Ermenegildo Zegna XXX – Don’t worry guys, Eco-tailoring is coming back!

The vision of men’s fashion through the eye of women with attention to the environment that surrounds us outlines the perfect mindset of the Ermenegildo Zegna XXX autumn/winter 2020/2021 collection designed by Alessandro Sartori.

If the goal is to make the new generations wear tailoring, the first step is certainly to integrate it with elements similar to their culture, through the experimentation of technical fabrics mixed with recycled wool and cashmere capable of creating new modern and cutting-edge tailoring silhouettes.

A cube suspended in the center of a former Milanese foundry created by the New York artist Anne Patterson with ribbons made from Zegna fabric scraps, recreates an illusion of color and movement to accentuate Alessandro Sartori’s philosophy on the real use of recycled materials, this which could be thrown away, therefore, becomes pure art.

From a dreamlike scenario, the young Zegna men appear with a determined step, reinventing tailoring with the return of the Vest used even only with a shirt, overshirt with zip, a cross-body bag inspired by the world of contemporary photography and the collaboration with Leica, historian German brand manufacturer of cameras and optics, gives life to bags, accessories and shoulder straps for the camera, the beginning of a project between the two brands that will lead to the development of a photographic exhibition entitled “modern masculinity”.

At the center of this collection, we find Alessandro Sartori’s experimentation in multiple forms from the special selection of hand-woven materials developed with the community of San Patrignano to the play of metamorphosis of textures and shapes enhanced by a palette of neutral shades.

The look at the young cultures close to him and their attention to eco-friendly makes the iconic Biella brand a mix of simplicity and functionality that reminds us that fashion has to respect our planet.

Text by Francesco Vavallo – @francesco_vavallo

Film by Simone Santus – @simomlcrw

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