Lockdown Voices – a project to give voice to people

The pandemic has changed our life completely. We had to get used to staying at home all day, going out as little as possible, only for emergencies. Children and students have to follow lessons from their bedrooms. People, who used to take the train every day to go to work, now have to work from home in their living room: this is a new reality that we couldn’t even imagine. 

The lockdown has affected everyone’s life and has led to serious consequences, not only in economic terms but also in people’s health and psychology. 

During the UK’s first lockdown, University of East Anglia researchers launched a project to track the nation’s health through the lockdown. Their goal was to understand how it would impact people’s physical and mental health. 

They asked the participants to keep daily records on their lifestyle behavior such as diet, sleep, smoking, physical activity, drinking. The results revealed that people were eating less fruit and veg, getting less physical exercise, and drinking more alcohol.  

Then, many participants were interviewed about their lockdown experiences, giving life to Lockdown Voices, an oral histories project that tells people’s stories through recordings from their interviews. Listening to those recordings, everyone can identify and feel the same emotions because we all have experienced the same situation, for better or worse: Julie “lost all sense of purpose”; retired Geoff took up new hobbies; for Lauren, a university student, life “slowed down”; mum Gemma had to “fight a battle” each day working from home and taking care of her children. 

Here you can hear their full stories:  https://stories.uea.ac.uk/lockdown-voices/.

However, these are not just their stories. These are everyone’s stories. Every person has felt this way at least once during this difficult time since the pandemic and the lockdown have inevitably influenced people’s mental and physical state.

12 Season-Approved Wardrobe Classics To See You Through Winter

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In this moment in which we are far from anyone, our habits and our routines are very different.

From smart working to the various solutions to meet every need, including those to keep fit and blow off steam. Also, the choice of our outfit is in this direction: comfort is the master, with a charge of energy thanks to the bold colours of sweaters and t-shirt, alternating with more traditional collections for the most classic people, concluding with the silk, cotton and cashmere. 

Arming themselves with positivity and setting new targets is the best strategy. For this reason, in this period, there are many tutorials online or lives on Instagram and Facebook based on sharing. 

An example is @italia_smart which in its page offers its followers more than one solution to deepen their knowledge, test their creativity and doing homemade workouts. 

Also the Yoga lessons of Denise dalla Giacoma are becoming popular  https://denisedellagiacoma.com/ and the free sessions of bio-energetic practice through the YouTube channel of Daniele Mauro Guainazz ; praticabioenergetica.it

Moreover, Tonic Gym in Milan has activated a sporty programming live on Facebook visible at the link  https://www.facebook.com/tonicfitness/ with 12 lessons per day from Monday to Friday. 

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The quarantine according to influencers

After the decree of the 8th of March issued by the Italian government, in Italy there is a limitation of movements. In fact, Italians have to stay home and go out only for close needs or emergencies. 

For this reason, a lot of Italian people in these days are spending their time cooking, doing workout and working from home. 

However, social networks and especially Instagram, are one of their favourite pastimes and Influencers are trying to entertain people as much as possible. 

Here a small list of Influencers to follow during the quarantine.

Paolo Stella (@paolostella

Influencer and writer, in these days he has decided to collect some proposals day-by-day on how to spend time during the quarantine and he uses the hashtag #Mysweetquarantine. His motto is: “We are in a new time, find a new way to spend it”. 

Giulia Valentina (@giuliavalentina)

In addition to taking part in the initiative of Paolo Stella #Mysweetquarantine, during these days she has interviewed Claudio Vicini, an Italian doctor, to ask him some recurring questions about Covid19 to give her Instagram followers some useful information. Moreover, in her Ig Stories she plays with her chihuahuas and teaches English to her followers. 

Luca Vezil (@lucavezil)

Fitness lover and boyfriend of Valentina Ferragni (@valentinaferragni), during these days he makes videos and Instagram lives to give his followers some tips about homemade workouts only using a mat, a gym elastic and a lot of willpower. In this way, he encourages his followers to look always fit. 

Paola Turani (@paolaturani)

Model and fashion influencer, during these days, in addition to showing her everyday life with her dogs and her husband Riccardo Serpellini (@rickyserpella), she shares nice Tik Tok to entertain her followers and give them some carefree moments. 

Marco Cartasegna (@marcocartasegna)

Influencer and Italian-Spanish model, on Instagram he talks about politics and in these days of quarantine he makes some IGTV videos expressing his point of view about the moves of the Italian government giving his followers some information. 

Veronica Ferraro (@veronicaferraro)

Fashion influencer, during these days she has taken part in the initiative of Paolo Stella #Mysweetquarantine and every morning at 10.00 am she shares an IGTV video of a homemade workout taking inspiration from his husband and personal trainer Giorgio Merlino (@giorgiomerlino). 

Leo Gassman (leogass.official)

Singer and winner of Sanremo young 2020, he invites his followers to stay home and he makes Instagram lives in which he sings and plays the guitar to keep company to his audience. 

Camilla Boniardi (@camihawke)

During these days, Camihawke shares on her Instagram profile some nice Tik Tok in which she gives her followers some advice on tv series to watch during the quarantine.  

Marco Fantini (marcofantini_mf

Influencer, model and boyfriend of Beatrice Valli (@beatricevalli), in addition to inviting his followers to stay home and to thanking the doctors who are dealing with this emergency, he shares Ig Stories about his everyday life and he also shows some cooking recipes. 

Frank Gallucci (@frankgallucci)

Frank daily updates his followers about the Covid19 situation in Italy and all around the world. Moreover, he tries to entertain them with tik tok and hilarious videos. 

Filippo Cirulli (@filippocirulli)

Trendsetter, art and antique lovers, during this quarantine, Filippo teaches us how to polish silver, how to clean glasses in an optimum way and how to create cocktails for aperitifs. 

Alessandro Magni (@ale_magni)

Alessandro is a globetrotter and so for him is difficult to stay home. Despite this, he always respects the rules and invites his followers to do the same. In this period of forced confinement, he tidies up his wardrobe and he shows us his amazing clothes. 

Elisa Taviti (@elisataviti)

Tuscan influencer, in these days, Elisa looks after the house and the kitchen and gives her followers some advice on how to prepare desserts and traditional dishes. She also gives them some beauty tips! 

Roberto Valbuzzi (@notordinarychef)

Roberto is a chef of the Italian Tv program “Cortesie per gli ospiti” (channel 31 Real Time). He cooks special dishes and recipes to make during this period. He also makes Instagram lives with friends and well-known people in the world of food. 

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Ten things to do during the bittersweet quarantine

I’m writing down on the first page of every book I read, the date I will never forget, I’m writing down COVID-19, and I’m sure my memory in the future won’t need any explanation. 

A Pandemic was declared by the WHO (World Health Organization), we are all forced to stay at home, to go out only to obtain essential goods or for medical emergencies; some people think it’s a plot, they believe that Covid-19 is a biological weapon, instead other people believe in science. Of course we know that nature is rebelling, it is stopping us in its own way, the global pollution is decreasing, we can read it in the maps by NASA; there are no cars around the cities, the industrial plants are closed together with the factories and the workplaces. The impact of this forced quarantine showed in few weeks a clear climate improvement. It is like a punishment from above to which we must obey. A chain which passes also in the houses and among the relatives, we feel the lack of people that we could see before and now we are not allowed to see, no hugs, no kisses, only virtual images which we will begin to hate after too much time of addiction. We dream about a coffee with a friend, a journey with a mate, a walk in the city center; we start desiring people who are dear to us, finally giving them the right weight because before we were too busy to run from an office to another. 

Now we have a great opportunity and resource: time. It allows us to know ourselves and elevate to noble things. So, let’s start learning

Here a small list of the endless things we can do during this bittersweet quarantine. 

Ten things to do during this bittersweet quarantine:

1. Read the tale “Voce di bambù fiori di pesco” by Yasunari Kawabata.
There are no more suitable words in this moment to narrate the relationship between man and nature. A tale-hope to the illumination. 
Kawata is certainly an author who is able to describe this indescribable. Read this tale in the silence of your rooms. It will help you.

2. Train your mind with “il giro della mente in 80 test”, a scientific book with nice psychological tests which will measure your intelligence. If you are lucky you can do it with your relatives, and you will have fun to nourish your brain health. 

3. Cook good and healthy things, and if you are unable, it’s the moment to learn!
In “Il grande ricettario” by Gualtiero Marchesi, the chef’s bible, you will find more than 1200 Italian recipes revisited by the great Master of Culinary art. You are always in time to cook “trippa alla Fiorentina” and play and vote with the diners like in “4 ristoranti”. 

4. Speaking of cooking, Philippe Daverio, popular art critic but also good eater, shows and explains us the birth of good habits at the table in “A pranzo con l’arte” by Rizzoli. Did you know that the habit to eat outdoor comes from the golden age of King Louis XV? He picnicked during the game hunting and he ate the food which was cooked before by the chefs of the Court, such as Arancino, an invention of the chef Federico II of Svevia in Sicily. With Philippe Daverio you never stop learning while having fun. 

5. Write a sort of “logbook”, pages that tell your mood and the events of these days. Take some of your time to go down to the darkest and most hidden side of yourself and turn on a light. With each passing day, you will illuminate the whole house. 

6. Write a letter to the person you love. Love has infinite forms, the recipient can be a friend, your mother, your sister; turn your thoughts into words because words have a strong force. Everything you don’t say because of your shyness or cultural legacies, color it on a blank sheet with lovely and kind words. It will be good for you, for your relationships, it will be honey for your heart.

7. Start a course on calligraphy. The volume “Lettering creative ma non solo” introduces you to the art of calligraphy. You will come back to the ABC as the first day of primary school but with the objective to turn your “doctor writing” into a “geisha writing”. Only then you will be able to bag the poetry of desperate love and stamp it with a sealing wax (obviously red and with your initials). Writing in a silk robe, with a quill on the coiffeuse of your bedroom will inspire you a lot. 

8. Do something you always postpone. Very often we find excuses because we are lazy, insecure, listless, because we don’t think we can do it, because we are scared of changes, results and judgments. Let Covid-19 and fears outside your door and abandon your own dreams: the book you have never written, the photo you have never taken, the words you have never pronounced. Let yourself go and follow the wave of impulsivity, at least now. Do it. 

9. Taking care of your body helps the mind to be freer and more reactive; never take it for granted. Prepare a warm bath with half a cup of bicarbonate and ten drops of Oil31, a miraculous mixture which is good for every ailment. Bicarbonate is anti-fatigue, relaxing and tonifying; Oil31 instead is antibacterial, painkiller and antirheumatic. While you are immersed, you can listen to “Tristano e Isotta” by Wagner and sip that 2012 Barolo Docg which you were guarding for a special moment. That moment has come. 

10. Watch all the filmography of Wong Kar-wai. A lesson of grace, sublime photography and Chinese poetry. Master of erotic art and romantic sentimentalism his women are beautiful and ambiguous. The atmospheres of his movies, nocturnal and dreamlike, hot like an oil lamp, the main characters, slippery as paper lamps. 
In my opinion, one of the greater filmmakers alive. 

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