan to do my Erasmus course the last year of the BA at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. This is when I met Milan and I really enjoy the city. I have been doing this Erasmus Course, a Erasmus Internship at Casa D’Arte Fiore, where I have been working for 3 years and a half. Here I was a menswear pattern maker for cinema and theatre and I learned a lot about historical costume, fashion and structures. I tried to work in fashion in Milan but after been rejected a lot of times I decided to study more, so I applied (twice) to Central Saint Martins and I went to London to do my MA in Fashion. I have been one of the student who did the catwalk during LFW to show my collection. The final collection of the MA is the same one that I used to apply to ITS. After the show Marc Goehring (Fashion Director at “032c magazine”, author’s note) meets my collection and after chats with him, he comes over London to support me with his experience and talent styling my collection for the campaign and look book pictures.

“I want to make the wearer feel powerful and strong”

Brais Albor brand collezione
Brais Albor Fall/Winter 2022 collection

Tell us about the concept of your brand, your first collection and your idea of masculinity.

About my collection: I want to shift non-standard sized bodies from being concealed and buried into the spotlight. I emphasise their bodies in tailored constructions, hugging and elevating their physique. Using sartorial fashion, I want to make the wearer feel powerful and strong. It is almost like the gentleman wearing a suit as strong as a chainsaw whilst being as sweet as poetry on the inside.

My debut collection “Descent of Human, and natural Selection in Relation to Love” is based on the reality of toxic masculinity, the Dandy figure of the 20th century and animal instincts. Combined, they create the uniform of the character I created- the “Powerful and Revolutionary Human”, capable and determined to be a part of the change. Therefore, the casting was very important to me. I wanted to use real humans, with traditional non-runway sizes. They contrast with the garments and break the traditional stereotypes of men in fashion. Essentially, it is a masculine menswear collection created in the most un-masculine way in order to create a new identity. I worked with sustainable textures and materials, by using deadstock fabric. This allowed me to create high-quality garments whilst being environmentally conscious. Additionally, the shoes have been made in collaboration with Atelier Vania, an Italian family business. In the beginning, Atelier Vania made shoes for transgender women, and after this collaboration, they decided to make high heels for everyone. This added heritage to the value of my collection. All of these elements give my characters, the models, the tools to fight for the revolution of love.

Brais Albor ITS Trieste
Brais Albor Fall/Winter 2022 collection

Brais Albor ITS Trieste

“My Spanish blood and hometown culture make me create the garments on that way”

Where is the Spanish influence in your work?

The Spanish influence is probably reflected everywhere. I mean, my Spanish blood and hometown culture make me create the garments on that way, criticizing in a ironic way that we understand as “Macho Iberico”. This toxic traditional stereotype of man which I would break and use it to create something new who represent better my culture and ideas.

Why did you choose to move to Italy?

I’m choosing Italy at the moment as I think it is very similar to the Spanish culture but bigger in terms of fashion. In my opinion, people here enjoy life more than other countries, and the mix between work and enjoy here is perfect. So, my next project is the one to stay here, working for some fashion company to get the experience and try to understand if I am able to produce and launch my own brand in the future. Nowadays I just do custom pieces of my collection and new creations. I would love to launch a new collection but after all the expenses of the MA it is not easy to have the support to create at the moment.

Brais Albor Instagram
Brais Albor

“I criticize in a ironic way that we understand as Macho Iberico”

Your signature piece and favourite textile.

My favourite piece from my collection is the coat I wore during the show. It is made in mohair wool fur that I dyed by hand as was yellow (this was stock from a London based brand) and I get this texture and colour during the process. I really like it for this reason I will wear it during the winter. I even love the trousers of the LOOK 3  (was my first trouser idea and development and from this one the others was born) and the good thing of that collection as I did all the sizes as me or bigger, I can wear the garments. This was made in rat grey wool with contrast pieces made in cream wool trying to imitate the calico which we use in fashion for prototypes.

Brais Albor designer
Brais Albor

Opening image: the first Brais Albor men’s collection

Gianluca Saitto closes the Méditerranée – Taranto and la Dolce Vita event with the fashion show ‘Couture in fieri’

Méditerranée – Taranto and the Dolce Vita, a two-day event dedicated to art, fashion, history, culture and traditions, has just come to an end. The special guest of the first edition was Gianluca Saitto. He’s an eclectic designer whose made-to-measure creations, balanced between sophistication and flawless tailoring, have seduced fans of the likes of Loredana Bertè, Patty Pravo, Renato Zero and Gianna Nannini.

Taranto fashion show
The Gianluca Saitto fashion show in Taranto

The couturier brought to Piazza Castello, in the heart of the city, 30 looks from his latest collection, “Couture in fieri”, that is a summa of the cornerstones of the eponymous label,beginning with embroderies and appliqués (executed strictly by hand) on long dresses, sharp blazers, minidresses and soft skirts. The enhancement of the silhouette through very accurate cuts, see-through effects, refined textures, shiny and metallic-looking fabric (a reference to the shiny outfits – literally – of the 70s rock icons, an eternal source of inspiration for Saitto) is an other atout of the brand. Moreover, some outfits were completed for the occasion by haute couture headwear by Pasquale Bonfilio, an authentic artist of handcrafted millinery.

30 outfits that sum up Saitto’s creative journey

On the sidelines of the fashion show, Gianluca Saitto said: “I accepted with great enthusiasm the invitation of Mario Rigo and Angelo Labriola, creators of the “Méditerranée” format, who want to actively contribute to the rebirth of the city. I was immediately fascinated by the hidden beauty of the city, a cradle of the Magna Graecia,as it looks to the challenges of the future from a glorious past. Similarly, I draw inspiration from the best craft traditions, such as embroidery, to transform them into something contemporary. In the heart of the ancient city, I presented 30 garments that summarize the journey of these 10 years of activity, whose protagonists are the dresses in shades of gold and silver, as they play on an exceptional brightness stressed by the precious broderies and hand-applied crystals. A true tribute to Italian savoir-faire”.

Gianluca Saitto
Gianluca Saitto

According to Mario Rigo, this collection “represents a compendium of Gianluca Saitto’s most spectacular creations and his vision of fashion constantly evolving (in fieri), in which the traditions of embroidery are newly interpreted from a contemporary perspective, enhancing evening gowns and suits with structured jackets. It is precisely the kind of sartorial workmanship that could be realized in our Taranto”.

An outstanding fashion show closes an event that promotes the excellences of Taranto

With Saitto’s fashion show, the first edition of the kermesse “Méditerranée – Taranto and the Dolce Vita” came to a close, transforming Taranto’s old city into a laboratory of solutions to make the ancient part of the city, a treasure chest of ancient history, with a project that involved institution and local entrepreneurs. Mario Rigo and Angelo Labriola stated: “It was important to organize a major haute couture event in Taranto, the first in a long series of events created to enhance our city and the handmade.

Taranto shows 2022
“Couture in fieri” fashion show

Our goal is to make people discover the values of our territory, its roots, its art and culture with a constructive attitude. That is why we have discussed the event dedicated to Saitto to recover ancient crafts and artisan workshops in the noble palaces under restoration. We want to bring out the local tradition of byssus, a technique used by high fashion which can be revived thanks to young people. To create a bridge with Milan, since Puglia is an important production hub for fashion. Taranto could train new generations by recovering these dying crafts. Together with the city administration and entrepreneurs, we will bring out the often hidden Beauty of this territory. We thank Gianluca Saitto, who was the first one to give his art to uncover the ancient city in a new way”.


Opening image: the finale of the Gianluca Saitto fashion show in Taranto

Giuseppe Allocca

Model Giuseppe Allocca, who has a penetrating gaze and flowing dark hair, wears for Manintown outfits that anticipate some of next season’s menswear biggest trends, from oversize to a reinterpretation of the classic two-piece suit.

Manintown editoriale black white

In Davide Musto’s shots we see him sporting garments and accessories that express the unique vision of brands such as Dsquared2, MSGM, JordanLuca, Giuseppe Zanotti, Davii, Yezael by Angelo Cruciani, switching between low-cut jumpsuits, lime-coloured suits with flared trousers, grunge-style checked blazers and satin-finish suits.

male models editorial 2022
Jumpsuit Davii

Jordanluca collezione uomo 2022
Total look JordanLuca, shoes Giuseppe Zanotti, necklaces stylist’s archive

Dsquared2 jacket men 2022
Total look Dsquared2, boots Karl Lagerfeld

model man new faces

jumpsuit men fashion 2022
Jumpsuit Davii

Angelo Cruciani
Shirt Yezael by Angelo Cruciani, pants Simon Cracker

Manintown editorial moda
Total look Yezael by Angelo Cruciani

Model Giuseppe Allocca @CmodelsCrew

Photographer Davide Musto

Ph. assistant Valentina Ciampaglia

Stylist Federica Mele

Grooming Maria Livia Igliozzi @Making Beauty Management

Opening image: shirt Yezael by Angelo Cruciani, trousers Simon Cracker

In the mood for Milan

The photos by Davide Simonelli that you can see on this page, exclusively for Manintown, are inspired by the films from the golden decades of auteur cinema, from the 1960s to the 1990s. The work, as the author explains, is also a personal homage to the flawless style of the director Wong Kar-Wai, who is praised for the emotional strength of his films, also conveyed – and perhaps above all – by their visual elegance, with colour palettes designed in every detail and a masterful use of lights.

Milano fashion shooting

The Chinese model Jun Lai, one of the most interesting new talents in modelling, poses before the photographer’s lens. Dressed from head to toe in black, with figure-hugging jackets, skinny jeans and tartan skirts, he moves from sunny exteriors to the interiors of a vintage building in Milan, where his total black outfits clash with the light pink shade of the walls, instilling some charisma and charm into every shot.

male Brave Models 2022

Milano editoriale moda

Milano moda shooting

cinematographic editorial fashion

Manintown fashion editorial

Manintown model editorial


Model Jun Lai @Brave Models

Photographer Davide Simonelli

Make-up and hair Rachele Faggian

Manintown returns to the Venice Film Festival with the Next Generation Awards

Between the end of August and the beginning of September, the who’s who of the seventh art lands in the Laguna for the Venice Film Festival, an highlight, together with Cannes, of the international cinematographic festivals circuit. There will be premieres, awards ceremonies, red carpets full of stars and, along with them, the Next Generation Awards powered by Manintown, organised by the magazine and MI HUB Agency, a project that seals the magazine’s ongoing commitment to promoting the rising stars of Italian film and, more generally, creative scene. The initiative was created to concretely support the new talents of Italian cinema, as in the case for Giancarlo Commare and Ludovica Francesconi, who were awarded in 2021 and quickly established themselves as two leading names of the new generation of Italian actors, collecting roles in first-rate works and authoritative awards.

The four award-winners of the 2nd edition of the Next Generation Awards powered by Manintown

The second edition of the awards will take place on Thursday 8 September in an exceptional location, the Campari Lounge | Terrazza Biennale at the Venice Lido, on the rooftop of the Palazzo del Cinema, the kermesse’s main venue. Of course, the protagonists will be the four award-winners, namely Nicolas Maupas (best revelation actor), Carolina Sala (best revelation actress), Matteo Oscar Giuggioli and Amanda Campana, who will be there for two special prizes.

They are all emerging talents, in their twenties or early twenties, who have, however, already demonstrated their ability to juggle different genres and contexts, moving with ease from the big to the small screen, from plays to cult series among the younger and youngest people.

Nicolas Maupas, known for the role of Alessandro Gassmann/Dario Balestra’s son in “Un professore”, was among the protagonists of the emotional series “Mare fuori”, while Carolina Sala made her theatre debut and then went from psychological thrillers (“Vetro”) to Netflix (“Fedeltà”) and Rai (“La guerra è finita”, “Pezzi unici”) productions. Amanda Campana and Matteo Giuggioli are versatile and successful performers too, appearing in successful films and series such as “Summertime” and “Bastardi a mano armata” (in Campana’s case) and “Buongiorno mamma!”, “Vostro onore”, “Sotto il sole di Riccione”, “Il filo invisibile” (in Giuggioli’s).They also starred together in “Suspicious Minds”, which will be released soon.

Amanda Campana e Matteo Oscar Giuggioli, two successful performers, starred together in “Suspicious Minds”

The actress says in this regard that she’s “truly honoured and happy about this recognition from Manintown, especially to receive it at the Venice Film Festival. My grandfather had been asking me for a while when I would go, and seeing him touched and full of pride was a huge satisfaction for the work during these years, which began with ‘Summertime’, my stepping stone to Netflix, and then went on to other films and other wonderful people I have worked with, up to the latest project in which I took part together with Matteo Oscar, directed by the flawless Emiliano Corapi”.

Her set colleague, who shares the same enthusiasm, states: “My first Festival is also my first real time in Venice. I had bet that it would be at the Festival. Until last night it was something to watch every now and then. I’m one of those who grew up with the balcony chats with grandpa and all the biggest dreams. We will see each other soon in Emilia Mazzacurati’s ‘Billy’, a film by a lovely girl who made me realise that we are not alone in the world. Then, with ‘Suspicious Minds’ by Emiliano Corapi and ‘My Soul Summer’ by Fabio Mollo”.

The four winners in Jacopo Ascari’s artworks

To underline the project’s creative thread, MI HUB Agency and Manintown commissioned the artwork portraying the four actors by Jacopo Ascari. The illustrator combined art, fashion and architecture (one of his great passions) in watercolour drawings, depicting the faces of the award-winners with vividly coloured reproductions of iconic places and symbols of the Venetian city, from the gondolas (dominated by the winged lion) to the Palazzo del Casinò, the basilica and the bell tower of San Marco. He wanted to reconcile portraiture and representative views of Venice because as he explains “a beautiful article from 1937 states that the vital finding of the Exhibition is the Venetian insularity of the Lido”.

A project that seals the scouting activity by Manintown

Federico Poletti, founder and Editor-in-chief of Manintown, notes how “today talking about new generations and young talents has become a real trend. It is a panorama that years ago was unimaginable, but today it has exploded and is growing thanks to new platforms. This only confirms our vocation for scouting, a path that began several years ago and whose importance we were among the first ones to grasp. The Next Generation Award allows us to make it more concrete, identifying the talents we want to bet on and offering them great visibility in the context of one of the most recognised and important events in the sector, the Venice International Film Festival“.

Carolina Sala Instagram
Carolina Sala photographed by Filippo Thiella for Manintown

These words are echoed by the magazine’s photographer and head of scouting, Davide Musto: “Bringing these young people to Venice, accompanying them on their first red carpets and shooting them for the cover stories (the cover stories of the next issue of Manintown, to be published for the Rome Film Festival, will be dedicated to Maupas, Sala, Campana and Giuggioli. We expect great results from the four award-winners of this edition, you will see them in films and productions that will represent an important stage in their careers. We often have the privilege, but also the courage, to stand by these authentic talents from the very beginning of their journey, supporting them through editorial projects and initiatives such as the Next Generation Award”.

“Manintown has the privilege, but also the courage, to stand by these authentic talents from the very beginning of their journey”

Massimo Pozzi Chiesa, General Manager of MI HUB Agency, explains that “MI HUB, an agency born thanks to the partnership between Supernova Hub and Manintown, has consolidated in recent months its vocation in the search for talent and in the organisation of events, from Pitti Uomo to abroad with American Dream. Thanks to the synergy with Supernova, we are developing services and tools dedicated to enhancing talent and their creative potential, in connection with brands that need to speak to the new generations through digital languages. This award shows the consistency with which this scouting activity is carried out, and represents an important and propaedeutic project for future developments”.

The appointment with the Next Generation Awards is on Thursday 8 September, at the Campari Lounge | Terrazza Biennale in Venice Lido. For accreditations and info [email protected]


Two photographers with a sleek authorial flair, specialized in portraits of great intensity, join forces for an editorial exclusively published by Manintown.
For “Halite” (this is the title of the four-handed shoot by Anthony Pomes and Sébastien Marchand), both artists pictured Amaury, and the images are showed side by side in a specular way, as in the diptychs of classical painting.

The sporty clothes chosen for the shooting, designed by Marine Serre, Solid Homme, Rufskin and Ouest Paris, emphasize the sculptural physique of the model, focusing on stretched shapes, transparencies and perforated knit textures, thus enhancing the expressive allure of pictures that are the (marvellous) backdrop for the waves and rocks of a cliff overlooking the deep blue French sea.


Photographers Anthony Pomes & Sébastien Marchand

Model Amaury Bent @Bananas Models

Opening image: parka Solid Homme

Summer in the City

Model and professional skater Aaron Douglas Nielsen “performs” clothes and accessories from the Ten Minutes To Moon latest collection, a street-oriented label that combines accuracy and sustainability.

Manintown Youth Babilonia fashion
Total look Ten Minutes To Moon, shoes Nike, socks and jewels model’s archive

Using the skateboard for his tricks or as a simple support to relax during summertime, in the Manintown shoot the model naturally emphasises the utilitarian (but always refined) essence of the garments of a brand projected, as its name suggests, towards the greatness of the universe.

Manintown fashion 2022
Total look Ten Minutes To Moon, shoes Nike, socks and jewels model’s archive

Manintown shooting summer 2022
Total look Ten Minutes To Moon, shoes Nike, socks and jewels model’s archive

Ten minutes to moon brand
Total look Ten Minutes To Moon, jewels model’s archive

Manintown editorial fashion 2022
Total look Ten Minutes To Moon, shoes Nike, socks and jewels model’s archive

Manintown shooting fashion 2022
Total look Ten Minutes To Moon, shoes Nike, socks and jewels model’s archive

Ten minutes to moon 2022
Total look Ten Minutes To Moon, shoes Nike, socks and jewels model’s archive


Model Aaron Douglas Nielsen

Photographer Davide Musto

Ph. assistant Valentina Ciampaglia

Opening image: total look Ten Minutes To Moon, shoes Nike

Jozef Gjura

Among the most promising names of the new generation of Italian actors, Jozef Gjura owns an impressive CV. He made his film debut in Mario Martone’s multi-award-winning “Capri-Revolution”, then he participated in the popular teen dramedy “Sul più bello” and its two sequels, “Ancora più bello” and “Sempre più bello”.

Jozef Gjura
Total look and shoes Çanaku, necklace and earring Ilenia Corti Vernissage, rings stylist’s archive

For Youth Babilonia editorial, the 28-year-old actor shows the same dynamism and versatility that he displayed on screen, interpreting the most disparate fashion moods through the fancy combinations chosen for him by the stylist, with the key pieces of renowned labels and talented designers (e.g. Salvatore Ferragamo, Dolce&Gabbana, Paul Smith, Çanaku, Vìen, Ilenia Corti Vernissage). We see him first wrapped in a total leather in a rock look or dressed in velvet jackets completed with eye-catching jeweller. Then, he interprets a vintage elegance (with spotless trousers and neck scarf) or wears checked kilts, lurex pullovers with shiny details, bandana print blouses worn with dark trousers and studded trainers.

men fashion trends 2022 leather
Total look Desa 1972, jewels stylist’s archive

Jozef Gjura film
Jacket and shoes Salvatore Ferragamo, trousers Grifoni, foulard Antonio Marras, earring Ilenia Corti Vernissage, rings and socks stylist’s archive

Manintown editorial black white
Total look Dolce&Gabbana

lurex moda uomo 2022
Sweater Çanaku, trousers Paul Smith, boots Salvatore Ferragamo, earring Ilenia Corti Vernissage, rings stylist’s archive

Jozef Gjura actor
Total look Çanaku, necklace and earring Ilenia Corti Vernissage, rings stylist’s archive

Antonio Marras fashion men 2022
Kilt Antonio Marras, necklace Ilenia Corti Vernissage, rings and socks stylist’s archive

Dolce Gabbana sneakers men 2022
Total look Dolce&Gabbana


Talent Jozef Gjura

Photographer Davide Musto

Stylist Alfredo Fabrizio

Photographer assistant Valentina Ciampaglia

Stylist assistant Federica Mele

Make-up Annagioia Catone

Location Studio Photografia

Opening image: total look Çanaku, necklace and earring Ilenia Corti Vernissage, rings stylist archive

Nordic Sun – Uncensored Bodies

The latest chapter of the “Uncensored Bodies” project bears the signature of Arnoldas Kubilius. The photographer (he is of Lithuanian origin, though he lives and works in Luxembourg) has made the body the subject of his pictures, investigating it through close-ups that linger on anatomical details or eye-catching plastic poses.

Uncensored Bodies magazine
Ph. by Arnoldas Kubilius

The “Nordic Sun” series – exclusively on Manintown – was shot in Oslo. Lights and shadows chasing each other over the powerful physique of the model, concealing some details and giving emphasis on others, celebrate the expressive power of the male nude once again.

nude photography fashion
Ph. by Arnoldas Kubilius

magazine moda uomo nudo
Ph. by Arnoldas Kubilius

magazine moda uomo bianco nero
Ph. by Arnoldas Kubilius

Manintown black white photo
Ph. by Arnoldas Kubilius

Manintown photography
Ph. by Arnoldas Kubilius

Manintown nude photos
Ph. by Arnoldas Kubilius

Manintown magazine editorial
Ph. by Arnoldas Kubilius


Photographer Arnoldas Kubilius

Model Håvard Grastveit

Haroun Fall

Haroun Fall (26 years old actor of Senegalese origin, known for his roles in successful films and series such as ‘Zero’, ‘Cobra non è’, ‘Arrivano i prof’, ‘L’amore strappato’) poses for Manintown magazine, nonchalantly making his own the must-haves of the dégagé style, with casual and street accents, that go for the most today.

Haroun Fall actor
Total look Louis Vuitton

In these pictures taken by Davide Musto, we see him dressed in over suits and monogrammed bucket hats by Louis Vuitton, knitted waistcoats, tailored pants and checked jumpers by Moschino, denim dungarees and chunky trainers by Dolce&Gabbana. Haroun shows a remarkable eclecticism, which allows him to dive – and stand out – into any situation.

Haroun Fall interview
Total look Moschino

Haroun Fall serie
Vest and pants Missoni, shoes Doucal’s

Haroun Fall shooting
Denim dungarees and sneakers Dolce&Gabbana

Haroun Fall Netflix
Total look Louis Vuitton

Manintown cover
Vest and pants Missoni, shoes Doucal’s

Haroun Fall fashion
Vest and pants Missoni, shoes Doucal’s

Talent Haroun Fall

Photographer Davide Musto

Stylist Stefania Sciortino

Ph. assistant Valentina Ciampaglia

Make-up Iman El Feshawy @makingbeautymanagement

Location TH Roma – Carpegna Palace Hotel

Opening image: total look Louis Vuitton

Italian cinema has never been so cool: Giancarlo Commare

Photographer and Talent Director Davide Musto

Production and styling Alessia Caliendo

Grooming Kemon

Location Teatro Brancaccio Roma

Special thanks to Romeow cat bistrot

Photographer’s assistants Dario Tucci, Riccardo Albanese and Valentina Ciampaglia

Stilyst’s assistant Andrea Seghesio

COVER total look COVER – Valentino

Giancarlo Commare was recently awarded at Venice 78′ with the Next Generation Awards of MANINTOWN; we can say that it wasn’t difficult to choose him, in fact, his own path revealed him as the best actor of the new generation of talents of Italian cinema. In recent years he has entered Italian homes with TV series such as “SKAM”, which have left a breach in the audience. He started as a dancer and then became an actor with a thousand facets as we can appreciate now in the cinema.

His performance in “Masculine Singular”, with the role of a gay guy who undertook in such a natural way that he could approach the user without superstructures, for this reason he was welcomed by the LGBT public with open arms.

I would call him a free actor, as he grows up with the roles he chooses to live, and this is the magic of cinema and for an interpreter it is the magic of life. Now we found him at the cinema with “Ancora più bello”, the sequel of “Sul più bello” alongside Ludovica Francesconi.

How do you feel in arriving in Venice, fare il red carpet, and be rewarded?

What do you ask me? How can I describe such a great emotion in two words. I had always told myself that I would never do the red carpet in Venice for no reason, just for the ambition to be there, and I waited for it to happen, and that’s all.

The only thing was that when I end up on the red carpet it all seemed absurd with amplified emotions. Now, however, I must say that just before lengthening the first step in front of the photographers, also because in doing the second step I was about to stumble, I felt a bit like what happens in movies when your whole life passes in front of you, this is what happened to me at that moment.

And what did you see?

Everything from the beginning, like an unfolded coil, from when I was a waiter, to when I cleaned the toilet of the restaurant at the end of the night, my childhood, the sacrifices, there were moments where I really had nothing inside the refrigerator and when I opened it it echoed.

I also thought of my father, with whom I don’t have a tie. I must say that were the worst things that surfaced in those moments, fortunately it lasted a moment, also because then I realized that it was my turn and it was my turn to smile at the photographers.

For the first time in my life I said to myself: Giancarlo, Giancarlo, you deserve it, go!

Why did you say only then such a phrase, you’ve already achieved several goals…

That’s just me, I’m really pretentious to me and everything I did was never enough, inside me I always heard the voice that said, you need to do more, it isn’t enough, and for this reason I’ve never enjoyed the merits I’ve been given or that I’ve taken.

Even during this last year, where many things happened, it’s like I didn’t have full consciousness.

I’ve experienced Venice as a light on all my work in recent years.

We can say that you have been a privileged, ‘cause between a lockdown and the other you have never stopped

I am surprised too, but apart from the first two months where we all stopped, then I resumed immediately, and before the pandemic it was exactly twenty-five months that I worked non-stop.

In some moments I acted on four different sets at the same time without even realizing it.

And now you also enter the sequel of “Sul più bello”.

That’s right, in three months we shot both sequels “Ancora più bello” and “Sempre più bello”.

I must admit that it was a complex for me on a personal level, I was going through a difficult time e and shooting two films together I think it is never easy, in addition, I had to complete other works and, at the end, I always found myself on the train commuting between Turin and Rome.

Call me by your name – Editorial

Layering, wraparound coats, loose-fitting jackets, trench coats with contrasting details. These are the stylistic ingredients of the “Call me by your name” fashion editorial, shooted for Manintown by Davide Musto.

Manintown magazine fashion
Trench and body Vìen, boots RBRSL

Manintown magazine
Trench and body Vìen, boots RBRSL

Manintown magazine fashion editorial
Denim jacket, shorts and knit leggings Andrea Pompilio, shoes Green George, denim hat Borsalino

Etro mens knitwear
Knit top Etro, hat Bonfilio

Brioni total look
Total look Brioni

men hats luxury
Hat Bonfilio


Model Jason Chuck @boommodels

Photographer Davide Musto

Stylist Davide Pizzotti

Ph. assistant Davide Simonelli

Grooming Maura Eleonora Vanja Corbetta @theagencyaldocoppola

Opening image: trench and body Vìen, boots RBRSL

Dodge Dunlap

A creature with an otherworldly yet carnal attitude, with the features and manners of those “mischievous fairies” Shakespeare spoke of in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. The model Dodge Dunlap takes the role of a seditious, decidedly cheeky little spirit, who wanders around the garden of Palazzo San Niccolò in Florence for Manintown. He’s (un)dressed in skimpy lurex ensembles, 3D wing-effect jackets, tissue paper-thin bustiers, generously unbuttoned blazers and shirts, completing the outfits with fetish-flavoured accessories such as metal harnesses, chain necklaces and shiny black leather gloves.

Manintown black & white editorial
Crop top and underwear Wayeröb, boots Çanaku, earring, lace at the waist cristallonero, shibari leather wire Sirainer

John Richmond men
Total look John Richmond, earring cristallonero, shibari leather wire Sirainer

gilet fashion men
Patch overlay jacket Di Liborio, boots Bruno Bordese, leather leggings stylist archive

Bruno Bordese sneakers
Total look John Richmond, boots Bruno Bordese, earring cristallonero, shibari leather wire Sirainer

men's style editorial 2022
Patch overlay jacket Di Liborio, boots Bruno Bordese, leather leggings stylist archive

elegant look men
Cropped shirt and bustier Leonardo Valentini, papillon Mani del Sud, boots Çanaku

Manintown editorial men
Total look John Richmond, earring cristallonero, shibari leather wire Sirainer

harness men fashion
Total look John Richmond, chain harness Sirainer

John Richmond men shirt
Total look John Richmond, earring cristallonero, shibari leather wire Sirainer

men fashion shoot Manintown
Cropped shirt and bustier Leonardo Valentini, papillon Mani del Sud, boots Çanaku


Model Dodge Dunlap @Independent

Photographer Davide Musto

Stylist Alfredo Fabrizio

Producer Alessandra Gubinelli

Photographer assistant Valentina Ciampaglia

Stylist assistant Federica Mele

Make-up Giada Pinferi

Location Palazzo San Niccolò, Florence

Opening image: total look John Richmond, chain harness Sirainer

In my intimacy – Editorial

A well-known TV personality (he has taken part in several programs, including the 16th edition of “Big Brother”), 36 years old, a love for fitness spoiled by his imposing physique, with muscles sculpted by hours spent in the gym (he’s a personal trainer as well as a model), Michael Terlizzi literally gets naked for Manintown, posing for intense black and white portraits that convey strength and delicacy in equal measure.

Michael Terlizzi

naked men fashion editorial

Michael Terlizzi fashion

Michael Terlizzi model

Michael Terlizzi social

In these images Michael Terlizzi wears underwear, clothes and accessories Emporio Armani


Model Michael Terlizzi

Photographer Davide Musto

Stylist Alfredo Fabrizio

Photographer assistant Davide Simonelli

Grooming Claudia Blengio @simonebellimakeup

Opening image: tank top Emporio Armani

Picturesque – Editorial

A contemporary adonis with a statuesque physique, barely veiled by ethereal fabrics, mesh tops and see-through shirts, is the dominus of this Davide Musto shoot, published on the “Youth Babilonia” issue.

fashion editorial Antonio Marras
hood Antonio Marras, ring Albert M., underwear and top strass stylist’s archive

men fashion shoot sexy
hood Antonio Marras, ring Albert M., underwear and top strass stylist’s archive

fashion editorial Manintown
Headpieces and top Efek, pants Antonio Marras, bracelets Albert M., boots Bruno Bordese, underwear stylist’s archive

fashion shoot Manintown
Total look Di Liborio, boots Collini Milano, belt Efek

fashion shoot artist
Total look Collini Milano, headpieces Efek

fashion shooting pictorial
Total look Di Liborio, bracelet and rings Albert M., necklace stylist’s archive


Model Sager Kurusinkal

Photographer Davide Musto

Stylist Alfredo Fabrizio

Photographer assistant Valentina Ciampaglia

Hair&make-up Eleonora Mantovani @simonebelliamakeup

Opening image: hood Antonio Marras, ring Albert M., underwear and top strass stylist’s archive

Nowhere to run – editorial

Models Giacomo Affede and Nacho Penin play two super stylish skaters in Davide Musto’s black & white shots for Manintown, wearing tailored suits, printed shirts, checked blazers and zipped jumpers.

skate fashion photography
Giacomo (left): jacket, shirt and pants Dior Men, shoes Zegna; Nacho (right): total look Givenchy

skate style mens 2022
Giacomo (right): jacket, shirt and pants Dior Men, shoes Zegna; Nacho (up): total look Givenchy

skater fashion 2022
Left: shirt and pants Hermès; right total look Gucci

Manintown fashion Youth Babilonia
Nacho (right): total look Louis Vuitton; Giacomo (right, on skateboard): top, pants and belts Salvatore Ferragamo, sneakers Givenchy, sunglasses Zegna


Photographer Davide Musto

Stylist Emily Lee @W-MManagement

Photographer assistant Davide Simonelli

Stylist assistant Francesca Minardi

Grooming Chiara Bussei @W-MManagement

Models Giacomo Affede, Nacho Penin @IMG

Opening image: Giacomo (right) wears jacket, shirt and pants Dior Men, shoes Zegna, Nacho (right) wears total look Givenchy

Dive into the rap scene, the success of Highsnob

Michele Matera, aka Highsnob, is age 37 and was born in Avellino and raised in La Spezia. He is one of the most successful artists in the Italian rap scene. With a turbulent past, he founded the duo Bushwaka together with Italian rapper Samuel Heron in 2013 and released “Pandamonium”, an album published by the Newtopia label. After this experiment, he embarked on a solo career and in June 2015 released his first single “Harley Quinn”, a gold record in which he fused trap with the sounds of classic rap.

Highsnob rap
Suit Vivienne Westwood, T-shirt Kangra, shoes Salvatore Ferragamo, sunglasses Tom Ford

Anticipated by the single “Wannabe” featuring Junior Cally, his first studio album “Bipopular” was released in summer 2018. In 2019 “23 coltellate” was awarded gold status by FIMI and in 2020 the singles “Wannabe vol. 3” and “Per odiarti non ho tempo” were released.
In 2022, Highsnob debuted at the Sanremo Festival in a duo with singer-songwriter Hu with “Abbi cura di te”, a song dedicated to the end of a love story, in which pop, rap and electronic genres are mixed.

Highsnob rapper
Total look Hermès

Highsnob songs
Jacket Diesel, T-shirt Kangra


Talent Highsnob

Editor in Chief Federico Poletti

Photographer Filippo Thiella

Stylist Davide Pizzotti

Photographer assistant Andrea Lenzi

Stylist assistant Gianluca Sacchetti

Grooming: Ricky Morandin/W-MManagement

Opening image: suit Vivienne Westwood, T-shirt Kangra, shoes Salvatore Ferragamo, sunglasses Tom Ford

A multifaceted & unconventional artist: Hu

Born Federica Ferracuti, in Fermo (Marche) in 1994, Hu is a multifaceted artist: a singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and sound technician, passionate about music from an early age, with a degree from the Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro. Her stage name, taken from the Egyptian divinity who is neither man nor woman, reflects her individual style, fluid and free from boundaries. Through her melodious voice, Hu combines urban tracks with electronic and pop contaminations.

Hu music
Suit Emporio Armani, vintage shirt and tie

She first rose to prominence in 2020 by taking part in the AmaSanremo show, where she performed her song “Occhi Niagara”, and standing out for her talent. After taking an increasingly experimental direction, she then released the singles “End” and “Millemila”.
Together with Highsnob, she took part in the 2022 edition of the Sanremo Festival with “Abbi cura di te”, a song that combines rock, electronic and ambient music. Her first official album, “Numeri primi” was released in March and features collaborations with the La Spezia rapper Highsnob and Francesca Michielin.

Hu songs
Jacket and pants Fendi, sunglasses Tom Ford, brogues Marsèll, vintage shirt and tie

Hu Sanremo
Jacket and pants Alexander McQueen, vintage shirt and tie

Hu abbi cura di te
Jacket, dress and pants Thom Browne, rings Nove25


Talent Hu

Editor in Chief Federico Poletti

Photographer Antonino Cafiero

Stylist Sabrina Mellace

Photographer assistant Filippo Ragone

Stylist assistant Elisabetta Catalano

Make-up Greta Agazzi

Special thanks to Patrizia Ferro

Opening image: suit Emporio Armani, vintage shirt and tie

Dare to be yourself, the different shades of Gianluca Ginoble

Gianluca Ginoble singer
Vintage suit stylist’s archive

Gianluca Ginoble is a child prodigy from Abruzzo: an opera singer best known as being one of three members of the trio Il Volo. He began singing at the age of three and had already participated in a talent show at the age of fourteen, where he met Pietro Barone and Ignazio Boschetto, with whom he founded the group Il Volo shortly thereafter.

Gianluca Ginoble il volo
Jacket The Nick, pants FBMT, hat Lorenzo Seghezzi, jewelry Vitaly

Il volo Gianluca Ginoble
Shirt Saint Laurent from Antonioli.eu, jewelry Vitaly

Gianluca is a baritone whose deep, soft voice immediately stood out, earning him a large following of fans on social media with whom he shares moments of his everyday life as a singer. He is still part of the group today, which is currently preparing for a world tour in the US and Canada.

Gianluca Ginoble songs
Total look Saint Laurent from Antonioli.eu, jewelry Vitaly, shoes Sonora

Gianluca Ginoble interview
Jacket Alessandro Vigilante, jewelry Vitaly

Gianluca Ginoble cantante
Vintage suit stylist’s archive

Il Volo baritono
Total look Ardusse

Gianluca Ginoble fashion
Shirt Saint Laurent from Antonioli.eu, jewelry Vitaly


Talent Gianluca Ginoble

Photographer Leandro Manuel Emede

Styling Nick Cerioni

Stylist assistants Michele Potenza, Salvatore Pezzella, Noemi Managò

Make-up & hair Mara De Marco

MANINTOWN editorial – One Man Show

men's key pieces 2022
Total look Simon Cracker, boots John Richmond, hat Bonfilio

As the headline suggests, model Rocco Serio is the protagonist of the photos by Davide Musto for the shooting published in the “Youth Babilonia” issue of MANINTOWN. He interprets some key pieces from the collections of brands such as Acne Studios, Dsquared2, Giuseppe Zanotti, Annakiki and John Richmond, beetween sculptural puffy capes, embroidered balaclava, fancy hats and printed dresses.

fashion editorial menswear
Coat John Richmond, shirt Dsquared2, shorts stylist archive, boots Giuseppe Zanotti, hat Bonfilio

men's fashion capes
Hood Christopher Raxxy


Model Rocco Serio @FashionArtWise

Photographer Davide Musto

Stylist Alessandra Gubinelli

Photographer assistant Valentina Ciampaglia

Stylist assistant Federica Mele

Hair Sara Petrucci @makingbeautymanagement

Make-up Eleonora Mantovani @simonebelliagency

Opening image: total look Simon Cracker, boots John Richmond, hat Bonfilio

YOUTH BABILONIA: Giuseppe De Domenico

TWICE A YEAR (January and June), YOUTH BABILONIA will explore the young international creative scene with more than 100 pages of Fashion and new models who, we are sure, will rock the scenes of Fashion.
Created thanks to an idea of Davide Musto, the print&digital project aims to explore and experiment with different cultures, capturing the new generations in fashion.

Total Look Trussardi

Photographer: DAVIDE MUSTO


photographer assistant: VALENTINA CIAMPAGLIA


Oh so pretty

Model Luigi Bruno, in front of Davide Musto’s lens, plays with the cult pieces of the new season and shows off a naturally fluid attitude, fitting with ease lace micro tops, sleeveless pleated blouses, studded blazers and leather accessories with a BDSM flair.

Luigi Bruno model
Shirt Youwei, pants Roberto Cavalli
Fashion editorial fluidity
Shirt Youwei, pants Roberto Cavalli
Luigi Bruno Instagram
Total look and shoes John Richmond, choker Vanesi, socks stylist’s archive


Talent Luigi Bruno @Elite Milano, CmodelsCrew

Editor in Chief Federico Poletti

Photographer Davide Musto

Stylist Alessandra Gubinelli

Photographer assistant Valentina Ciampaglia

Stylist assistant Federica Mele

Make-up Alessandro Joubert @simonebelliagency

Hair Sara Petrucci @makingbeautymanagement

Songs must have a touch of restlessness: the secret according to D.whale 

I’ve been writing songs my whole life, ever since I was a child. It has always been the only way to understand myself and to exorcise the pain.
I was born as a songwriter and only later became a producer. I’ve always produced the songs I write, so this transition was quite natural. My approach always begins with the song, as I hardly ever work on things I don’t write myself.

That’s how it goes: we meet in the studio, have a coffee, talk about ourselves and just start writing. But only when I think a song is good do I move to the second step, which is the arrangement. I still have a sense of ancient respect for music. I never make fun of it, and I never do something just because it’s work.

d.whale music

Music has literally saved my life, and every time I walk into the studio it’s like entering a temple.
I’ve got my work team there and it’s been the same for ages. Here is Paolo Antonacci, with whom I’ve written many radio hits in recent years, and Stefano Clessi, my lifelong friend. We started together in an independent reality, inventing ourselves every day. He was the one who introduced me to songwriting, I never thought that an artist would sing songs written by someone else until ten years ago. Now I find myself working with many different artists from different genres and music worlds.

All my work definitely shares a veil of melancholy and emotion that I’ve always carried deep within. I’ve never believed in packaged music, just to be clear, that’s made of “plastic”.

To vibrate my deepest strings, songs must have some sort of restlessness.

In the same way, every production preserves my taste and training from the golden age of hip hop in Berlin to 80s electronic music. I’m truly in love with pop and everything that makes you hum a song from the very first time you hear it.

d.whale producer

The Italian music scene changes from month to month and I find it very inspiring right now: there are no clear distinctions anymore, all the rules have been broken. This keeps me awakeand inspires me so much. Take for example Mahmood and Blanco: only two years ago, these two artists would have been defined as “urban” and yet they won Sanremo with an exquisitely Italian pop song, a beautiful melody in the best Italian traditions. This is the triumph of pop. The metrics change a little, of course, but urban is now mixed up with pop, there are no rules anymore.

Our country celebrates melody, and a lovely melody always wins over everything else. It wins over repeated attempts to be cool at the expense of the song, and it also wins over useless attempts to make a production forcibly lavish, which only weakens the songwriting.

In the end, only the songs win. This is so simple that is only understood by a few.

Text by Davide Simonetta

David LaChapelle. I Believe in Miracles

The large-scale solo exhibition ‘David LaChapelle. I Believe in Miracles, at the MUDEC in Milan, produced by 24 ORE Cultura – Gruppo 24 ORE and promoted by the Comune di Milano-Cultura, is the result of a journey of artistic research lasting a lifetime which presents a previously unseen and, to some extent, surprising David LaChapelle. Over 90 works are displayed – including large formats, site-specific installations and new productions – directly from the artist’s studio, to present his vision of a new world and a potential new humanity.

David Lachapelle celebrities
David LaChapelle, ‘Mary Magdalene: Abiding Lamentation’, 2019 (©David LaChapelle, courtesy of Reflex Amsterdam)

A series of works that are part of the new, visionary phase of LaChapelle

Starting with his early works, the eyes of the public are opened for the first time at the Museum of Cultures to a previously unseen series of works that are part of the new and visionary phase of his output – the last, dated 2022 – the result of the powerful legacy of his lengthy artistic and human experience. With an unprecedented project curated by Reiner Opoku and Denis Curti in partnership with LaChapelle studio, the Museum of Cultures hosts an exhibition itinerary that critically examines the human soul, investigating its various facets of joy, pain, solitude and passion, insecurities  and  ideals. Humankind and its relationship with itself, human beings in the surrounding environment and in society, humankind in nature. A very personal vision that the Mudec has chosen to present by staging this retrospective of the artist, furthering anthropological reflection on the present.

David Lachapelle art photography
The Holy Family with S. Francis‘, 2019, Hawaii (©David LaChapelle)
David Lachapelle religion
‘Annunciation’, 2019 (©David LaChapelle)

The exhibition includes over 90 works which unfold in a flowing and captivating narrative, through the artist’s very personal vision of a “gestural” kind of photography; that is, a snapshot of the present while “alert” for the future ahead.

Images that reveal LaChapelle’s vision for a new world

David Lachapelle new world
Landscape: King’s Dominion‘, 2013, Los Angeles (©David LaChapelle)
David Lachapelle Lil Kim
Lil Kim: Luxury Item‘, 1999, New York (©David LaChapelle)

Starting with works that portray the vulnerability of the planet and the fragility of humankind, together with a repertoire that looks at pop culture and the stars of cinema, music and art, the exhibition winds its way through images that reveal the artist’s vision for a new world. A world that seeks an uncontaminated and luxurious nature where everyone can experience spirituality, love and beauty and where men and women can finally live liberated from alienation and in unity with the natural context.
The exhibition itinerary is a personal journey steeped in memories and sentiment that purposely mixes a non- chronological order with the experiences of a professional and private life which, in the end, prove to be on the same level. New photos have been exhibited for the first time following the challenging experience of the two-year pandemic. They have been conceived in the natural surroundings of Hawaiian forests, where LaChapelle has made his home.

David Lachapelle flowers
Heliconia No. 1‘, 2020 (©David LaChapelle)
David Lachapelle nativity
Our Lady of the Flowers‘, 2019, Hawaii (©David LaChapelle)

The photos interpret certain passages from the Bible and seem to signify a “change of pace”. His style gradually becomes more intimate and pensive. The settings relinquish, at least partially, the surreal dimension to descend into a more realistic atmosphere.
Less saturated compared to his previous works, the colours invite us to go back in time to reflect on our values and on the need to see also ourselves in a miraculous new world.

David Lachapelle world
Spree‘, 2020, Los Angeles (©David LaChapelle)

Opening image: David LaChapelle, ‘Gas: Shell’, 2012, Hawaii (©David LaChapelle)

Napapijri x Moreno Ferrari

Napapijri x Moreno Ferrari is the capsule collection created thanks to the collaboration between the outerwear brand Napapijri and the famous Italian designer and artist Moreno Ferrari. The inspiration for the concept came from the ‘NO Project’, an installation created by the artist in 2018 when he revisited one of Napapijri’s icons, the Skidoo jacket, transforming it into a work of art. Ferrari’s vision turned the Skidoo into an armour with traces of urban material in contrast with nature: a symbolic encounter between the artist and the brand to reflect on the boundary between commitment and civic responsibility towards the environment, especially for fashion. The desire to develop projects with this philosophy, where negative becomes positive, translates into a Circular Capsule Collection that combines design, sustainability and an innovative and ethical approach to the environment.

Napapijri Moreno Ferrari
Alan Cappelli Goetz wears Napapijri x Moreno Ferrari

Each garment is 100% recyclable

The capsule features a range of sustainable and fully recyclable urban looks. The five styles draw on elements borrowed from the urban landscape – such as bubble wrap and plastic safety nets – and focus on the need to reuse and recycle as much as possible. Each garment is 100% recyclable, made of ECONYL® regenerated nylon: an innovative fibre created from plastic waste such as old fishing nets, rugs and industrial waste. It has the same quality as virgin nylon, but unlike the latter, is infinitely recyclable.

Napapijri capsule Moreno Ferrari
Alan Cappelli Goetz wears Napapijri x Moreno Ferrari

Objects that have heart, an ethic” (Moreno Ferrari)

Moreno Ferrari comments: “My design approach and this work in particular always takes society into account, it is a declaration of courage. Starting from the concept of beyond, crossing that ideal threshold beyond which one cannot go. Using recycled materials creates endless products and the result are objects that have heart, an ethic. There is no aesthetics without ethics nowadays”.

Strengthening Napapijri’s commitment to designing a circular future for fashion, the brand’s online take-back program allows all capsule products to be returned two years after purchase so that they can be transformed into new yarn and new products. Martino Scabbia Guerrini, executive vice president & group president of Vf Emea said: “This work is a perfect synthesis of what the market is today, where consumers are aware of sustainability but attentive to design. On the company side, we must look at the meeting points between communities, culture and our vision of design and aesthetics, always maintaining the strong commitment to sustainability that has distinguished us for many years”.

Napapijri sustainable
Alan Cappelli Goetz wears Napapijri x Moreno Ferrari

Alan Cappelli Goetz was called on to interpret this capsule collection, as an actor who’s always attentive to green issues and responsible fashion. He is featured in an editorial set along the naviglio della Martesana, a crossroads between nature and urban culture, a place that has been redeveloped today and full of surprising stories.

Napapijri eco collection
Alan Cappelli Goetz wears Napapijri x Moreno Ferrari

In the opening image, Alan Cappelli Goetz wears Napapijri x Moreno Ferrari

Creative by Nature: brands with an artisan, contemporary and sustainable DNA.

On the occasion of Pitti Uomo, from 10th to 12th, the exhibition “CREATIVE BY NATURE” opens the doors, a project curated by Federico Poletti showcasing 13 brands with an artisan, contemporary and sustainable DNA. A tribute to both established and independent labels that have put know-how and Made in Italy at the center of their philosophy and their products. An exhibition that takes place in a unique location: the “Serra fredda of the Orto Botanico Giardino dei Semplici”, created by the Medici as a garden of medicinal plants (the Semplici) in 1545,is one of the most ancient Garden in the world. A real gem in the heart of Florence near Piazza San Marco. A journey into the beauty of Nature, the exhibition presents a new generation of fashion makers capable of combining the traditions of Italian manufacturing with new technologies and a fashion twist that includes sustainability. Many of the realities are focused on the concept of creative reuse or upcycling, starting from the most varied materials such as abandoned furs, denim and vintage clothes up to the fabrics of sails or sports materials such as footballs, new products are developed and reborn.

From 10th to 12th January 202 the brands on show are: Artichoke Bags, BGBL Bouncing Bags, De Marquet, Je Suis Vintage, Mani del Sud, Sabelle Atelier, The Scius Concept,  Yekaterina Ivankova and Xacus.

Federico Poletti, curator of the project and editor in chief of MANINTOWN comments: “With the Creative by Nature show we want to give visibility both to more well known companies and to research brands, all united by an artisan DNA in which tradition is revisited in a contemporary way and with an eye on sustainability issues. A project that fits perfectly with the spirit and respect for Nature that visitors can discover by visiting the Botanical Garden and its wonders. A sign of encouragement in a complex moment worldwide. A warning not to lose the pillars values ​​of our Made in Italy, supporting the new generation of talents who are investing in their start-ups and responsible companies with great efforts and new ideas“.

On 11 and 12 January it will also be possible to book a free guided tour of the Orto Botanico Giardino dei Semplici, at approximately 12 pm or 2 pm by calling 055 – 2756444 or by writing to [email protected]


Artichoke was born in 2017 from an idea of Lorenzo Scotto as a brand of travel backpack produced in recycled materials.

BGBL is the Made in Italy bags brand born at the end of 2018 that bounces between sport and style, between the past and the contemporary.

De Marquet is a project launched from the desire to mix design, fashion and functionality in a strong way. The bag has become a best-seller in Switzerland thanks to its functional design and refined aesthetics.

Je Suis Vintage  is a project conceived by the two young Neapolitan entrepreneurs Antonio Pignatiello and Giuseppe D’Urso that focuses on an eco-sustainable and ethical fashion concept.

Mani del Sud – accessories project founded by Raffaele Stella Brienza – combines the highest conception of craftsmanship with modern design, a visionary research with melancholy memories from Basilicata, an enchanted region of southern Italy.

Sabelle Atelier was born from the passion and friendship of Sabina Giangreco and Letizia Tomacelli, two entrepreneurs who have chosen to join professionally to give life to the brand, under the sign of ethics, creativity and reuse.

The Scius Concept  is a project launched in 2020 by Nicolò Biagini di Casaletto, founder and creative director of the brand. After some important experiences as buyers for stores such as 10 Corso Como, Sugar and Franz Kraler, Nicoló decided to create a project that could make known Tuscan craftsmanship by renewing it. The brand produces Furlanes (slippers) completely made in Italy, in particular “made in Tuscany”, completely handmade and with eco-sustainable materials that take into account the environment and the future of the planet.

Yekaterina Ivankova, launched in 2017 from the eponymous designer of Kazakh roots who moved to Italy in 2000. Since she was a child she has nurtured a great passion for fashion and contemporary art.

Xacus has always been synonymous with shirts for men and women, a company that has managed to combine technology and style, functionality and aesthetics, automation and tailoring, performance and sustainability.


Orto Botanico – Giardino dei Semplici 

Via Giorgio La Pira 10 – Florence – free admission 

Mandatory Super green pass + FFP2 mask

10 January 2022, from 4 pm to 10 pm 

Opening cocktail, by invitation only

Italy shines in the 2021 World’s 50 Best Bars ranking

The awards ceremony of the World’s 50 Best Bars 2021 was held on the 7th of December in London. The 13th edition of the event, which it classifies and rewards the best cocktail bars in the world, voted by a jury made up of over 600 professionals including journalists, bartenders and leading figures in the food and beverage industry, was particularly significant, as it came at the end of a critical period for the world of catering and hospitality in general, including closures, limitations to international travels and a drastic decline in customers arrival. The Content Editor of The World’s 50 Best Bars, Mark Sansom, was therefore keen to underline the “resilience and sense of communion” shown by the locals, while Elisa Gregori, International Business Unit Director of Perrier – main sponsor of the event – placed the emphasis on the  fact that the sector “has shown incredible resilience and has learned to adapt to local restrictions”.

Italy has excellently defended its illustrious tradition in the field of signature drinks and mixology, placing itself after Singapore, China (the Asian city-state and the former celestial empire both six addresses on the list), USA, Australia , Mexico (four each) and Spain (first nation in Europe with four venues, including the third classified, the Paradise of Barcelona) thanks to its three cocktail bars, the same number as the United Kingdom, the true triumph of this’ year with the London Connaught Bar repeating the first place of 2020, also winning the title of best bar in the old continent, and the Tayēr + Elementary, also in London, in second position.

London Connaught Bar Team : Giorgio Bargiani, Ago Perrone, Maura Milia

Specifically, it is the Drink Kong of Rome (creature of the king of the Capitoline bartenders Patrick Pistolesi, with an atmosphere between 80s sci-fi and a refined nightclub, with lighting with neon tubes and the oriental appeal of the Japanese room), from the Milanese 1930 (speakeasy of the duo Flavio Angiolillo-Marco Russo, inspired in all respects by the clandestine haunts where, in the United States, people gathered to drink in the times of prohibitionism, the address is secret, hidden by an anonymous door, and to find it you have to rely only on the word of mouth of the “initiates”) and about Camparino, the historic sign of social and cultural gathering of Milan, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II; if the first one has dropped from 45th place in 2020 to the current 19th, the latter has gained five positions compared to the past year and is now 20th, while the 3rd one, new entry in the list, is on the 27th position.

Drink Kong, 1930, Camparino in Galleria

Actually, we also find a bit of Belpaese on the top of the podium, the Connaught team, the bar of the homonymous five-star luxury hotel in Mayfair, is led by Agostino Perrone, Giorgio Bargiani and Maura Milia, respectively Director of Mixology, Head Mixologist and Bar Manager, architects of a success that it has its flagship in the modern reinterpretation of the classic Martini cocktail, prepared by expert bartenders using a trolley that it moves from table to table. Ad hoc awards then it has assigned , among others, to the Attaboy of New York, winner of the Rémy Martin Legend of The List (a special prize that can be obtained only once, awarded to the venue that showed greater consistency in the “performances” in the ‘span of the 13 editions of the World’s 50 Best Bars), the President of Buenos Aires (Nikka Highest Climber), the Re di Sydney (Ketel One Sustainable Bar Award), the Cardiff Lab 22 (Siete Misterios Best Cocktail Menu) and the Hanky ​​Panky of Mexico City, whose debut in the ranking at 12th position earned him the Disaronno Highest New Entry.