The two brand, Hosio and OBVIOUS BASIC, are part of Emmegierre Fashion company, officially founded in 2004 but born in 1962 as a small knitwear workshop brainchild of Erminio Vavassori and his wife Rosa Frigerio developed later through-depth materials research and strictly Made In Italy workings. For this reason, focus of all lines and collections remains the mesh,  absolute star that season after season is re-interpreted and enriched with new techniques and approaches. HOSIO and OBVIOUS BASIC are both destined for menswear, but with different dress code, URBAN CHIC the first and SMART CASUAL the second.


Brand born in 2013, is inspired by an Urban Chic style where knitwear, attention to detail and tailoring vanguard are in first place. Designed by the creative director Roberto Vavassori, the SS17 collection will be presented this June at PITTI, presenting clothes which fits “Everyday Travel” of contemporary and  dynamic man seeking for style, comfort and quality. The SS17 collection signed by HOSIO was named “Urban globetrotter”, where the pioneering spirit and the need for change as well as the functionality, enhance the fusion between classical and ethnic graphics. The Beetle Jacket, the iconic jacket representative of HOSIO collections, available in more versions and variants and integrated into various themes of the collection, expresses the SS17 mood which is  a moment of ” encounter cultures “, of different styles and traditions mixed to obtain a “urban” proposed refined and unique. Looks with clean lines where neutral colors such as Ivy Green and Blue indigo and sober fantasies are moved by colored highlights, bright shades, such as Jaffa orange, the Artisan gold and Flame Scarlet. Always at the center of each season is knitwear, on this occasion Hosio dedicated to finesse 16, a manufacturing particularly dear to the brand, a number of “continuous” clothes versatile and transversal, strongly representative of Hosio identity.

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