For some time the paradigm in menswear has been shifting from classic, to casual and urban wear. The never ending quest for the next big thing hasn’t gotten dull, luxury brands once associated with classic suiting have dabbled in luxury casual wear, and even street wear brands have fallen into the temptation to upscale their collections. These brands are exploring new territories and often create great pieces, however a few newer brands have decided to stick to their area of expertise, and focus on being among the best in their fields.

Sciamat, Ambrosi, and John Sheep have quietly established themselves as houses to both watch and to learn from.

In a relative short time, Sciamat based in Bitonto, Italy has emerged as master of crafting fabric into work of art. Having a different philosophy not being enough to separate one brand from another, the creative force Valentino Ricci of Sciamat initiated to re sketch the basic form of the suit to create something that feels more like a second skin. While many can claim to create something artistic, few can articulate it through their product the way Sciamat does.

Ambrosi, nestled in the Spanish Quarters of Naples, Italy runs a trouser shop that spans two generations of the product remains about details, hand craftsmanship, and the perfect fit, but Salvatore Ambrosi (the son) has injected his take on the modern world into the trousers. He travels constantly between New York, Hong Kong, and all points in between throughout the year, and has found subtle ways to make the trouser steal the limelight from ones blazer, sweaters, and shirt. Comfort and elegance are a result of the father and son team, while tradition and the no nonsense attitude of Naples make Ambrosi a name for a selected audience.

John Sheep is an unexpected gem that bridges different worlds effortlessly. This blazer company from Martina Franca, Italy produces yachting / boating type blazers that connect visions of Ivy league college and southern Italian cool. Specializing in knitted stripped blazers, John Sheep carefully threads the grey area between fun and serious. With just enough of both spirits, it represents the cool blazer, identifiable not to a specific age group but instead to an attitude that revolves around style and comfort.

While Sciamat, Ambrosi and John Sheep exist in a period where mash ups and restructuring is the order of the day, they have chosen to stick with what they hold true and what they excel in. Sciamat and John Sheep both show at the incomparable Pitti Uomo in Florence Italy, one of the worlds most respected stages when it comes to menswear. While Ambrosi doesn’t show at the fair, you will find his work via some of the most stylish men in the fashion industry.

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