Few suggestions on fashion, food, beauty and music. Let’s discover the tips of Stefano Terzuolo, founder of Gum Salon  Milano.

”At night I often go toApollo Club Milano, cocktail bar, restaurant and discoclub, from the idea of Marcellina and Tiberio founders of “Rollover Milano”, where I feel in one of the famous SoHo house. 1000mq, 4 rooms in which you can live different experiences: Cocktail room to stop by for the happy hour, restaurant, Gaming room ( with ping-pong, flipper and videogames ) and the disco club, obviously.
I enjoy the intimate and private atmosphere, two feauture that you can really feel, even having an international space, thank you also to the classy dishes of the italian brazilian chef Bruno Cassio, that mixes tastes from all over the worl, a fusion kitchen between classical and modern flavors. My favorite dish? Squid and mashed pumpkin.”

” For lunch, anytime a need some exit eay from my usual busy day, I take some free time and go to EXIT.  The new project of Matias Perdomo, Thomas Piras and Simon Press: the very same succesful trio of Contraste. A typical milanese kiosk, that is now a Chiosco Gourmet with thirty seats. Luminous space, simple and chic mise en place,  with a block of Ceppo di Grè ( an ornamental stone used to build numerous palaces in Milan). The must try dish? THE EXIT EGG!

” My favorite stop for shopping, in Milan, is Groupies Vintage, in via Gian Giacomo Mora. Not just a simple vintage shop, but an ever-evolving place that does not follow trends but creates them. Born as a place to recycle old vintage clothing, you will find different items, mostly diveded in three categories:
-Vintage selected: selected clothes from the 50s to the 80s, from London and Berlin.
-Vintage recycled: an innovative line designed by Alice, who gives new life to old clothes, making them modern again.
-Kilo Vintage: a selection of items that you can buy and pay based on their weight.
My obsession? Vintage shirts. “

” My beauty moment has one name: Bahama Mama, few steps away from the Navigli area. A concept store, dedicated enturely to beauty, but also a vintage shop and a bar, a place where you can take care of your self while sipping on a smoothie or a tea. A modern and familiar place, with a vintage touch, given by the decorations and the 40s style uniform of the employess.”

Extra: the soundtrack AS YOU WERE, Liam Gallagher.



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