Brasserie in Paris: 3 famous and historical Parisian bistros

Paris is a charming city that deserves to be visited at least once in life. Everyone is entranced by the romantic and retro atmosphere of this city and by its beautiful districts such as Montmartre. If you go on a trip to the French capital, you cannot miss out to sit in a traditional Parisian brasserie. 

Here are three historical and famous Brasserie where to taste local dishes and experience the Parisian atmosphere:

Au Pied de Cochon  

Near the old Parisian market Les Halles, we can find Au Pied de Cochon, which holds the record of having never closed since the Liberation Day after the war. This brasserie was originally opened for those who worked at the market, that’s why it is still open 24 hours a day. It is the ideal place to eat a good meal late at night. Even at night, you will find tourists and celebrities keeping its atmosphere warm and cozy at any time. 

Brasserie Flo

This place is in a hidden courtyard that in the past hosted the stables of the adjoining palace. It is the perfect place for a romantic dinner. Known as the actress Sarah Bernhardt’s favorite restaurant, Brasserie Flo was initially called Chez Hans. It kept that name until, shortly before the First World War, it was plundered by the crowd of Parisians who were protesting against the Germans. Then, Monsieur Floderer furnished the place in Liberty style and gave it the splendor and finery of a real Parisian tavern. The menù is never the same, it changes every day and offers one of the 500 dishes that Flo proposes every year in rotation. The most popular dishes are the tartare steak, oysters in champagne sauce, and salty pork with lentils. 


It seems this is the oldest brasserie in Paris. True or not, the atmosphere of this place evokes the Belle Époque, with its wonderful glass vault. While tasting excellent seafood, you will enjoy interludes with waiters bumping into each other and making the dishes fall, or with femme fatale who seem to be right out of the Opéra Bastille. These funny scenes will make you feel like you were in a Disney cartoon set in the Ville Lumiere. 

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