The stars of the first Manintown Next Generation Awards


A project conceived by Federico Poletti and Davide Musto

#VENEZIA78 marked the first brick in the great work done by MANINTOWN MAGAZINE over the years with the aim of supporting and promoting cinema and its new talents. Italy has been such a rich and free country in the expression of audiovisuals like never before. Starting from an intuition of Federico Poletti, director of the magazine MANINTOWN, who has been able to combine the two cinema and fashion in such a way that they can draw from each other in a virtuous way in the common sign of communicating the new phenomena in creativity. Assisted by Fabrizio Imas (journalist) and Davide Musto (photographer and talent scout for the new generation), the Manintown Next Generation Awards” took place at the Venice Biennale in the beautiful setting of the Campari terrace on the Lido. The two winners in the cinema section of this first edition were Ludovica Francesconi and Giancarlo Commare. Elisa Maino, an Italian web talent who is also coming out with a new book, was awarded as a web phenomenon.

Ph Camillo Carobi

Federico Poletti, founder & Editor in chief of MANINTOWN: “Between the web and paper, we have always reported everything that is innovative, and over time we have given voice to numerous performers, who we have seen grow thanks to new platforms such as Netflix and social media. I am particularly happy with this first edition of the Next Generation Awards, which bet on Giancarlo Commare and Ludovica Francesconi, who had their first red carpet with us in Venice and are out with many new productions. Now the appointment with cinema will continue with the Rome Film Festival where we will present the special dedicated to the award and the new collector’s paper issue”.

Ryan Prevedel

Davide Musto, photographer & head of scouting at MANINTOWN: “I have the good fortune to follow with a keen eye the evolution of new talents and socio-cultural changes that the world of cinema and its young actors give us on a daily basis. I am constantly searching for and discovering new faces, which I accompany with fashion stories. The choice of the two finalists came naturally. I have been following Commare since he appeared in the Skam series and since then I have always wanted to capture his face with my camera. Over the years, Giancarlo Commare has been able to portray different roles with that fine truth that belongs only to great actors, and he has been able to modernise the ability to be a person as well as a character. I also had the honour of having already worked with Ludovica Francesconi and from the very first shot her gaze penetrated so deeply into my lens that it was natural to think about the future of this young actress, which I believe will be marked by great performances”.

Fabrizio Imas, Entertainment Editor of MANINTOWN, concludes: “Sometimes betting on a talent can be very complex, as a project may go well or very well and then the opportunities may be missed. As fate would have it, the two winners were two actors whose destinies have just artistically crossed. In fact, from 16 September we will see them in the cinema together in the film “Ancora più bello”, the eagerly awaited sequel to “Sul più bello”.

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Talent Focus: Everything You Need To Know About Gran Canaria Fashion Week 2020

Tongue-in-cheek slogans, sunset fabrics and tactical nip slip vests: here’s everything you need to know about this year’s hottest picks.

Gran Canaria can do no wrong in our eyes. The balmy heat. The sweeping bustling beach stretch. The mouth-watering eats. And let’s not forget, the distinctive fashion scene. Yes, the dazzling colour palettes, ostentatious nods to heritage and the sultry heat of the collections that pour forth from Gran Canaria Moda Calida Fashion Week as years go by. And this year was no exception, marking a special edition given the global health crisis, with the international fashion industry turning their heads once again in Gran Canaria for four days. With the current pandemic, the show swiftly switched up, implementing a sun-drenched catwalk.

Gran Canaria Moda Cálida is an action program for the textile industry in the island, created by the Gran Canaria’s Council Department of Industry, Commerce and Crafts, which has the counselling of the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España (ACME), associated institution from 2017. Fashion is for this organization a growing sector with many possibilities for the industrial development and Gran Canaria represents the framework in which designers and companies support their projects. Until 25th October, the Canarian catwalk hosted the parades of the Canarian firms Diazar, Palmas, Carlos San Juan, Maldito Sweet, Lucas Balboa, Chela Clo, Nuria González, Arcadio Domínguez y Aurelia Gil; junto a Kokú Kids, Ladybug’s Cris e It Child in the children’s category. The show also included the participation of leading national and international firms such as TCN, Bannana Moon, Livia, Guillermina Baeza, Carlos San Juan, Gottex, Aurelia Gil, Dolores Cortés, Como un Pez en el Agua, Énfasis, All Sisters, All That She Loves, Palmas, Miss Bikini y Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada; next to the children’s brands Fátima Rodríguez, Bannana Moon Kids, Dolores Cortés Kids, Cosas de Mon y Belle & Rebel. TCN was the firm in charge of opening the show.

The firm TCN, a worldwide reference in the beachwear universe, was responsible for the inauguration of the catwalk today with an individual show that marked its return to Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida after a few editions. TCN is committed to a collection faithful to its origins and its characteristic lifestyle: a boho chic without stridencies that is identified by its style and its characteristic “je ne sais quoi” Sant Remy is the main thread of the Spring-Summer TCN 2021 collection. Provence and its lavender fields are the stars in a story of unique and unrepeatable moments where the TCN woman dresses for an ethereal and light summer.

Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida welcomes its second day in ExpoMeloneras (Maspalomas), under the co-organization of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and IFEMA. By all means, the second day was incredibly enlightening and saw a true evolution of the city’s fashion come forward: the day continued with the double fashion show of Chela Clo and Diazar in first place; and Banana Moon and Livia, afterwards. The first show presented her collection “Discordant Retro Vibes“, which embraces current trends in New York youth fashion inspired by the 90’s. The asymmetrical fades of tie-dye and the abstract forms of terrazzo and marble inspire Chela Clo’s collection for the Spring-Summer 2021 season. Diazar has opted for black as the leitmotif of the collection. The compositional elements that make up the proposal of the collection “The New Black, by Diazar” are based on concepts linked to a dark chromatic range with nuances.

Later, it was the turn of Guillermina Baeza, an exceptional guest, who unveiled a collection born from Tangier’s magic. The colours of the collection evoke nature: the blues lead to the sea, and the oranges, cream and mauve, to a sunset in the Haffa cafe. The memory of the smell of “azahar” mixed with that of spices paints the earthy colours with golden flashes.

The afternoon continued with Carlos San Juan and Gottex. To design his collection, Carlos San Juan explored the way in which tensioning cables manage to hold the most spectacular structures, giving them, at the same time, an extraordinary beauty. Gottex has presented a collection with innovative techniques, avant-garde shapes and a variety of new textures and soft fabrics.

To conclude, Aurelia Gil was responsible for closing the day with a collection full of spectacular looks and garments made of tulle that dresses with fantasy the swimwear proposals. The designer presented, on the one hand, pure and unpretentious looks with the swimwear as main character, and on the other hand, totally structured looks that use the swimwear to create a formal look.

From 24 to 26 September the spotlight will turn on Fashion Film Festival in Milan

Milan Fashion Film Festival, founded and directed by Costanza Cavalli Etro, continues, for the third year in a row, to give voice to the fashion in the most contemporary of the possible languages, namely that of the fashion film. More than 750 films from over 50 countries have been examined by the artistic committee of the Festival, directed by curator Gloria Maria Cappelletti.
With the aim to give the city an event from diverse look, the jury of this year is composed of personalities from different worlds but open to dialogue: Claudia Llosa, won director won of Leone d’Oro at the Berlin Film Festival and nominated for the Oscar, Andrea Lissoni, Senior Curator of the Tate Modern in London, Michelangelo Di Battista, fashion photographer of international fame and Franca Sozzani, Director of Vogue Italy and L’Uomo Vogue, to name a few.
The jury has the task of selecting the winners of the 14 award categories, gathered in two main departments: Established Talent (known talents) & New Talent (new talent). Sponsored once again by Mercedes-Benz, this year it will also be awarded the Mercedes-Benz Special Award, which will enhance innovation and the use of new technology in the filmmaking process: the Fashion Film Festival will also be visible on Milan Channel, the first pop-up channel devoted entirely to the world of fashion and on “Dplay” will be transmitted the contents of the previous editions along with unreleased material.

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