A day with Your Gentleman

A day as a true gentleman with Marco Cartasegna

Do gentlemen still exist today? Or are they a past thing? We asked Marco Cartasegna, founder of YourGentleman blog, that after a successful career as a model and having studied International Management, returns to his first passion: fashion. In 2015 he opened his blog, where he tells his style, elegance and original creations.
“The gentleman today – Marco tells us – no longer exists as in the last century. The society has evolved if for better or worse I do not know, but it certainly has changed. In this context, the new gentleman must try to maintain as much as possible the links with past values ​​both in the most important aspects of life and in everyday gestures: always keeping his word, having no debts, respecting women, even with small gestures how to open the door of my sweetheart…”
What are the passions and style of the modern gentleman?
“The passions of the gentleman can be varied, the important thing is to do what you love with elegance. You can be elegant even playing rugby. The Gentleman style is personal in everyday life, but it is essential to respect the labels when required. Unbearable, for example, those who come to a black-tie event with “alternative” looks.
In thinking about different situations of the day, Marco interpreted three looks from the Herno Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Collection for MANINTOWN. As Marco himself states: “The contemporary gentleman must adapt to the challenges of modern society, maintaining his essence in the deep roots of the past, which inspire every daily gesture”. A philosophy that meets that of Herno, a company that was founded in 1948 on the shores of Lake Maggiore. In each garment, the brand cleverly combines tradition and innovation, intuition and creativity to accompany the chameleon-like man of today in every moment of the day.

For a walk in the park in the company of his dachshund, Marco chose the classic lightweight 7 denier nylon bomber jacket. A down jacket that combines functionality and aesthetic taste: the padding is half made up of very fine goose feathers and half of the technical feather, which adds waterproof protection to the garment, essential to face the harsh winter. The injection of the feathers in the individual cells avoids the clumsiness effect, ensuring a slim fit, enhancing the figure without weighing it down. The collection is available in a varied range of energetic colors, among which Marco has chosen the bright ocher yellow. A perfect garment for those who love sports and life in the open air.

photo credit ©Annalisa Flori

The trend of the moment: wool is renewed and becomes the protagonist again

Wool is a protagonist again in the wardrobe both for him and for her, but in a renewed look that takes into account the performance of metropolitan life and the contamination between fashion and sportswear. Precisely in looking at the active world, where performance is fundamental, wool fabrics and yarns are born with the most innovative performances, in pure wool or mixed with other technical fibers, which ensure the best results during physical activity and daily life. The fiber is renewed and takes on technological aspects, thanks to the most advanced treatments and finishes, ideal for any climate and discipline, indoor and outdoor. In this direction a new definition of sportswear is being imposed: fashion is enriched with timeless garments in fabrics designed to guarantee comfort, protection and style for the globetrotter 2.0, in the gym, on the road, at home or on the street. Now wool combines design, tech and comfort for all wardrobe items, from daywear to leisure time.

For a lunch meeting, Marco wears a pure cashmere Herno signed cardigan with cashmere silk details, while the interior is quilted nylon and padded with thermal wadding. A casual garment that maintains a decisive and energetic character thanks to the sporty details, such as the cuffs, the collar and the bottom in elasticated knit and the detachable hood. The excellence of the materials and the refined manufacture make the cardigan a unique item for refined simplicity. Moreover, as Marco maintains, the passions of the gentleman can be varied, the important thing is to do what one loves with elegance and naturalness. You can be stylish, even playing rugby. Not only an expression of comfort and softness, the cashmere down jacket also features an anti-drop and waterproof treatment to overcome the elements. A model that embodies a perfect compromise between practicality and timeless class.

When style meets performance: urban elegance attitude

As the blogger points out, the gentleman’s style is totally personal in everyday life, but it is essential to respect the labels when required. For this reason, in view of a more formal occasion like a business meeting, Marco has selected City Coat, the elegant coat in boiled wool with raw cuts. The classic look is accompanied by the research and innovation of the material that characterizes the latest generation of eco-friendly HERNO IN-TECH padding, technical material with the same characteristics and structure as the feather, but also waterproof and eco-friendly. An exclusive patent for the brand. Tradition and modernity meet to give life to a unique garment, more breathable and waterproof than the classic down coats, but equally efficient in terms of shelter from the winter cold.

This is how a series of timeless items in exclusive fabrics are created for the new generation businessman, designed to guarantee comfort, protection and style for the globetrotter 2.0, in the gym, on the road, at home or on the street. A trend destined to spread that launches a new interpretation of the concept of sportswear and leisurewear. Herno best interprets this concept thanks to continuous experimentation on technical materials combined with the most precious and natural fibers. Among the latest novelties of the brand presented at Pitti Uomo in Florence, a true observatory for menswear trends, is Ultrasonic Thermal Fusion, the new technique for processing Herno quilts. Like inside a volcano, shapes and masses merge thanks to the heat, becoming elastic, shapeless and malleable. Herno Magma is born from a vulcanization process through which the contemporary lines of the fabric come together, blend and reinforce. Two models: a bomber jacket and a parka, made of technical “chalk” fabric with an anti-drop treatment and iperlight goose down padding. A wardrobe in perfect urban elegance style that ensures maximum comfort, performance and attention to style. Word of a true gentleman.



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