Liu Jo Man presents the new stretch denim

Liu Jo Man pushes the accelerator on denim, a key element of the brand, and launches the Collection Liu Jo Man Denim. Jewel in the crown is the new jeans made of stretch denim. Innovation, quality and Made in Italy converge so in a single chapter, which encompasses performance and tradition.
The stretch denim is indeed a noble material that gives the product a high standing thanks to the refinement of the tissue and the preciousness of its processing: Liu Jo Man now adds innovation to this precious material, a fiber that gives elasticity, thus ensuring the maximum and enhancing the comfort of jeans fit.
Just to represent the features of this innovative denim canvas, Liu Jo Man has wanted to stage the Pole Sport, a new fitness discipline that provides choreographic performance. It has been made a video in collaboration with Giuseppe Siracusa – Italian Pole Sport and Pole Dance Champion- that in 60 ” has enhanced the convenience, flexibility and the selvage jeans style.

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