J’ai Perdu Ma Veste. The jacket, Nabile Quenum truly lost it, in a Parisian club, and thanks to this story he found the perfect name for his website (Jaiperdumaveste, indeed), a sort of photographic diary in which he collects his fashion shoots, captured in the streets all over the world. Nabile is a street style photographer with 217k followers on Instagram. Born in the Republic of Benin, in West Africa, when he was only about twenty years old, he moved to Paris, where he is now a mainstay of the Fashion Week. A love story, that with the photography, which came out by chance and it was combined with his other great passion, that for fashion.

Who is the most influencing person on the socials?
You have so many people that are the most influencing person on social networks, for so many reasons, like Neymar and Asap Rocky. I don’t call it influence. It’s just the result of people liking what you do or represent.

Do you consider yourself an influencer considering your social following?
I don’t consider myself an influencer. I would be a fool to think that.

How socials are important for you work?
Socials are very important in my work and I think in all work today. It allows everybody to build a relation with people that might be interested in what I’m saying, doing or showing. Socials can bring work and access. It helps a lot.

Do you also use your image to promote your work and get more likes and followers? Does it work doing it or not doing it?
I used to use my image, but I stopped, because I was loosing myself. Because socials are a drug. You taste it, it works, you have a positive answer (likes and followers). I was thinking that this was the way to express myself. But it’s not. So I don’t do it anymore. I feel free of not looking at my numbers on socials, not posting aggressively. I feel free; not a prisoner of likes.

What content performs best online?
That’s a tricky question. I really think that it’s very random. But globally, sexy girls and celebrities.

Nabile left us son after this interview. We like to remember with this legacy.

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